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  • Times of FISHWICKS e d i t i o n 4 : A p r i l 2 0 1 0

    Here it is, your fourthedition of The Timesof Fishwicks, which contains news about

    Fishwicks and the lives of

    those who work for our

    great company.

    I would like to remind you

    that we are always on the

    lookout for content and we

    would be delighted to

    publish your news be it of a

    personal nature i.e. birth of a

    baby, achievements etc,

    work/department related or

    any other news you may

    wish to share.

    Please remember to send

    content to either Cheryl

    Tomlinson at

    [email protected] or

    to me at

    [email protected]

    On a personal note, thanks

    to all of you who voted for

    my photograph that I

    entered into a photographic

    competition run by Apple

    SA. With your help I won a

    spanking new Macbook!!!

    Hayley Steinberg


    [email protected]

    Welcome to the first edition of The Times of Fishwicks for 2010. The year seems to be flying past and it is unbelievable that we are already in the second quarter of 2010.

    From a Fishwicks point of view 2010 started off on a positive note, we have continued to meet our budgeted sales figures and are looking forward to seeing an increase in production as we move closer to June with many of our clients gearing up for promotional and branding activities surrounding the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

    Have you noticed how many cars there are on the road sporting South African flags or side mirror covers and that the wearing of soccer jerseys on a Friday is gaining momentum. With just two months to go until the official kick-off, and with the knowledge that South African's are not banking on a place in the finals for Bafana Bafana, it is nevertheless still good to see such patriotism and support for our team and this great country.

    While South Africa's economy has started to show signs of recovery the recession took a heavy toll on our economy with some 870 000 people losing their jobs in 2009, households suffering from falling incomes and high levels of debt. The domestic economy contracted by an estimated 1.8% in 2009 as a result of decline in consumption spending and weak investment growth.

    Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel, speaking from parliament in Cape Town at the end of March stated: “What started as a financial crisis rapidly spread to the real economy and impacted on jobs, real gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 1.8% in 2009 but is expected to start growing to 2.3% this year and rising to 3.6% in 2011.” Patel also stated that South Africa's new growth path, the central ideas of which are to enhance the labour absorbing capacity of the economy, would focus on manufacturing, infrastructure development, rural development and agro-processing (transforming products originating from agriculture, forestry and fisheries) and the ‘green’ economy (refer to article below “Going Going Green”). This is surely good news for South Africa and South Africans in general as government steps up efforts to fight poverty and unemployment.

    I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the articles in The Times of Fishwicks and may I remind you that we cannot publish your news unless we know about it. So whether it is business related or personal news, send your stories to the Editor and share it with us.

    Babies Abound To very proud parents and sister of Saiana, welcome Saskia weighing in at 3.26kgs a beautiful daughter born to Cheryl and Cedrick Reddy.

    Edris and Feroza Samed are delighted with the birth of Alfaaz weighing in at 2.8kgs.

    Sandile Mayeki and Nadine are delighted with the birth of their daughter Asizenkosi who weighed in at 3kgs. Sandile, your smile can't get any wider.

    Roland and Joanne Killian who relocated down under, a son Jaydee who weighed in at 3kgs.

    The 2010 Comrades Marathon On Sunday 30 May will see the running of the Comrades Marathon a downhill race this year. With this in mind, we would like to wish the following Fishwickers well:- Babs Pillay from our Die Cutting department is running his first at the tender age of 61 - go Babs! Alex Powney our Financial Manager is also running his first. Aran Boodhai, Production Co-ordinator is running his eighth and; John McClelland who as he puts it, “will be completing my fifth”.

    On the Swimming and Triathlon Front A huge congratulations to Gail Babich who swam in her 20th Midmar mile earlier this year and subsequently received her double green badge. She then went ahead and came first in her age group in the KZN Triathlon Championships also held in February. Well done!

    From u Nathan’s Desk

    k e e p i n g y o u r w o r l d o r a n g ek e e p i n g y o u r w o r l d o r a n g e


    in this edition

    Giving Back to the Community

    Diversification - I ask you!

