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  • Solutions Across the Aviation Spectrum

    1Reaching Higher

  • Background

    AerSale, Inc. Founded by Nick Finazzo and Robert Nichols in 2009 Sold former company AeroTurbine (now AerCap owned) $300MM Primary shareholder is Leonard Green $16B investment portfolio Specialists in aviation aftermarket products and services Worldwide sales and logistics to support engine and parts distribution Over 250 full-time aviation professionals and technicians

    Financially Strong Initial equity infusion of $250MM and $300MM line of credit of credit Minimal execution risk on large transactions vs. competitors KPMG audited financials $500MM aviation products liability insurance coverage

    Product Line Focus Proven capability for Boeing/ Airbus product lines In-depth powerplant experience across GE, P&W, IAE, CFM and RR platforms

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  • AerSale Overview

    Established network of strategically located regional offices, warehouses and distribution centers that collectively provide highly responsive engine and materials support services worldwide

    Customers include: Passenger airlines Cargo airlines Government entities Leasing companies Multinational OEMs and independent


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    AerSale is a highly integrated provider of aftermarket products and services in the support of commercial aircraft, specializing in the sale and lease of mid-life aircraft and engines, while simultaneously offering MRO services, materials solutions and asset management services

  • AerSale Overview

    Synergistic Vertical Integration Aircraft and engine sales, leasing and

    MRO Integrated airframe/engine supply

    chain support and distribution Leasing, including parts/material

    support for operators In-house aircraft MRO, including

    checks, reconfiguration and storage Aircraft disassembly, inventory

    warehousing and remarketing services

    Fleet Purchases Specializing in mid-life and current

    generation technology flight equipment Transactions from $85MM-$225MM

    tailored to Seller delivery conditions

    Results Over $700 Million in aircraft and engine

    acquisitions: 120+ Aircraft: A300, A320, A330,

    B737, B747, B757, B767, MD90 and DC8

    400+ Engines: CFM56, CF6-80C, PW4000, RB211 and V2500

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  • Aircraft Operations CenterRoswell, New Mexico

    Supported by an unparalleled team of highly skilled product-line managers, airframe/power plant engineers, mechanics and technicians.

    Collective industry expertise ensures AerSales customers receive the highest standard of quality products and services.

    AerSale is committed to providing its customers with personalized technical support, and 24/7 AOG services to ensure on time shipment delivery supported with proper detailed documentation.

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  • Aircraft Operations CenterCapabilities

    Aircraft Heavy Maintenance (C/D check capability for most narrow body aircraft)

    Engine borescope and MPA run capability for most Boeing and Airbus products

    Structural and composite repairs Interiors reconfiguration Avionics modification/upgrades Transponder & altimeter re-certification Automatic pressure altitude reporting

    test system Limited Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Static leak checks Aircraft/engine short & long term storage Warehouse availability for surplus

    inventory and hot spares storage Contracted DER/DAR services On field aircraft painting capability

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  • Technical Management Services

    Detailed MRO planning, scheduling and supervision of flight equipment inspections and maintenance.

    Aircraft and Engine transactional workscope development: Pre-purchase acceptance Lease return inspections

    Flight equipment preparation: Including ferry permitting Delivery Redelivery of aircraft and engines

    Dedicated technical staff of over 40 direct technical services employees to meticulously oversee all aspects of airframe and engine MRO including:

    2016 AerSale, Inc. 7

    Turnkey program management: Onsite technical representation Spares and materials sourcing Warranty administration

    Engine trend monitoring and evaluation

    Technical records audit and assembly for optimal presentation

  • Aircraft Ops.Roswell, NM Tax Benefits

    House Bill 24 features:

    No inventory tax

    No transaction tax from sale of aircraft, services, aircraft storage, or parts

    No tax on sales of pilot or flight support training

    55% tax reduction from the sale of fuel for jet and turboprop engines

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  • Airport Highlights Roswell Intl. Air Center

    Capability to accommodate heavy, aircraft in a non-congested airspace with two active runways

    FAA approved 139-certificated airport Class 2, CAT. 4 4,000 acres at 3,669 feet elevation in arid,

    desert environment Full service Air Traffic Control Tower with active

    radar (0600) until (2100) Full Service 24 hour Airport Firefighting

    Department with Index B capabilities and EMS on site

    Full FBO services Avflight Free overnight aircraft parking, aircraft tie down,

    long and short term vehicle parking Rental car facilities Southwestern Railroad spur within air center

