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  • 1. An action film is based around either oneperson or a group facing challenges. Normallyinvolving fights, chase scenes, life threatening situations, guns, explosions andan evil villain.Action is a genre that allows us to see the story through fights, explosions, car chases and fit, good looking heroes.

2. Fast & Furious 5 (Fast 5) is an 2011 action film directed by Justin Lin starring Vin Diesel, PaulWalker and Dwayne Johnson. This film is thefifth instalment of the Fast and Furious filmseries. The film is about 3 people on the runfrom the police whilst trying to catch the villain 3. The Dark Knight is a fantasy action film made in2008 and directed by Christopher Nolan andstars Christian Bale alongside Heath ledger.This film is the 2nd instalment of the Batman films in the Christopher Nolan era and washugely successful. In the film there is a newenemy in the city of Gotham named the jokerwho is trying to corrupt the city and batman saves the day 4. Die Hard is an 1988 action film starring BruceWillis and Alan Rickman. The film is the first in the Die Hard franchise, it is about a detective who encounters some terrorist and must takeon the group during a heist whilst they holdhis wife hostage. 5. Star Theory 6. There are different reasons why I like action, one of these factors is Star Theory.Star Theory is based around the actor that appears in the film. A bigger well known actor will attract a bigger and wideraudience. Some actors are famous forbeing action heroes, stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham are typically action stars. Seeing these names attracts any action fan. 7. Jason Statham & Arnold SchwarzeneggerJason Statham and Arnold Schwarzenegger areto famous house hold names and arerecognised for their action roles. They always play the tough guys who weinstantly love due to their cocky andcondescending ways and sometimes adding the comical factor. 8. Special Effects 9. Films are also full of special effects, technologyhas developed enabling us to view films ion bigger and better ways.Action films are notorious for special effects, with the many explosions, car chases and fights that occur all created with special and visual effects such as CGI, giving use anillusion we want to see again and again 10. Fandom 11. Fandom is the fan community around films, whether is one specificactor, film, franchise or genre. Fans willdedicate time and even money to follow and support their favourites.There are many different fanwebsites, blogs, books and conventions forfans to view and follow. 12. Action Fans also have different websites andbooks they can view in order to keep up to date on the latest gossip, news and opinionsof their favourites actions films. Facebook and Twitter are also places where fans can talk and discuss their favourite action films, specific groups and pages can be formed for these discussions. 13. Why I Want To See A Film 14. With the internet, today it is so easy to find out about a new film, with social networking sites and YouTube it is hard to not hear thelatest gossip. I use both Facebook and YouTube, I find out about the latest Hollywood blockbuster easily. I also hear about films through my friends, word of mouth is one of the best methods of finding out about newfilms, especially if they are interested in the same genre 15. I enjoy action films because of the actors inthem, they all have the hard exterior and portray the hero. The new young actors today such as Shia LaBeouf and are talented within action as wellas the traditional stars like Will smith are all reason why I watch these films.These films can leave you feeling on the edgethroughout, and leave you wanting more.