Deconstructed kite aerial photography rig

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  • 1. Deconstructed Kite Aerial Photography Rig By Gerome Soriano

2. 4 Double A Battery Carbon Fiber Flat Bars Aluminum Angle bars 3. I use a Sony Alpha a 35 And/or a Nikon D60. Slight modification on the Center of gravity so rig is Slightly adjusted. 4. Pan Mechanism Tilt Mechanism Shutter Mechanism Receiver 5. Pan Mechanism Servo: Futaba S3305 Gears: scrap gears from E-gizmo (local robotics/engineering shop Near La Salle Taft) Gear transfer From large gear To small gear To increase the Degrees of rotation From approx. 90 degrees To approx. 280 degrees 6. Tilt mechanism Servo: Futaba S3305 Any metal-geared servo Will work, I suppose, for DSLRs. Attached via servo horn 7. As you can see here : ) 8. Shutter Mechanism Standard Servo With a Servo horn modified As a finger to push the Button of the wired remote. 9. Finger Button Camera attachment 10. t In using the Nikon D60 the shutter mechanism is basically the same Whats changed is the wired remote is exchanged with an Infrared Remote since there are no wired remote available for the D60. The Infrared remotes infrared bulb is attached to a wire to enable It to be placed in front of the cameras infrared sensor. 11. Aluminum angle bar used to connect Carbon fiber bars. 12. Rubber sourced from a shoe repair supplies used to make the camera fit snuggly and stop it from moving sideways. Tripod screw sourced from a replacement tripod head. (sourced from cdr-king. 13. Duct tape to cover the screw on the back of the camera. To prevent it from scratching the cameras lcd. 14. Aluminum stands just in case abrupt falls happen : ) 15. Thats a wrap : ) Anything I missed out? Or any additions you would like to suggest Just message me Gerome Soriano