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Absurd Drama

Absurd DramaPresented by:Sulistyaningtyas(115110100111057)Almira Fidela A.(115110100111093)Brian Pradana P.M.(115110101111015)Wing Setiawan(115110107111056)Ahmad Satya F.(115110101111068)What is Absurd Drama?Absurd drama is drama which takes the form of mans reaction to a world apparently without meaning or man as a puppet. It tells the reaction of people without destination and direction. It exists because of a philosophy that human is nothing and he will dead someday.

History of Absurd Dramarevolutionary change in the arena of playwriting during 1950s and 1960s philosophy of Heidegger, Sartre, and Camusexperimental theatre in Parisabsurdist plays were often written in FrenchJean Genet'sThe Maidsin 1947Ionesco'sThe Bald Sopranowas first performed in 1950Samuel Beckett'sWaiting For GodotCharacteristicsnonsense dialogue: a series of random lines that have no connected meaningrepetitive or meaningless actionnon-realistic or impossible plotsthe dramatists used illogical situationsunconventional dialogue minimal plots to express the apparent absurdity of human existencetraditional well-written drama we have well observed characters convincingly motivated characters Entertainment in traditional plays is mainly through witty and logical built-up dialogue The characters in an absurd play are hardly recognizable human beingscompletely unmotivated actionsThe dialogue as meaningless babble (disjointed, meaningless, repetitious) in an absurd drama

Traditional DramaAbsurd Dramahas a beginning, a middle, and a neatly tied-up ending tell a story or deal with an intellectual problem (narrative/discursive form of communication) action is moving from point A to B; there is a gradual unfolding of events have a final resolution start at an arbitrary point and end at one as wellconvey a poetic image (poetical form of communication)a gradual unfolding of a complex pattern; plot denies all notion of logical or realistic developmentabsurd plays lack final clarity

Traditional DramaAbsurd DramaFamous dramatists of absurd dramaEugene IonescoSamuel Beckett Jean GenetArthur AdamovHarold Pinter, Edward AlbeeTom Stoppard


Eugne Ionesco

Samuel Beckett

Harold PinterTom Stoppard

Albert CamusSamuel BeckettSamuel Beckett was born on April 13, 1906, in Dublin, Ireland. During the 1930s and 1940s he wrote his first novels and short stories. He wrote a trilogy of novels in the 1950s as well as famous plays likeWaiting for Godot. In 1969 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. His later works included poetry and short story collections and novellas. He died on December 22, 1989 in Paris, France.

Edward AlbeeEdward Albee (born March 12, 1928) turned to playwriting in the 1950s. His early popular one-acts, includingThe Zoo Story(1959), established him as a critic of American values. But he is best known for his first full-length playWho's Afraid ofVirginia Woolf(1962, film 1966). Albee also received Pulitzer Prizes forA Delicate Balance(1966),Seascape(1972), The Sandbox (1959), andThree Tall Women(1994).