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1948Company birth (France)

Launching of Seat belt 341 (TSO C22d) under lAiglon brand1967

Launching of Seat belt 343 (TSO C22e), under lAiglon brand,installed on Air Frances Concorde aircrafts1972

Launching of Seat belt 349 (TSO C22g) created under Anjou Aeronautique trade mark for16g seats by seat belts European pioneer Mr. Mark Radakovic1998

Opening of our facilities in Sibiu (Romania)2008

Receiving iso and Part 21G Approval Receiving SNCF homologation (Romania)2010

Launching of 358 rotary buckle,4 or 5 points restraint system (TSO C114) under Anjou Aeronautique brand2011

Launching the innovative Light Belt 353 under Anjou Aeronautique brand CCIFER Award for InnovationShort listed for Crystal Award Receiving Part 21J Approval Receiving the SNCB homologation (Romania)2013

Opening a new Commercial Office in Bucharest, Romania2015

1 TimelineWe are proud of our history and excited about the futureReceiving Part 145 Approval (Romania)Opening the design and the certification office in Toulouse(France)2012

Receiving EN 9100 approval (Romania)2014

Engineering, Design and Certification(Under EASA Part 21J DOA Nr. 21J.518)

56789 1011


2Class dividerPSU relocationCurtain modificationSeat modificationCarpet & NTF modificationPlacards definitionPath markingCabin layout definitionLavatory retrofitGallery installation retrofitLivery definitionOur capabilities:OUR SOLUTION dedicated to YOUR needs:

Customer requirementsAircraft initial configuration inspectionModification design and certificationManufacturingInstallation support

Our dedicated and highly experienced design team assists our customers by transforming their needs into safe and reliable solutions all the way from scratch ideas up to certification and finally installation of our product in your aircrafts and helicopters!

3 Production(Under EASA Part 21G POA Nr. RO.21G.0007)

Craftedforhighest standards

At Anjou Aeronautique we know how important safety is.High quality seat belts are our specialty. We propose numerous configurations as well as specific solutions that meet particular demands, including: lap belts, adult and baby extensions, 3-point, 4-point and 5-point torso restraint systems.By expanding the offices and production facilities in different areas, we got involved in the development of textile and composite products designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of our customers aircraft. By assuming the design, the certification and the production and blending tradition with innovation we offer a wide range of tailor-made textile products such as seat covers, headrests, pilllowcases, carpet kits and curtains as well as advanced composite products.Our products and services ensure a prompt turnaround time and important maintenance cost reductions.

Your partner for full cabin refurbishment & customization

Seat belts with Steel 349 BuckleSince 1998 we propose to our customers a variety of 349 type passenger lap belts (TSO C22g) and torso restraint systems (TSO C114) created under Anjou Aeronautique trade mark for 16g seats.

Our equipment offers you the advantage of latest technology and high quality by being equipped with a customized steel buckle called Buckle 349. Due to our engineering expertise, it now offers you the following benefits:Low weight;Accessible blockage-release system;High resistance;Divers range of webbing colors.

Aiming to bring your vision and company spirit to life though our products, our belt buckles can be personalized with your companys logo and can fit VIP and premium seats due to various options in surface plating:Gold plating;Chrome plating;Silver plating.

Innovative 349 buckle systemMultiple VIP finishes3 point torso restraint systembaby extension


Seat belts with Light Aluminium 353 BuckleThanks to Anjou Aeronautique's tradition in aviation- which resulted in strong engineering skills and expertise, we have developed our light weight 353 seat belt:

Complies to (E)TSO C22g;The first light seat belt with different buckle colors to meet your cabin interior harmony;Similar design to 349 belts without changing the rivet type which proved its viability;Different webbing elasticity per your preference;Multiple webbing color options;Customized buckles with your company logo;Suitable for both premium and economy class;90 buckle release;Up to 3000 lbs rated strength;No life limit;

Light Aluminium 353 BuckleMultiple webbing and buckle color options Suitable for premium and economy class

Restraint system with 358 rotary buckle For your crew's safety we have developed a 4 & 5 point torso restraint system equipped with an innovative rotary buckle type 358. Our equipments provide very advantageous and safe solutions based on the same technical principles:

Low weight;

Performant blockage-release system (more than 50 000 cycles);

High resistance;

Customized dimensions and anchorage system (end fittings, inertia reels, connectors);

User-friendly products.

Restraint system with innovative rotary buckle type 358Special blockage system allowing it to easily block and unblock upon manual action With 4 or 5 points of &xation to the seat and dimensions adapted to customers needs

Demo KitCustomization with your logo All shapes and sizes

CurtainsFlat or pleated curtainsAccessories (hooks) available on request

Baby bassinetAluminum structure that easily folds up Colors according to customer requirement

Engine coverCustomization with your logoTailor-made solution

TextilesOur staffs proficiency and experience are strengthened by the use of last generation production equipment. We propose tailored solutions and customized design for a large range of textiles:

Seat covers;

Seat cushions;

Inflight products (headrests & pillow cases);

First class mattresses;

Curtains & accessories (rails, hooks);

Carpet kits;

Kit demo bags of all sizes;

Baby bassinets.Due to our Gerber cutting machines high technology and Accumark textile design software, we assure:Zero risks in the pattern creation and cutting process;Perfectly shaped angles and curves;Mass production within very short lead times ;Raw material economies.

Composite productsOur composite production facilities are equipped with high-tech machines assuring a reliable and optimized manufacturing technique:

Furniture (storage units, aluminum boxes, cabin galleys, bulkheads, etc.);Partitions & Class dividers designed, manufactured and certified according to our clients particular demands;Literature pockets with different designs and storage capacities for space saving.

You can take advantage of our tailored solutions: measures on the aircraft, drawings, certification & design, manufacturing and support for installation on your aircraft.

ATR stowage unitsComposite boxesClass dividers

Cabin partitions

Literature pockets

4Maintenance and Repairs(Under EASA Part 145 MOA Nr. RO.145.035)

Our maintenance facility consists of an Engineering Department with experienced aircraft maintenance engineers and workshop technicians. We recertify and repair all he products manufactured by Anjou Aeronautique but also other components such as cargo net assy, tray tables, arm rests, etc. Your advantages in working with us: reactivity, complete cabin interior support, short lead times, cost- effectiveness, integrity. We treat each customer with the same degree of care and professionalism.


Anjou AeronautiqueFRANCE11, Rue Marbeuf, 75008, Paris

ROMANIAstr. Livezii, nr. 98, 550042, SibiuTel: +40 269 243 918Fax: +40 269 243 921E-mail: customersupport@anjouaero.comwww.anjouaero.comWe are always looking at ways to exceed your expectations,so please dont hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can do for you !