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Dick Morley and Bruce Bower will discuss the New Hampshire view of Marketing & Sales. Covered will be the philosophy, mathematics and sociology summary of this conference. We will, over desert, tell stories about black swans, group statistics, mountain tops and Lady Gaga.The summary will be about money, your comfort zone and top down thinking.Coffee helps the medicine go down.Dick will be also holding court for a Fireside Chat on Thursday evening in lieu of the scheduled Budweiser Tour. He will also be delivering the closing keynote on Friday afternoon.

Transcript of A FIreside Chat with Dick Morley

  • 1. A Fireside Chat WithDick MorleyISA Marketing & Sales Summit 2011St. Louis, MO morley@barn.org

2. Dick Morley will host an interactive discussion withthe attendees in his fireside chat. Dick will supplystories and answer questions. Stories can be ruinedby the facts, so dont expect the truth. Harleys andscience are the buffet for this afternoon. He will notbe attending the beer tour and will be able tocontinue long into the night. Dick will also presentthe M&S agenda for the year 2016.He will try to stay on subject but has been known towander. No wonder after 40 foster children. Haveseveral cups of coffee before attending. A secondbanana will be on deck with Dick to refresh hismemory. 3. Who Am I? 4. Tidbits Hologram of perception Dont tweet talk me Information tells complexity You dont know squat The ability to connect The road to the R brain 5. M&S Hunters and farmers Value is all Size matters 6. $ Sales (millions)Relationship between sales and earnings before tax of small- tomedium-sized companies (source: ValueLine, 1994 data)+ =average values = calculated values where % profit =4(1000/sales)2/3 7. COFES Experiment 8. The Plan for Everything 9. M&S 18 inches next to the last fix Grunt to brass ratio 80:1 Suit to geek ratio 1:1 10:1 to win the battle VC and war 10. Mistakes by Me Chocolate Granite Racing The club Publishing Oranges Super CPU Speaker 11. Surprises Writing Physics Angel PLC BIM Kids Consulting Geek Pride 12. Brides Sales Comments Oversell Our needs Aggressive Reality Truth Empathetic 13. Bucket List Trike trip $$$$$ Yours? 14. 2016 ISA M&S Congress To be held in Sao Paolo The history of newspapers Admission $2,400 and the new markets Will social media ever come Technology is irrelevant, butback? necessary Impact of fulfillment auctions Deal with it How prepared are we for Legal compliance for theAfrican markets?marketplace Impact of the iPad 5 The new rules Will Watson eliminate sales Mandatory green marketingjobs? and compliance Leaving the USA for China The distributed automationand SAconcept DAC Where to get started 15. 2016 (cont.) The threat to markets from Virtual conferences arethe whatnot virusstrong Illegal to use social Keynotes by manipulation compliance Lady Gaga, U3, Tata, Exxon Asset management vs.Mobile, the Yankee Group andmarketing and sales Qualcomm Programming the newssales apps Are humans necessary? Coping with jet lag Learn to drink tea Credit cards are the onlycurrency 16. morley@barn.org ordeb@barn.org