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Transcript of AI-empowered Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform

  1. 1. AI-EMPOWERED OMNICHANNEL DIGITAL BANKING Technology Partnerdeveloped
  2. 2. MODERN DIGITAL BANKING is not just about online access to accounts and balances, theres much more to it
  3. 3. OMNICHANNEL APPROACH Web-browser Call-center Customer satisfaction Search for ATM here Get offers from the bank here Top-up your mobile here View account statement here Open savings account here Look up your a/c balances here Open BanQ digital banking platform POI Navigator Mobile App Web App Smartphone
  4. 4. OMNICHANNEL IS Advantages/channel SMS SMS interactve mobile browser web/online mobile native tablet kiosk Available for all client categories +++ ++ + ++ +++ Easy to use +++ +++ ++ +++ ++ Affordability +++ +++ Mobility +++ ++ + +++ ++ Rich functionality + ++ +++ ++ +++ Cost-efcient implementation +++ + ++ + ++ ++ ++ Bank image ++ + + ++ +++ +++ ++ Cost-efcient support ++ + + + Active sales (push notications) ++ ++ +++ +++ every channel has its advantages and purpose
  5. 5. OMNICHANNEL IS every channel is appropriate for a life situation SMS Mobile tablet web/online kiosk Access device mobile smartphone tablet computer street kiosk Usage location walking walking static, home/ofce or public place static, home/ofce street Usage situation passive situational relaxed concentrated under pressure Usage context any time any time, in pauses, multi-tasking accompanied, public place, multi-tasking, multi-screen data entry, large screen needed, focused busy, dispersed attention, hands are not entirely free Reasons of usage control, urgency, simplicity usability, urgency, speed, always online simplicity, effortless usage, information, entertainment functionality, productivity, necessity speed, accessibility, necessity Security low low medium high low * source: Fiserv
  6. 6. Leading edge omnichannel digital banking platform AI/ML-empowered Open API (PSD2 directive) Centralized product control Secure Operation Emphasis on Usability Signicantly lower TCO, compared to the market Modular architecture OPEN BANQ
  7. 7. BASIC FUNCTIONALITY Registration andView access - Full client registration for bank account management - Secure client login - Savings account information - Savings account statement - Loan information - Loan repayment history - Loan repayment schedule - Information on clients cards - Current accounts information - Current / Card account statement - Current account transaction history - BanQ originated transaction history - BanQ originated payment slip printout: IMG / PDF / HTML
  8. 8. PAYMENTS IN FEW CLICKS Payments from current account - own account transactions - domestic transactions - loan repayment - savings account transactions - external own current account transactions - own card account transactions - bank selected bill payments - additional bill aggregators bill payment - SWIFT,Western Union, Moneygram transfers Payments from card account - domestic transactions - loan repayment - savings account transactions - external own current account transactions - own card account transactions - bank selected bill payment - additional bill aggregators bill payment Payment templates Recurring Payments - domestic transactions - loan repayment - savings account transactions - external own current account transactions - own card account transactions - bank selected bill payment - additional bill aggregators bill payment
  9. 9. CARD OPERATIONS Card operations - card deactivation (soft / hard) - re-activate deactivated card - card issue order - card operations limits editing - CVV-code verication switch on/off - SMS-banking switch on/off - NFC contactless payments (Android)
  10. 10. SERVICE FUNCTIONS Template management - group templates management - payment history based template creation - custom account information template creation - edit/conrm account data of the template Other service operations - Open savings account online - Start savings auto-prolongation - Stop savings auto-prolongation -View / print (HTML / PDF) information for account repayments: current, loan, savings - Password change - Sessions history with IP address and time - Ask helpdesk function - Q&A history - FAQ for the clients - Edit all interface texts by managing resources - All statements export for printing (PDF/ - All statements export to OFX
  11. 11. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP CRM module includes - Navigation to points of presence with itinerary building - Bank information - Bank messages and news - Address book integration: lter bank contacts - Forex rates - Bank products / general description - Credit and Loan calculator - Call the bank with phone or Skype - Question to the helpdesk (text message) - Group stats (Google Analytics) - Client tracking with geo- location- Basic tracking reports - Quick client registration - Client lists download - Client base segmentation management- Marketing campaign management- Marketing campaign stats download- Basic client questionnaires - Basic CRM with client DB
