Action + Crime Action Genre Research

Action + Crime Action Genre Research
Action + Crime Action Genre Research
Action + Crime Action Genre Research
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Transcript of Action + Crime Action Genre Research

  • Research into Genre - William HainesGenre: Action GenreSub-Genre: CrimeThe chosen genre of our film is Action. Action is quite a popular genre in the film making business. It is one of the easier ones and the conventions and themes have already been established in film. The Action genre tends to involve physical action. Physical action takes precedence in the storytelling. Action films often have chases, fights, battles and races. Often the story is usually about a hero (Protagonist) or a group of heroes (Protagonists) facing a challenge or person (Antagonist).

  • Action Genre Conventions An Action Film tends to showcase violence and physical


    An Action Film tends to have a Binary Opposite theme going on. (Good vs Evil), (Criminals vs Cops), (Humans vs Zombies).

    Films like 28 Days Later follow the Action convention of Humans vs Zombies. With a lot of Physical Action.

    Modern Films tend to rely heavily on weapons such as guns or swords. (With weapons, the scenes look much more action packed as well as having that higher risk factor that a fist fight


    Characters always have a motive.

    There tends to be a mission waiting to be completed.

    Some films like to have some kind of massive destruction.

    The motive of a character tends to revolve around death of loved ones. (Revenge Story).

  • Research into Sub-Genre (Crime)The Sub-Genre of our film is going to be Crime Action. This page showcases some images of films that might be similar to ours or films that fit the Crime Action Sub Genre.

    Crime Action films tend to be about good guys against bad guys (Binary Opposites), (Cops and Robbers/Criminals). Our story will be from the perspective of a bad guy turned good.

    Crime Action films tend to have chase scenes where police pursue criminals.

    We will be having that in our opening sequence.

    Our film revolves around a young man called Demarco and a relatively older man who is the Boss of a drug business.

    Sweeney revolves around Cops acting like criminals, but the appearence and look of the characters fits our storyline quite nicely. An older and more rugged looking man with formal-ish clothing with a younger man who wears more informal clothing and a younger looking face.