AjT Personal Branding - Example of Personal Branding as an Educator

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Transcript of AjT Personal Branding - Example of Personal Branding as an Educator

  • AjT MayureeBranding

    Accredited PD Candidate September 30, 2016

  • Personal Brand Statement

    AjT coaches teachers and students to develop their own deep learning strategy through fun and meaningful technology-integrated lesson plans and activities.

  • monitoring sharing communicating community

    Online Presence

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  • monitoring

    Insights and Analytics

    Conversations involving my brand

  • sharing

    Landing page and my information Course materials

    Presentation and LecturesWhats going on

  • communicating

    News about: - Education and Technology - Educational conferences / events Links to: - Blog posts - Slideshare posts

  • community

    Connecting with target audiences through posts from own omni-channels (automatically) and other sources (manually)

    Connecting with peers

  • Strategy

    Target groups:

    Educators, Teachers, Students, living in Thailand, who seek to improve their learning experience and outcome

  • Strategy

    Concepts and Positioning:

    C & P: Locally renowned, recognised for technology-enhanced training strategies for learners and recognised as one of the leading EdTech trainers in Thailand.

    Differentiation: Multi-discipline knowledge with industry experience

  • SEO

    Keywords for SEO:

    iPad iPad iPad Education 3.0 iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPhone iPad Learning with iPad iPad

  • Content FlowOriginal Materials

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    The InternetManual feedAuto feed

  • Content Plan(topic/freq/consistency/timing/content mix/diverse formats)

    Weekend Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

  • Websitewww.ajtmayuree.org


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  • References:Freepik www.freepik.com

    Flaticon www.flaticon.com

    Kuler adobe.color.com

    Credit:Part of presentation format inspired by the work

    by Who kills hot girl group, SWU

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