  12. 12. PERSONAL HOME FINANCE Clear view on resources and spendings -Transaction tagging - Group transaction tagging - Khowledge base collection: pre-tag typical transactions - Knowledge base consolidation within the bank - Personal reports in various graphic formats - Basic nancial advisory - Schedule a meeting with nancial advisor
  13. 13. STIMULATING CASHLESS creating tools and mechanisms to motivate the customers use the online capabilities of digital banking
  14. 14. E-WALLET Placing payment cards into smartphone Card-to-card (C2C) money transfers Making P2P payments in contactless way Pay the bills, top-up mobile NFC like Apple Pay, but on Android
  15. 15. E-LEARNING Video lessons, helping the customer understand how the things work in the internet banking, mobile banking etc. Examples: demo registration card limits changing making a payment
  16. 16. PROCESS AUTOMATION scalable exible functionally rich and highly tunable open process automation module with graphic editor of the process - completely suitable to automate all possible processes in the bank: from the document workow to the credit conveyor
  17. 17. AI-EMPOWERED Both structured and unstructured data analysis Enrichment of the client prole with the social networks data Credit bureau, information from the anti-fraud databases Order forms, regular scoring data Transaction history, credit history, CRM data Subject matter experts as the source of knowledge Given the large enough amount of data, the system would improve itself and learn taking decisions Use areas: data discovery, credit issue, operational risk management, visual search, sales personalization
  18. 18. UNDER THE HOOD
  19. 19. BANQ MODULAR ARCHITECTURE Bank Back End SystemsCBS Card Back Bill Aggr CRM Back End Integration Layer BanQ Core Layer Presentational Layer Web Banking Mobile Apps Kiosks Call Center DWH Risk Mgmt BanQ Integration Adaptors Savings Loans Accounts Business Logic Users Payment Rules Open API (RESTful) CBS Adaptr Card processing adaptor e-Bill Adaptor CRM Adaptor 3rd-party apps & widgets BanQ Ready-to-go Components Bank and 3rd-party components
  20. 20. THE PRINCIPLE OF OPENNESS Open API multiplies choices, opens opportunity to use various devices and create interfaces with different target usage (as per directive PSD2, adopted in EU) For the young On the run For the nance pro Urbanized Free time
  21. 21. EASY API ADMINISTRATION No need to pay for the time of developers: Open API can be easily administered by maintenance and support staff
  22. 22. TECH ARCHITECTURE Client Platforms Feature Frameworks P2P Modules Cloud Platform Core Services Internal Bank Platrofm Business Intelligence Facade Business Logic Main Business Logic Modules Client OpenAPI (Thrift) Admin API (WS) Third- party apps and services SOAP Gateway REST Gateway Business Intelligence Core Campaign Management Financial Advisory Social Proles Integration Layer UkrCard UPC EasyPay B2 Scrooge BSS CRMs CRMs Custom ESB BanQ Platform Frameworks iOS Framework Android Framework Windows 8 Framework WP8 Framework Web Framework APIS Client Delta POI User Prole Push Notications Management Console Cloud Core POI Core Integration Services Custom Finlocator NFC QR AddressPay PayByLink AirPay InterPush AppURL EasyPass FB Login Gamied Savings Apple, Google, MS Push Notications Services Bank ESB Custom Third-party services Custom bank services
  23. 23. BUSINESS LOGIC CHIP Business Logic Core Core Auth Exporters Feedback AccountMgr eWalletMgr LoanBasics LoanOp. LoanNotic SavingBasics SavingOp. SavingCreator CardsCore CardOp. CardMgr eCards Operation Templates Arbitrary Operations Bill Presentments Bill Presentments Internal interaccount transfers Account-to- card transfers SWIFT SEP Rules and Limitations LoanRepayAutosavings Autobilling
  24. 24. PLATFORMS COVERAGE Web-module (internet banking) iOs iPhone iOs iPad Android phone Android tablet watchOS Apple Watch Windows 10 Messengers: iMessage,Telegram, Facebook Core Server with Free API Cloud Servers
  26. 26. BECAUSE ITS OMNICHANNEL and that means faster, more efcient, and also lowerTCO
  27. 27. CENTRALIZED CHANNEL CONTROL Clients advantages: Familiar interface, unied experience, overall usability improvement More freedom, more situations with the right tools in hand Advantages for the bank: More points of contact with the client, more cross-sale and up-sale opportunities Cost saving and time to market cut on omnichannel product or service implementation Improved security!
  28. 28. DEVELOPING ECOSYSTEM Open API allows having numerous interfaces + application connections Mobile wallets, p2p Multi-banking Social networks, etc e-commerce wallets, pay by click