Adventurous Trip To Uruguay


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  1. 1. Adventurous Trip To Uruguay
  2. 2. Uruguay is South Americas second smallest country and is dwarfed by its giant neighbours Brazil and Argentina.
  3. 3. It holds its own and has one of the highest GDP per capita income in South America.
  4. 4. What it lacks in natural wonders, it more than makes up through its colonial towns such as Colonia de Sacramento and a super modern capital that looks more like Europe.
  5. 5. Most of Uruguay are low hill ranges and coastal lowlands.
  6. 6. Recently though, travelers and tourists have been attracted to Uruguays pristine beaches, namely Punta del Este and Punta del Diablo.
  7. 7. Its beautiful capital, Montevideo, and colonial towns such as Salto and Colonia de Sacramento are other major tourist draws.
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