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Manitou and farming, an ongoing story. The MLT range has already becomethe reference. Quite simply because the MLT lets you reach ever higher targets

in terms of quality and productivity more comfortably and with more safety.

There are thousands of you who have trusted in us already and naturallywe just could not let you down. This is why we have put our years of experience

in farm handling into this new range. Because we are always listening to your needs,your advice, and your expectations.

So as Manitou is undeniably the leader in farm handling equipment, it is thanks to you,but also thanks to a network of dedicated professional dealers,

specialists in handling and really the only ones of their kind in the world.It is with all these things in mind that we are writing a new chapter

in the story of the MLT.

This is the widest range on the market suited to your needs.

MLT 523MLT 523MLT 627MLT 627

MLT 630MLT 630

MLT 634MLT 634

MLT 731MLT 731

MLT 735MLT 735

MLT 741MLT 741

MLT 742MLT 742

MLT 845MLT 845

MLT 940MLT 940

10 m9 m8 m7 m6 m5 m

MLT 1035MLT 1035

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Standing up to anything

Because the MLT is going to work longer hours than any other machine on your farm, wewanted to make it really rugged.

■ a machine-welded monobloc chassis means it is strong enough to withstand the toughestconditions.

■ one-piece box-section booms made of high tensile steel are designed to take heavy strain.The generous overlap of the components of the boom and the large surface area of thewear pads, continuously lubricated and maintenance-free, are a guarantee of reliability.

■ A widely tried and tested loader transmission system helps optimise performance, nomatter what the application.

Manitou was the first to use a transverse mount for the engine to provide:

• an even more compact machine

• total visibility from the cab

• and even more space and power for the hydraulic pump.

The bevel gearbox (Manitou patent), unique in its design, distributes power to the gearboxand to the two transmission shafts.

In standard configuration, the limited slip differential on the front axle assembly providesexceptional traction on all kinds of terrain.

The hydraulically assisted brakes are proportional and powerful. Braking is alwaysdistributed across all four wheels.

The MLT 523/627, on the other hand, have the diesel engine positioned at the rear for thesake of compactness.

A high-performance engine

Manitou has decided to equip its Maniscopic through a partnership with Perkins.

■ Perkins is the world leader in designing and producing high-performance diesel engines,

■ The engines have the advantage of high and constant torque as well as large torquereserves. They guarantee low fuel consumption and can run on biodiesel

Perkins engines meet the world's needs in terms of productivity and endurance to perfection.

New generationPerkins Engine

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The need for transmission with torque converter

Handling farming materials is a demanding business : mucking out animal houses, pullingtrailers or loading grain. To meet these demands, we have equipped our torque convertertransmission with a Soft Shift valve to modulate clutch pressure.Result : you have very smooth acceleration on start-up and smooth forward/reverseflexibility on all our MLTs, with unique traction and drive performance that no other self-powered handling machine on the market can rival.

In combination with a gearbox containing four totally synchronised forward and reversegears, this transmission lets you select the right ratio for every operation.Gear changes are made on the move, using the gear lever and the transmission cut-out switch located on it.

Choice of transmission

Manitou is the only manufacturer to offer a large range of machines fitted with the transmission that meets your individual needs :

• Torque converter combined with the Powershuttle manual gearbox,

• Torque converter combined with the Powershift gearbox,

• Hydrostatic.

The flexibility ofhydrostatictransmission

This is fitted to the MLT 523 T, theMLT 742 HTLSU and the MLT 845HTLSU. It provides precision andclose inching control when handlingloads.

90-degree bevel gear system


Engine drive

Gear box

Torque converter

Hydraulic pump

The comfort of the 6 speed Powershift

This gearbox is electronically controlled by an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) system, which ensures synchronised gear-changes and prevents any mistakes when

suddenly changing down.

The controls on the JSM joystick make it easy tochange gear.

The Powershift box provides 6 forward gears, the 6th being automatic for speeds up to 42 km/h, and 3 reverse gears.

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• A cyclonic pre-filter – standard equipment on all

MLT Maniscopics – reduces theintake of particle-laden air which

would rapidly clog up the air filter

• No warm air recycled from the engine's airtight


• Airflow channelled without


• Double inlets providing asubstantial volume of air,

protected by grilles

• Up to four independentradiators, each for a separate

component – engine, transmission, turbo,

hydraulic system

• A cooling systemwith high vertical


• Size of honeycombingdesigned to provide theoptimum heat-exchange


In all situations

The generously designed vertical flow cooling system (up to four independent systems, depending on the model: engine, transmission, turbo,hydraulic circuit) allows you to work long hours in the most demanding conditions.

