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This presentation is from Performance Marketing Summit 2014 in Denver, CO (June 17, 2014). Session description: Carrol Lee is on the front lines of affiliate recruitment for Schaaf-PartnerCentric. She covers a range of questions: How can I find new publishers? Where do I go? What does the outreach look like?

Transcript of Affiliate Recruitment from the Trenches

  • 1. A F F I L I A T E R E C R U I T M E N T F R O M T H E T R E N C H E S

2. HELLO! Im Carrol Lee, Business Development Specialist for Schaaf-PartnerCentric. 2 3. RECRUITMENT PROCESS Identify Qualified Prospects CRM Tool Initial Outreaches Pitches Commitments New Productive Affiliates 3 4. WHERE TO FIND AFFILIATES Top Blog Sites Affiliate Networks Conferences Blogger Networks Forums Social Media & Organic Search 4 5. BEST PRACTICES: VETTING AFFILIATES Review site is content relevant? Pre-qualification: Alexa Rank How they partner: ad networks? Paid posts? Sponsorships? Are they already familiar with affiliate marketing? Adjust outreach accordingly Personalize the message! Make the personal connection building a relationship starts with first contact 5 6. ITS MAGIC! MAGIC, I TELL YOU! 6 7. BEST PRACTICES: WHAT TO DO Do your homework: Understand the business model and what motivates each potential affiliate No mass e-mails Set up a phone call Use CRM to track calls, follow-ups, results Educate affiliates about such things as bid policies, FTC regulations, etc. 7 8. TRACKING, FOLLOWING UP CRM Using a CRM tool such as is a great way to stay on top of your efforts. 8 9. FACTORS THAT AFFECT AFFILIATE CHOICES The 2013 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report asked, When selecting a merchant to promote, what are the top three factors that sway your decision? Commission (62%) Product or Service Relevancy (54.40%) Affiliate Network or Tracking Platform (36.70%) Brand Awareness (34.20%) Merchant Reputation (31%) Affiliate Program Reputation (24.10%) Cookie Duration (24.10%) Payment Terms and Methods (17.10%) Marketing Terms and Conditions (16.50%) Earnings per click or EPC (15.20%) Other (9.50%) Ad Unit Availability and Optimized Landing Pages (7%) 9 10. CASE STUDY Met this affiliate at ShareASale Think Tank Warm introduction led to a call Call led to discovery of opportunities Built rapport through number of calls Recommended few programs that were a great match for the Brides clientele Resulted in activation as a productive publisher 10 11. CHALLENGES Getting a response / feedback Getting the call from shy affiliates With blogger/content sites, competitiveness and scalability Recruiting is only HALF the battle Getting a new affiliate to become active and drive conversions/sales or leads 11 12. Questions? 12 13. 13 THANK YOU! Carrol Lee Business Development Specialist (512) 354-7630 carrol.lee