Agile Prod Mgmt v. Proj Mgmt

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MANAGEMENT: PRODUCT V. PROJECT by Karen Favazza Spencer for Agile Coaches May 24, 2011 Pecha Kucha (20x20) There are no answers, only stories. ~ Garrison Keillor

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Articulation of customer role & responsibilities in determining the right thing to build sets the Agile Technical Team up for success.

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  • 1. There are no answers, only stories.~ Garrison Keillor MANAGEMENT:PRODUCT V. PROJECT by Karen Favazza Spencer for Agile Coaches May 24, 2011 Pecha Kucha (20x20)
  • 2. THE GENESIS OF AGILEBy Developers & for DevelopersImprove communication amongst themselvesImprove communication with the BizEliminate the noise.
  • 3. WHAT THE BIZ HEARDDo it this way and youll get Better ProductsDo it this way and youll get More FasterDo it this way and well be responsible for theproductDo it this way and we dont need to bother withrequirement elicitation & documentationDo it this way and you dont have to do all sorts ofthe other Product Management work. Its MAGIC!
  • 4. THATS NOT WHAT WE SAIDThe simplicity of the Agile Development conceptmasks the complexity of Product Decision Making
  • 5. AGILE PLANNING Level Frequency OwnerVision 1- Vision 6 - 12 mo. BizRoadmapRelease 2- Roadmap 6 - 12 mo. Biz Sprint 3- Release quarterly Biz & Team Daily Scrum 4- Sprint 2 - 4 Wks Team 5- Scrum Daily Team based on Rally Chalktalk by Rachel Weston
  • 6. THE PRODUCT OWNER The Man or Woman with Two Countries ... with two jobs ... with two constituencies ... with two responsibilities... SME... PRoduct Mgr... Customer Support....
  • 7. PRODUCT LINEA different type of developmentStrategy & TacticsROIIndustry Trends
  • 8. MISUNDERSTANDINGS Life CycleProduct Management Project ManagementProduct Management Software ManagementProduct Management should come rst! Content is King!
  • 9. STRATEGY & TACTICSProduct Management requires matter how agile Brainstorming Development is, youll never build a successful product if the Financial Analysis work being done isnt aligned to the company strategy and market needs. Focus Groups Pragmatic Marketing Business Plan Market Analysis
  • 10. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERSPersonas - If its about the customer.1. Round 1: 24-36 1:1 Interviews based on demographics of target, and subsequent analysis2. Round 2: 5-7 Targeted Interviews per Persona3. Socialization & Usage: Introduce the Personas4. Keep in touch and update the Personas.
  • 11. UNDERSTAND PRODUCT UXPersonas - If its about the Product Design. Surveys Web Analytics User Experience Contextual Interview Pricing & Placement
  • 12. BOUNDARIES V. SILOSDevelopers need to understand Biz Case, Personas,etc.Product Management needs to actively participate inDevelopment/Testing. Collaboration Communication Boundaries
  • 13. THE AGILE BACommunication in a Collaborative EnvironmentNot Part of the Agile TeamPart of the Customer TeamCollaborates, as necessary,assisting the PO, when POdoes not have the skillsAcceptance Test Driven DesignCartoon used with expressed permission, the premier online communityfor business analysts.
  • 14. THE BUSINESS ANALYSTCommunication in a Collaborative EnvironmentModeling: Capturing the complex conversationsaround Acceptance Criteria.Simulations: User Experience analysis usingprototypes prior to full development to determine ifthe vision is the right thing. Identifying the Right Thing Before bringing it to the Technical Agile Team!!
  • 15. TWO TEAMS - DEFINITION OF TERMS Scrum Master Agile BA Product OwnerCustomer Team Agile Team (technical) aka 3 Roles Stakeholders Cross FunctionalSteering Committee The BusinessProduct Management
  • 16. STAKEHOLDERS Characteristics Agile BA Cross Functional Big View SME detail Collaborative LEAN approach Product OwnerCustomer Team The What & The Why
  • 17. STAKEHOLDERS Agile BA Responsibilities ROI Market Research Industry Changes Project Charter Persona Development Product Owner Collaborating with the PO Authoring User Stories Providing Feedback to Tech Team Backlog Grooming UATCustomer Team The What & The Why
  • 18. PARADIGMSSome of this is just textbook Agile Deciding the right thing to build and the RTM strategy doesnt belong on the Agile Teams plate. All the Agile Team should do is build what theyre told to build, how they decide is best.
  • 19. PARADIGMS & ECOSYSTEMSAgile is more than a bag of tips & tricks Systemic approaches fail if parts of the system are ignored. Childs Song Fishbone Problem Analysis
  • 20. SYSTEMS DIAGRAMSystems Thinking: Senege, Peter. Fifth Discipline. 1990.Every group has its own story & its own ecosystem. Execs Marketing Product Agile Team Rivals Backlog Envir Mgmt Process Industry
  • 21. NAMES ARE POWERFUL WORDS Conclusion: Agile Technical Team + Agile Product Team Agile Project Team Scale agility within the organization by calling out theProduct Team by name and by articulating their unique role & multiple responsibilities.