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Aerial Photography. Scott Hull GSFC Photo Club 5/9/2012. Topics. What to shoot Flight demonstrations Static displays Crowd When to shoot Equipment How to shoot Exposure modes Focusing Files Shutter speed Advice Andrews Air Show details. What to Shoot - Aerial Demos. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aerial Photography

Aerial PhotographyScott HullGSFC Photo Club5/9/2012

TopicsWhat to shootFlight demonstrationsStatic displaysCrowdWhen to shootEquipmentHow to shootExposure modesFocusingFilesShutter speedAdviceAndrews Air Show details

What to Shoot - Aerial Demos

What to Shoot Static Displays

When and Where to ShootStatic DisplaysFirst thing in the morningSmaller crowdsBetter access to cockpits, etc.Talk with the exhibitorsAerial DemosThroughout the dayCheck the sun conditions vs. runway directionAndrews North-SouthBacklit in the morningLit from the right at noonPerfect in the late afternoon (Blue Angels/ Thunderbirds)

EquipmentSunscreen / Earplugs / HatWear comfortable shoesMoneyChair (especially smaller shows)Camera DSLR is best, but point and shoot is OKLenses wide zoom for statics, big zoom for aerialsMemory cards bring all of themCamera bag / Photo vest / Cargo shortsLens hood and PolarizerSpare batteryTripod not recommended; maybe a monopodSUNSCREEN

Exposure ModesDifferent people have different preferencesProgram ModeWorks fine, but less controlAperture Priority ModeWide open aperture during aerial demos, for max speedShutter Priority ModeSet for a fast speed, and hope for enough lightWorks best with Auto ISOManual ModeConsistent exposures, despite the lightingCenter weighted or ESP meteringTake a few test shots, and adjust with exposure compensation

FocusingAgain, varies by the photographerCan be equipment-drivenAuto FocusContinuous AFTracking (auto focus point selection) if you have itBest with really fast lensesManual FocusSometimes you get focus-search problemsFocus on a cloud or distant object, and leave it aloneCheck after the first shot or two, and tweakActually, shutter speed is just as important as focus to getting a sharp picture need a fast shutter for less blur

Shutter Speeds / File TypesShutter SpeedAerial jet demos: Speed faster than 1/ (2 x Focal Length) sec 300 mm zoom 1/600 sec or fasterRotors (helicopter or plane): 1/125 to 1/180 sec Static displays: less critical, since they are not moving

File TypesJPEGFaster saving for aerial shotsTakes longer to fill the bufferRAWMore adjustable laterNo losses

Oops! f/9, 1/800 sec Dont do this!CompositionAerial demosFront and side shots are bestAvoid tail shots or belly shotsException: tail shot with afterburners, climbing and turningLeave some room for cropping in post-productionPlanes are usually too fast to worry about placement in the frameTry to lead ahead of the plane, so it has somewhere to go in the final imageVapor clouds give a sense of speedStatic displaysOverall plane shots are nice for documentationClose-ups of machinery, guns, cockpits are more fun and artsyTry crazy shots theyre only electrons

Other AdviceCheck security restrictions ahead of timeBe aware of obstructions and sun anglesOn cloudy daysThe aerial shows will be lower altitudeBump up your exposure 1 to 1.5 stops; camera will meter on cloudsRapid fire exposures, Image stabilization turned onKeep your ISO as low as possible, to reduce noiseThe aerial show is geared toward show center, but the action is equally visible back away from the crowdBigger acts are usually late in the day (with better light!)Save some memory card space for them!Check your display often: is what youre doing working?DONT MISS THE SHOW!!

References Good artsy inspiration

Andrews Open HouseMay 18 (DoD only), 19, and 20, 8 AM to 5 PMFree admission; most concessions benefit veteransPark at FedEx Field; free shuttle departs from 8 am to 1 PMCamera Bags (Smaller then 1 cubic foot) allowedTripods and monopods allowedFanny packs allowedNO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED: no coolers, camel packs, etc.See for detailsReserved seating packages may still be availableMeet near the NASA Super Guppy at noon, or text my cell phone (do not call by voice) 443-745-8618

Other Shots

24 Images of one pass, to use 1

Notice how the subject bounces around the frame, despite my best efforts; unretouched images

Vapor Trails


Fifis Rotor Hub