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  • 1. Advanced Composition McCall Budzius3B

2. E-Hall January 25th Rule of ThirdsKayla 3. E-Hall February 12th Rule of thirds Kallee Hills 4. Gym January 29th Reflection 5. Bathroom February 12th ReflectionEmma Jackson and Kallee Hills 6. A-Hall January 25th Framing Kallee Hills 7. C-HallFebruary 8th FramingAutumn Montgomery 8. A-Hall January 25th RepetitionEMMA JACKSON AND KALLEE HILLS 9. W-hall January 25th Repetition 10. C-Hall January 25th Leading Lines 11. A-Hall January 25th Leading Lines KALLEE HILLs 12. C-Hall January 25th Shallow Depth ofField Autumn Montgomery 13. A-HallJanuary 29th Shallow Depth of Field 14. W-hall January 25th Deep Depth of field Kallee Hills 15. CourtyardJanuary 29th Deep Depth of Field 16. Side lighting 17. Back Lighting 18. Extra Leading Lines January 25th A-hall