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  • Quality Standards

    Approved aircraft maintenance and storage certifications and accreditations:

    FAA approved 145 Repair Station EASA approved 145 Repair Station ISO 9001:2008 AS 9100 ASA 100 AFRA

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  • Additional Considerations

    Fixed price options for aircraft storage and disassembly tailored to OEM maintenance program

    Custom workscope development to customers specifications

    Broad range of on-site tooling inventories

    Hangar space with the ability to house up to a B767 sized aircraft

    Over 100 licensed and highly skilled and direct employees

    2016 AerSale, Inc. 11

    Dedicated tear down pad facility that meets all current EPA standards

    Existing infrastructure for processing large volumes of components

    GTAs in place with major OEMs for technical data, tooling and service support

    Enhanced work force access through Eastern New Mexico University with its FAA approved dedicated A&P mechanics program

  • Providing innovative, efficient, and dependable repair solutions to meet OEM standards

    Supported by a large inventory of aircraft spares, loaners, and exchange units

    Proven team of over 65 aerospace industry professionals includes mechanics with an average of 15 years of experience.

    2016 AerSale, Inc. 12

    A subsidiary of AerSale, Inc.

    FAA approved repair facility

    EASA approved repair facility



    ISO 9001:2008

    Limited Airframe, Limited Accessory, Limited Specialized Services, NDT

  • Facility 100,000 square foot

    repair complex 5 adjoining work

    centers Full machining support


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  • Aero Mechanical IndustriesIn-House Capabilities

    Structures & Mechanical Capabilities Fairings and Shrouds Exhaust Assemblies Cargo and Entry Doors Vents and Scoops Mechanisms

    Nacelles and Engine Structures Exhaust Thrust Reversers Inlet Cowlings Fan Cowlings Exhaust Plugs

    Flight Controls and Composites Spoilers Stabilizing Fairings Wing to Body Fairings Flaps Winglets and Wing Tip Fairings

    Additional Services NDT Inspections Machine Center Certified Welding and Heat Treating Brush Cadmium Plating

    Tooling & Support 747 Winglet Assembly Fixture Bonding Fixture for use on inlet cowling

    Machining Capabilities Full in-house capabilities to fabricate

    traditional replacement parts

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  • How does AerSale compare?

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    A/C Leasing

    Engine Leasing




    Aircraft Leasing

    Engine Leasing

    In House Aircraft Disassembly

    Surplus Parts Trading

    In House A/C Storage, Disassembly

    & Redeployment

    Significant Core CompetencyVery LimitedNone

  • Our Customers

    2016 AerSale, Inc. 16

  • Global Headquarters 121 Alhambra Plaza Suite 1700 Coral Gables FL 33134(P) +1 305 764 3200 (F) +1 305 529 6686

    Global Materials Distribution 4155 Patriot Dr.Grapevine TX 76051(P) +1 469 645 1620(F) +1 972 355 1471

    Aircraft MRO & Engine Operations 703 East Challenger St.Roswell NM 88203(P) +1 575 624 3140 (F) +1 575 347 9846

    Warehouse & Distribution 511 East Challenger St.Roswell NM 88201(P) +1 575 347 2181(F) +1 575 347 0245

    Regional Sales OfficeOne Lincoln Center18W140 Butterfield Road, Suite 1522Oakbrook, Illinois 60181

    Aircraft Leasing & Sales OfficeBlock E Iveagh Court, 3rd Floor Harcourt Rd. Dublin 2, Ireland(P) +353 (0) 1 4753000(F) +353 (0) 1 4753333

    Regional Sales Office Office 91House 1, The Maltings East Tyndall St.Cardiff CF24 5EA, UK(P) +44 (0)2920 499814

    Regional Sales Office 883 North Bridge Rd. #09-03Southbank Singapore 198785(P) +65 9832 6261

    Global Locations

    2016 AerSale, Inc. 17

    Aero Mechanical Industries4901 Rockaway Boulevard NERio Rancho, NM 87124(P) +1 505 896 2644


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