Ancient Chinese Civilization ------------2600 B.C.E.-------500 B.C.E.---

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Focus: What were the major factors that promoted stability and instability in early Chinese civilization?. Ancient Chinese Civilization ------------2600 B.C.E.-------500 B.C.E.---. Legend of Emperor Yu- Xia Dynasty. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Ancient Chinese Civilization ------------2600 B.C.E.-------500 B.C.E.---

  • Focus: What were the major factors that promoted stability and instability in early Chinese civilization?

    Ancient Chinese Civilization------------2600 B.C.E.-------500 B.C.E.---

  • Legend of Emperor Yu- Xia DynastyA man named Yu is revered as a devoted man dedicated to helping his country regardless of the sacrifices. Yu, was a hardworking official who labored for 13 years to drain the waters, not going home once to see his family. As a reward for his selfless efforts, the emperor appointed Yu the next ruler of China.The emperor said, Come, Yu. The inundating floodwaters filled me with dread, but then you realized all that you represented, and accomplished your task- thus showing your superiority to other menI see how great is your virtue, how admirable your vast achievements.-Books of Yu

  • Shang Dynasty 1766-1122BCEThe First Chinese Dynasty- located in Northern China. These peoples left behind a written record.

    The Shang kings built elaborate palaces and rich tombs. Shang society was sharply divided between nobles and peasants. These noble families owned the land. They governed the scattered villages within the Shang lands and sent tribute, or payments, to the Shang ruler in exchange for local control.

  • Zhou Dynasty 1122- 256BCETo justify their rebellion against the Shang, the Zhou promoted the idea of the Mandate of Heaven, or the divine right to rule.They claimed that the Shang were so cruel that they angered the gods. The dynastic cycle has lasted through the 20th century (1912).

  • Role of Mandate of Heaven

  • Two major belief systems in Zhou ChinaConfucius 551-479 BCE An educated public servant. Believed that educated people had a responsibility to serve in government. He inspired followers with the proper way to live. His ideas are a philosophy ensuring social order.

  • Five Relationships Shape BehaviorPeople should know their place in societyRuler to SubjectParent to ChildHusband to WifeElder brother to younger brotherFriend to FriendSuperiors should care for inferiors, and set a good example. Filial Piety, the respect for parents was above all other duties.

  • DaoismGoal is to live in harmony with nature.Harmony of the Yin and the YangDaoist viewed government as unnatural and therefore caused many problems.Best government is one that governs the least.

  • Oracle Bone

  • Establishing a complex writing systemThe earliest writing is estimated to be 4000 yrs ago, written on oracle bones. These animal or turtle bones wrote questions addressed to the gods or ancestors.They would heat the bones and interpret the cracks. Written language included 10,000 characters. Language created unity among the different provinces of China.

  • Did the characteristics of early Chinese society promote STABILITY or INSTABILITY?Assignment- Working in groups to come up with a T-chart ( to be turned in ) with at least 3 examples for each category.

  • Factors that promoted STABILITY and INSTABILITY in traditional Chinese SocietySTABILITY INSTABILITY

  • Question 1According the teachings of Confucius, the key to the successful organization of society is that 1. the ruler should be chosen democratically 2.the evil in humans must be eliminated 3.ancestor worship should be discontinued 4.individuals should know and do what is expected of them

  • Question 2The teachings of Confucius encouraged people to 1. put their own interests first 2. reject government authority 3.believe in reincarnation 4.follow a code of moral conduct

  • Question 3Which statement best explains why most of the population of the peoples Republic of China live in the eastern third of the nation? 1. best agricultural land is in the East 2. largest forests are in the East 3. best fishing areas are off the eastern coast 4. largest oil deposits are in the East