AIESEC UoN Education booklet

AIESEC UoN Education booklet
AIESEC UoN Education booklet
AIESEC UoN Education booklet
AIESEC UoN Education booklet
AIESEC UoN Education booklet
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A description of the iGCDP Education project at AIESEC University of Nairobim Kenya

Transcript of AIESEC UoN Education booklet

  • P o w er e d b y A I E S E C U O N

    Incoming Exchange Booklet

    joao bolan 2013


  • Project: The



    Remaining places:

    3 interns per school


    April December 2013

    (6 weeks minimum)

    This project is based in primary several schools located in the slum areas of Nairobi. These schools provide education

    for under privileged children who live in the slums. The children are aged between 3 and 15 years old. The main aim

    is to improve and develop the schools so that they can attain sustainability in their everyday activities such as teach-

    ing both the children and teachers, having a permanent feeding program, getting a library to create a reading culture

    in the children, having constant supply of teachers even if it is on volunteer basis through the Kuleana Initiative.

    The project is partly about the intern teaching the children on various subjects such as mathematics, English, science

    among others. The other part of the project is based on working on another project based on the schools needs. The

    project is of the interns choosing and guided by the lists of goals the school has written down with AIESEC such that

    the interns are working on something that leads the school to one step closer to attaining the Kuleana values of sus-

    tainability and empowerment of the schools internal and external environment. The schools under the program in-



    The schools are all located in Nairobi slums of Mathare, Kibera and Mukuru.

    The interns do not live in the slums.

    Mumo Orphanage and Education Centre

    Child rock Initiative

    Brainstorm Education Centre

    Success Care Centre

    Ngotas Upendo Education Centre

    Focus Education Centre

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    Incoming Exchange Booklet


  • Teaching the children subjects like Mathematics and English

    Assisting the staff and directors of the schools in management, fundraising and other activities

    that may arise.

    Assisting the staff to create sustainable projects for their projects e.g feeding programmes,

    libraries and so on

    Mentorship and guidance to the children

    Creating fun and creative ways of teaching as well as coming up with extra curricular activities

    such as sports or art.

    Working according to the job description (i.e team leader, finance intern, communications in-

    tern and health intern)

    Description of activities

  • Have a visa

    Have all the necessary vaccinations

    Have medical coverage

    Have a doctors letter in case of any medical conditions

    Preparation of teaching methods to be used.

    Interns' stories can be found in the following links: Common housing is provided through intern housing - 200 USD per month, break-

    fast and dinner provided. Laundry provided for intern housing. Host family (if one

    is available)-interns may pay between 58 and 82 USD per month just as support

    to the family for expenses that will be incurred. Two meals are provided. INTER-

    NET: Modem sticks can be purchased for internet. There is also internet at the AI-

    ESEC UON office. Please note that transport is not provided. Prices shown are

    based on the current exchange rate at time of Ksh.85 per 1USD.

    English language required.


    The difficulties of culture and everyday life make the project interesting and challenging

    leaving a lot of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

    Project management skills

    Talent and human resources skills

    Chance to make a difference in childrens lives

    Requirements Stage

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    Incoming Exchange Booklet

    joao bolan 2013 joao bolan 2013 joao bolan 2013




    AIESEC UONAIESEC UON Picture: Joao Bolan 2013

    Joao Bolan 2013