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Aerial Photography. An Archaeological Aid. Aerial Photography. Facts: Aerial photos reveal buried sites that can not be seen from the ground Planes, balloons, UAVs Types of marks seen: Shadow marks: produced by different angles of the sun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Aerial PhotographyAn Archaeological Aid

  • Aerial PhotographyFacts:Aerial photos reveal buried sites that can not be seen from the groundPlanes, balloons, UAVsTypes of marks seen:Shadow marks: produced by different angles of the sunSoil Marks: produced by different tones of sub-soil. Usually fragments of mortar, other building materialsCrop Marks: buried features affect growth above them and therefore color.

  • Ancient Pueblo SitePueblo site seen from ground levelAerial photo of same site now showing layout of ruins

  • Pueblo Crop MarksAlthough grass, trees and brush grow all over the site, none grows over the walls and room blocks themselves.

  • Negative Crop Marks from AustriaConcentric rings in photo are ditches.

  • Crop Marks from Musov, MoraviaCrops viewed from surfaceAerial view of same place

  • Negative Crop MarksGallo-Roman Villa Burgundy, FranceNot evident from groundLarge Roman villa, 100m per side. Outline of rooms can be seen. Walls are 60 cm below surface

  • Color Infared PhotographyCIR shows foot paths used by Maya (Costa Rica).

  • Color Infared PhotographyCIR shows 3 footpaths which connect a prehistoric cemetery beneath the forest canopy.

  • Aerial PhotographyWhy use it?Ground level photo of person walking among scattered stones

  • Aerial PhotographyWhy use it?Same area as previous slide but taken from the air!These stones are aligned in a large grid., possibly to outline food gardensThis example clearly shows what can be missed if aerial surveys are not used in archaeological prospecting