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Agile Project Management. Announcements. Sign Up for the Resume Workshop for IT and MIS Majors with Credit Suisse 9/9 ( CIS Building 2nd Floor RM 2008 ) Students eligible for resume reviews include IT and MIS students graduating in December 2015 and May 2016.  - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management1AnnouncementsSign Up for the Resume Workshop for IT and MIS Majors with Credit Suisse 9/9 (CIS Building 2nd Floor RM 2008)

Students eligible for resume reviews include IT and MIS students graduating in December 2015 and May 2016.



2Signing up for Resume WorkshopStep One: Make sure you have a rsum uploaded! This is very simple. Log into SeaWork Go to the header My Profile & Docs (top left)Under this header go to My Documents Go to Rsums and click Add to upload your current rsum

Step Two: Sign up for the workshop!Go to header On Campus Interviews (4th header from left)Click on Sign Up for Interviews You Qualify ForGo to Schedule ID 982 Resume Workshop for CIS and MIS Majors with Credit Suisse (Schedules are in numerical order)Choose a time slot

33Credit Suisse Information Session & Networking EventTuesday, September 9 at 5:30pm CIS Building1st floor auditorium

ISA, ACM, WISE & the Cyber Defense Club are hosting Credit Suisse representatives and UNCW alumni for a presentation followed by a networking reception. We will answer your questions regarding our upcoming summer internship opportunities within our IT division in Raleigh. Summer internships are open to December 2015 and May 2016 graduates.

Refreshments will be provided.AnnouncementsClass Friday will continue our discussion today of Agile Methodology

Sample Case Study Presentation Binnj on the iPad (Friday)

Outline:Process Groups TraditionalIntranet Site ProjectAgile Methodology

55Project Management Process GroupsProject management process groups includeinitiating processesplanning processesexecuting processesmonitoring and controlling processesclosing processes


6Traditional Approach: Linear/Waterfall Strategy77Traditional Approach: Linear/Waterfall StrategyPre-InitiationGenerate Business Case (includes high level estimates on scope, cost, time, etc.)Identify Sponsor and PM

InitiationProject CharterStakeholder Identification88Traditional Approach:PlanningTeam ContractScope StatementWBSGantt chartRisks

ExecutionPM acquires team then directs and manages workMilestone reportingUpdate progress (handle human resource issues)Manage CommunicationsEnsure stakeholders remain engaged

99Traditional Approach:Monitor and ControllingChange ControlValidate/Control ScopeScheduling (forecasts)Progress Reports

ClosingFinal report and presentationClient sign-offLessons-learned1010Case Study: JWD Consultings Project Management Intranet SiteCase Background

PM, Sponsor, Stakeholders

Project Description1111Project Pre-initiationSenior managers often perform several pre-initiation tasks, including the following:Determine the scope, time, and cost constraints for the projectIdentify the project sponsorSelect the project managerDevelop a business case for a projectMeet with the project manager to review the process and expectations for managing the projectDetermine if the project should be divided into two or more smaller projects

1212JWD Pre-initiationWhat did JWD do for Pre-Initiation?

13Project InitiationInitiating a project includes recognizing and starting a new project or project phase


14JWD Project Charters and Kick-off MeetingsCharters are normally short and include key project information and stakeholder signatures

Kick-Off Meeting


15JWD Stakeholder Mgmt Output: Register and Strategy16

RegisterManagement Strategy16Project PlanningPrimary Purpose: Guide ExecutionEvery knowledge area includes planning information

Key outputs included in the JWD project.

Document Location PM SoftwareWiki

1717Scope Statement18TABLE 3-9 Scope statement (draft version)Project Title: Project Management Intranet Site ProjectDate: May 18Prepared by: Erica Bell, Project Manager, erica_bell@jwdconsulting.comProject Summaryand JustificationProduct Characteristics and Requirements:1. Templates and tools2. User submissions3. Articles4. Requests for articles5. Links6. The Ask the Expert feature must be user-friendly and capable of soliciting questions and immediately acknowledging that the question has been received in the proper format.Summary of Project Deliverables Project management-related deliverables Product-related deliverables

18Figure 3-4. JWD Consulting Intranet Site Project Baseline Gantt Chart19

19List of Prioritized Risks20

20Project ExecutingUsually takes the most time and resources21

JWD Milestone Report21Project Monitoring and ControllingInvolves measuring progress toward project objectives, monitoring deviation from the plan, and taking correction actions22

22Project ClosingInvolves gaining stakeholder and customer acceptance of the final products and services 23ClosingNormal OperationsProject23Agile Project ManagementGartner predicts that by the end of 2012, agile development will be used on 80% of all software development projects.

What does this mean?

Why is it gaining popularity?

Gaining ground in PM community with certificationsAPMG-InternationalPMI Agile Certified PractitionerCertified Scrum Master2424Agile Makes Sense for Some Projects, But Not AllAgile will be seen for what it is and isnt . Project management organizations embracing Agile software and product development approaches will continue to grow while being faced with the challenge of demonstrating ROI through Agile adoption.*

When not to use Agile PM25*J. Leroy Ward, The Top Ten Project Management Trends for 2011, 24, 2011).25Agile Makes Sense for Some Projects, But Not All26*Fernandez & Fernandez (2009), Agile Project Management Agilism versus Traditional Approach, Journal of Computer Information Systems.

Goal(ends)Not Clear43Clear12ClearNot ClearSolution(means)26PM Network: At Odds?Myths surrounding Agile PM:

2727Manifesto for Agile Software DevelopmentWe are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:

28*Agile Manifesto,

From: to the Scrum Alliance, Scrum is the leading agile development method for completing projects with a complex, innovative scope of work. (State of Scrum Report)30

30Scrum RolesPrimary Roles

Other potential Roles 31Scrum ArtifactsAn artifact is a useful object created by people

Scrum artifacts include:

3232Scrum Ceremonies3333Scrum Framework34Information Technology Project Management, Seventh Edition