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2. 1. Title2. Contents3. Athens-A Day in the life4. Athens-Government5. Sparta-A day in the life6. Sparta-Government7. Alexander the Great-Personal Information The God Zeus 8. Alexander the Great-Alexanders Empire9. Socrates10.Archimedes11.Bibliography12.GlossaryMap of Greece 3. Women- The women were made tostay at home. An Athenian womencouldnt see her husband from when The Ancient Olympics she was 18-30.Men- They would stay outside enjoyingthe Mediterranean climate. They wouldeat a lot of bread and drink a lot ofwine. For Breakfast they would havebread dipped in wine and at lunch theywould have the same. At dinner theywould have bread and wine with fruits,The City of Athensvegetables and fish. 4. Over 2400 years ago the Athens KingPericles declared that Athens would bea democratic city (Ruled by thecitizens). In Athens children that wereborn and grew up there all their livesAthens Government Democracy were not aloud to be citizens if theirparents were from another place.Women, slaves and foreigners were notaloud to be citizens. In Athens 500Citizens were drawn every year andthey were the law makers for one year.All citizens in Athens were made to voteon the laws that those 500 peopleAncient Greece Building made. 5. Women- Spartan women had to learn how toread and write and the skills to protectthemselves in battle. The Spartan women haddidnt have much freedom. They also had tolook after the house and make clothes. Wivesand daughters werent aloud to watch theOlympic games. They couldnt leave thehouse if they didnt have their husbandsSpartans Exercisingpermission. When a baby was born thegovernment would look at it to see if it wouldbe tough or weak if it was weak it would besent away and would be a slave.Men- The men stayed away from home mostof the time. When they werent in politics theyworked on the crops, went hunting or sailing.Men had short hair unless they were in theSpartan warrior war. The men loved to wrestle, Horse ridingand the Olympic Games. 6. In Sparta their were 2 kings that ruled Sparta. In Sparta only the rich men could be citizens. Sparta had a council which created all the laws. Their were 5 Ephors these were 5 men that hadMap showing Sparta more power then the king. The council was made up of 2 kings and 28 elders. To be an elder in the council you needed to be 60 years old or older.Spartan helmet 7. Alexander the Great was born in 356 B.C In Pella Macedonia. His fathers name was Phillip. His mothers namePainting of Alexander the great in battle. was Olympias. At the age of 20 he became leader. His army was made up of Macedonian soldiers. Hephaestion was Alexanders best friend. Aristotle was Alexanders Tutor. In 336 BC his father was killed. He died in 323 BC.Alexander the Great 8. Alexander the Great started his campaign when he invaded the Persian Empire. He took over a place called Thebes and destroyed it to send aAlexander the Great and his vastEmpire (356 - 323 BCE.) message to the Persians. In 333 Alexander defeated the Persians at the River Granicus. He defeated Darius III at Issus. In 331 he defeated Darius at Gaugamela. When Alexander died he quickly lost parts of his Empire. He wasAlexander the greats empirethe first great Conquer to reach Egypt, highlighted in red Asia and Asia minor. 9. Socrates was born in 469 BC in Athens.The Death of Socrates, by Jacques- Louis David (1787). He was a Greek Philosopher. His father Sophroniskus was a Sculptor. His mothers name was phaenarete. He had 3 kids. Socrates died when his children were very young. He was the founder of Western Philosophy. He Died in 399 BC age Approx. 71.Sculpting of Socrates 10. Archimedes was born in 287 BC in aport called Syracuse. His fathers namewas Phidias he was an Astronomer.Archimedes was a great Scientist andMathematician. He invented weaponsfor King Hiero II. Some of his inventionsArchimedes Thoughtful by Fetti (1620)included Death Ray, ArchimedesClaw. Archimedes lived for 75 years.He died in 212 BC.Archimedes invention the claw 11. 1. Ancient Greece Hoplite 12. Image Websites Building 12. Mediterranean-It is a sea located near Europe and Asia. Foreigners- A person from outside your community. Citizens- A person that is a member of a state. Democratic- A state ruled by the peopleThe Mediterranean Sea Politics- The study of the government. Ephors- 5 men that ruled a state. Macedonia- An area in Greece Philosopher- Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge or values based on logical reasoning rather than methods Mathematician- A expert in maths.Zeus on his throne with his eagle. Astronomer- A scientist that studies space.