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The Adventurous. ATALANTA. by Omari, D eja& Andrew. What was ATALANTA like?. hero ine flaws. HERO INE QUALITIES. m asculine o verly competitive Selfish Still a woman in mans world Curious . STRONG FEARLESS ATHLETIC. What was ATALANTAs story?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The AdventurousATALANTAby Omari, Deja& Andrew

What was ATALANTA like?HEROINE QUALITIESmasculineoverly competitiveSelfishStill a woman in mans world Curious


What was ATALANTAs story?When Atalanta was born, her father wasnt pleased he had a baby girl, so he left her in the woods to die.

A helpful she-bear found her, nursed her, and kept her warm. Then, caring hunters found her and took her in. She later grew up to be the opposite of what most women couldnt a fierce, fearless female.

After many adventures and avoiding love for several years, her future husband tricked her into marriage (with the help of the goddess Aphrodite). With this, Atalanta had two things happen to her for the first time:She lost to a man (and had to marry him)She became a mother (made her more womanly)

What were ATALANTAs quests along her journey?A wild boar was destroying the country of Calydon, and the King called for the bravest men to kill it. After two men failed in their attempts and died, Atalanta pierced the boar so that Mel eager could put the animal down.

When Atalanta was in the woods alone,two Centaurs - stronger than mortals, rushed at her. She fearlessly killed them both with two arrows.

At an event to honor the life of Elias, Atalanta defeated the hero Peleus, also known as the father of Achilles., in a wrestling match.

ATALANTAs archetypal theme, setting, and situationARCHETYPAL SETTING:The ForrestAtalanta was left here to die, but she overcame the setting and it became her home.

Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, helped trick Atalanta into marriage by giving Melanin 3 golden apples to distract her in a race, for her hand in marriage.


THE PRIDE BEFORE THE FALL:The RaceIn the race for marriage, Atalanta always had confidence she could outrun any suitor with her feet.However, one man used his mind, and distracted her enough to beat her at her own game.

Archetypal Characters in ATALANTAs StoryTHE HELPFUL ANIMAL:She-BearThe she-bear nursed Atalanta and kept her warm when our infant Anti-Heroine was left in the woods by her father.

THE SACRIFICIAL VICTIM:MeleagerMeleager was helplessly in love with Atalanta, but she did not feel the same for him. After killing the Calydonian boar with her help, Meleagers attempt to make Atalanta the hero of the kill, ended in his death.

THE TRICKSTER:Melanion (aka Hippomenes)By throwing down golden apples to distract Atalanta,Melanion was able to win a race and her hand in marriage.

A woman is made up of many characteristics none of which make her less of a woman.What was the 1st lesson to be learned from ATALANTA?What was the 2nd lesson to be learned from AtalantaDue to her pride she has to marry & have babies becoming a mom and wife a the same time so she took on the role of most women at the time .