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Full Sail Web Design Project 4 Assignment

Transcript of Alexander michael project4

  • 1. The Mobile/Tablet & Web Design
    • Created By: Michael Alexander

2. The Traditional 3. Desktop/Laptop Web Design

  • -Lots of Content
  • -Relaxed, lets users do what they feel

4. The Not Traditional 5. Mobile Web Design

  • Simple & User friendly
  • Made for mobile devices
  • Vertical Navigation

6. How Mobile/Tablet Users Use the Internet

  • Mobile users are more focused users
  • Transaction Oriented

Mobile users Tablet users Focused on broader experience Leisure surfing 7. Why Mobile/Tablet Design is a Must

  • According to a study by the research firm Gartner, mobile devices will over take PCs as the most common way to access the internet by 2013.

8. Sites With Good Mobile Sites

  • Southwest airlines is a great example of a mobile site. (Right)

9. Sites With Bad Mobile Sites

  • Fox news mobile site is not very good.

10. What you should take from this?

  • Mobile devices and tablets are becoming more and more popular, dont be stuck in the past.

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