    Durban Head Office and Factory:-

    1 January Chakauya Nyuke

    8 January Samad Alli

    8 January Shane Archary

    5 February Colin Kanni

    15 February Wahab Rahiman

    18 February Warren Smith

    27 February Gary Crossland

    28 February Rajen Naidoo

    6 March Lenny Pillay

    10 March Tall Rajen Moodley

    10 March Dianne Everett

    13 March Ben Uys

    18 March Daryl Scott

    21 March Sandile Nkuku

    27 March Sameshni


    1 April Youshika Singh

    10 April Wayne Labuschagne

    12 April Martin Smit

    14 April Tammy Peenz

    17 April Melanie Muruven

    26 April Cedrick Reddy

    10 May Anneline Williams

    11 May Peter Smithers

    14 May Des Paterson

    16 May Mandy Shange

    14 June Rosanna Ebenezer

    17 June Ismail Ahmed

    23 June Herman Smith

    24 June Max Nathan

    Gauteng Sales Office

    4 January Loren Botha

    10 February Vishal Kishore

    15 February Brenda Cronje

    6 March Shonelle Deolall

    11 May Laticia Hornsby

    21 May Lucilia Lee

    29 June Ronny Kassuto

    We would like to extend a belated

    happy birthday to those who

    celebrated their birthdays in January,

    February and March. Happy birthday

    to all of you who celebarte in April,

    May and June 2010!

    b irthdays

    Obituary Our thoughts and prayers are with Suscilla Govender, her children and the rest of the family on the death of Kersie on 5 February 2010. Kersie held the position of Building Supervisor and had been with Fishwicks since 2002.

    Welcome to our Financial Manager, Alex Powney, who took over the

    Fishwicks purse strings on 18 January 2010. Alex comes with a wealth of

    financial experience and joins us following his stay with the New

    Reclamation Group in Durban.

    A big welcome back for Tammy Peenz on her re-appointment to the

    Fishwicks Gauteng Sales office on 22 February 2010. We certainly missed

    you Tammy.

    Loren Botha also joined Fishwicks on a contract basis last year which was

    turned into full time employment earlier this year. Welcome Loren we hope

    you have many happy years with Fishwicks.

    People on the move

    “Going Going Green” In u 's message above he made mention of ‘green’ economy and it is felt that we need to identify exactly what is meant by this.

    The green economy is an emerging marketplace that seeks to optimise the synergy among three sets of values namely: environment, social and financial. This is most commonly referred to as the “triple bottom line.”

    By definition, the green economy is:-

    � The fast growing new economic development model in contrast to the existing 'black' economic model based on fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas.

    � The green economy is based on a knowledge of our ecological economics that aims at addressing the interdependence of human economies and natural ecosystems and the adverse impact of human economic activities on climate change and global warming.

    � The green economy includes green energy generation based on renewable energy to substitute for fossil fuels and energy conservation for efficient energy use. The green economy is considered to beable to create green jobs, ensure real, sustainable economic growth and prevent environmental pollution, global warming, resource depletion and environmental degradation.

    Fishwicks Newsletter 4 4/19/10 10:41 AM Page 1

    A brey


    A brey

  • k e e p i n g y o u r w o r l d o r a n g e

    Did you know that we have a wonderful team of Fishwicks 'Metropians'? They are the Johannesburg team who handle the Metro account and very successfully we might add so from here on out we will refer to the team as Metropians.

    The Metro account returned to the Fishwicks folds in December last year and in speaking to Shonelle Deolall, who assits Diane Mitchley to manage the team of Metropians, we asked her how she feels about the account and team in general and this is what she said.

    “The Metro account is not without its challenges and as I hit the ground running with no time to get acquainted, I must take this opportunity of thanking both Hayley Steinberg and Diane Mitchley who are always there to guide and support me. Then the team themselves are a truly WOW DTP team and so awesome plus they are a pleasure to work with. Our Metropian motto is 'we will deliver' it's that simple.”

    The team consists of Anton Katz, Gloria Mashaba, Willem Lubbe, Wayne Labuscagne and Tyron Morgan who all joined Fishwicks in Feb