A Case Study of - Florida 2011-05-31¢  Doggie Obstacle Course & Trick Competition...

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Transcript of A Case Study of - Florida 2011-05-31¢  Doggie Obstacle Course & Trick Competition...

  • A Case Study of

  • who

    the challenge

    • Freeland Chevrolet is a new and used car dealership in Hickory Hollow, TN (South Nashville).

    • At the time it was a zero share account.

    The dealership had been severely mismanaged by multiple previous owners. The most egregious of which was during the Bill Heard Chevrolet Era. • Stealing back cars after lying about successful

    financing to close the deal—and keeping the trade-in.

    • Keeping customers in “hot rooms” under bright lights until they agreed to purchase.

    • More reports to the Better Business Bureau than any other dealership in Middle Tennessee.

    • More 911 calls in a 5 year period than form anywhere else in Middle Tennessee.

    • Mostly regarding the trade-ins they would not release back to the customer.

    The dealership’s geographic location, once a thriving community centered around a major mall, is a shell of its former self and not seen as an enticing destination for many Nashvillians.

    GCS was tasked with reshaping the dealerships’ image from the ground up, as well as generating incentives to attract people to a dealership in an area with few other surrounding draws.

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  • PaGe 3

    the solution


    In order to accomplish our goal of placing Freeland as top of mind for prospective car buyers, we have crafted a series of monthly special events and promotions designed to: A. Attract qualified sales leads. B. Rebrand the Chevrolet dealership as a positive

    force in the community.

    1. Direct Mail and E-Blast sent to a targeted list of 70,000 identified Auto-Intenders: Product-focused messaging aimed at bringing in car shoppers and alluding to an end-of-the month sales and family fun event.

    2. Direct Mail Exclusive Event Invitation: Sent to those who electronically requested an invite and to those who opened the first e-blast. This strategy allows the client to qualify event attendees in order to make sure to maximize ROI on marketing budgets by catering to high quality leads.

  • FiRst event highlights Spring Time FeSTival

    activities Pet Adoption • Partner with local Nashville Humane

    Association and other canine adoption centers to bring their animals to Freeland and help find homes for their dogs.

    • Freeland provides first three months of Heart- Guard for each adoptee.

    Doggie Fashion Show • The day’s festivities would culminate in a

    Doggie Fashion show, featuring K9 fashions from participating vendors and event attendees.

    Doggie Obstacle Course & Trick Competition • A dog obstacle course would be set up with gift packs awarded for participants.

    Doggie Family Portrait Social Media Contest • A professional photo booth company will be

    hired to take pro-quality photos of people and their pets.

    • All photos will be watermarked with the Freeland Chevrolet and participating charities’ logos and then made available for people to download online. The quality of the increases the likelihood of the photos being used as profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

    • In addition to making the photos available for download online, all photos will be automatically entered into a photo contest on the Freeland Chevrolet Facebook profile.

    • This contest, based on popular votes, will encourage sharing, emailing, tweeting, bookmarking, blogging, and a variety of word- of-mouth marketing communications about the Freeland Chevrolet-sponsored initiative.

    • This initiative involves the custom development of a Facebook contesting platform, which is an up-sell from the original package.

    • The Doggie Prize Pack includes: • Gift cards to pet stores • Dog Walking Healthy Back Harness • Leash • Eye-friendly shampoo • Dog treats • Dog obedience school sessions

    Media Buy • Direct mail • Eblast • Landing page • Custom Facebook Contest Tab

    investMent $35,000 per month

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    Direct Mail - Product

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    Facebook Tab

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    RSVP Landing Page