8.1 Energy and Life By: Rojan Lotfdoust

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8.1 Energy and Life from Biology Book

Transcript of 8.1 Energy and Life By: Rojan Lotfdoust

  • 1. 8.1 Energy and Life By: Rojan Lotfdoust

2. Chemical Energy Energy- The ability to do work Your cells are always working, building, contracting, transporting If you cans get and use energy you DIE! 3. ATP ATP-Adenosine TriPhosphate ATP- Basic energy source used by all cells ATP consist of ADENINE, a 5-Carbon sugar called RIBOSE, and 3PHOSPHATE GROUPS Your body/cells use it whenever they need energy for various functions High Energy 4. ADP Adenosine DiPhosphate Two phosphate molecules ADP is the used up version of ATP Low Energy Can be turned back into ATP by adding a phosphate and energy 5. Storing Energy Cells store small amounts of energy by adding a phosphate to ADPCells release small amounts of energy by removing the third phosphate atATPATP and ADP are like rechargeable batteries Figure 8-2 When a phosphate group is added to an ADP molecule, ATP is produced. ADP contains some energy, but not as much as ATP. In this way, ADP is like a partially charged battery that can be fully charged by the addition of a phosphate group 6. Heterotrophs andAutotrophs HeterotrophHeterotrophs - Obtain food by consuming other living thingsAutotrophs - Organisms that make their own foodPhotosynthesis - Process of autotrophs of converting light to energy into chemicalenergy.PhotosynthesisAutotrophs