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Because your Maniscopic will be the machine you use most on your farm,Manitou has designed MLT cabs to meet the needs of the most demandingdrivers.

Visibly effective

■ the position of the cab, its wide step and handles make it easy to get in and outof the cab, while the machine itself is extremely compact with an overall heightof < 2.35m for MLT 6-7-10.

We have also virtually eliminated the rear overhang so that the turning radiusand turning circle are exceptionally tight.

■ the cab is designed to give you more working space and total safety (cabscomply with the various strength standards : ROPS/FOPS and ANSI).

■ the engine silent block mounts, and use of insulating materials minimisenoise and vibrations.

■ the seat has multiple adjustments and is fully ergonomic, while with the heightand depth-adjustable steering column you can be sure to set the best drivingposition.

■ a large window area (tinted) provides exceptional visibility. The cutaway line ofthe flat engine cover, very low boom pivot point, large rear-view mirrors on eachside, windscreen wipers on front and rear screens and the roof window as well asthe right side window (depending on the model) ; the sun visor fitted to windscreenand roof window as well as the working lights, are all items which ensure unrivalledvisibility.

■ the ventilation/heating/air-conditioning system, distributes air flow to4 adjustable outlets (2 at foot level and the other 2 at the base of the windscreen)to rapidly produce an even temperature and total demisting of thewindscreen.

■ The control dials, indicator lights and controls are all positioned to be visible andwithin easy reach.

Offset to the right, the instrument panel particularly includes a rev counter/speedometer/hour meter, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, clock, all functionlights and a graduated load indicator. At a single glance you have all the informationyou need to drive the MLT clearly visible.

On your right, the controls are grouped according to function: transmission/hydraulics/lighting.

To your left, the handbrake is fitted with a safety catch.

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Totally manoeuvrable

■ The steering lock is completed in 2 turns of the steering wheel and for even more manoeuvrability, MLTs have 3 steering modes:

Crabwise mode for a sidewaysapproach.

4 wheel steering for a tight turningcircle.

2 wheel steering for travelling at speedor towing a trailer.

■ A real extension of the driver's arm, the new JSM control lever (depending on model) groups the boom and forward/reverse functions.

The driver therefore has his left hand totally dedicated to steering while his right hand controls the boom and direction change mode.

The JSM is a real multifunctional lever.

Combined with LSU hydraulics working at 150l/min, only an MLT can combine three simultaneous movements to increase efficiencyon your loading duties.

For greater comfort

■ For even greater comfort, the optional CRC provides safe boom suspension for driving comfort on roads and infields, and reduces strain on components.

The driver can also use the floating position when mucking out, thereby limiting bucket wear and avoidingdamage to the concrete floor.

■ The optional autocleansystem provides efficient and uniform cleaning of radiators and suction grids every 3 minutes whenthey are clogged, reversing air flow without having to leave the Maniscopic cab and at any engine speed.

Finally, different clever storage compartments mean you can carry all you need.

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Within hand's reach

With the levers, you can guide all the functions of the telescopic boom.

3 levers(MLT 523T, MLT 742T)

Mono-lever Joystick(MLT 630 T et MLT 731 T)

Mono-ultra Joystick(MLT 523 T, MLT 627T)

Joystick JSM-LSU (all the models fitted with Load Sensing Ultra-LSU)

For total control

For total control of working speed, the optionalFCS provides up to 2 functions:

- first, you can adjust the speed on the accessoryline to modulate the grip opening speed of abale grab.

- secondly, you can work at an adjustablecontinuous speed, to feed accessories such as asilage unloading-distributor bucket, mulcher orsweeper bucket.


Handling materials on the farm demands veryshort cycle times as well as real flexibility. For this,we have fitted our torque converter transmissionwith a "Soft Shift" valve that modulates the clutchpressure.

As a result, you have smooth progressivemovement when moving away and great flexibilitywhen moving between forward and reverse on allour MLTs.

Of course, there is no clutch pedal but a simpleelectro-hydraulic lever, to the left of the steering wheel, to make your job easier onceagain.

MMLLTT 774422 TT

MMLLTT 663300 TT

MMLLTT 773355

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Load Sensing Ultra: load more in less time

■ Load Sensing Ultra is a Manitou exclusive, derived fromManitou skill and the experience gained in developingour Maniscopics for your needs. It offers incomparableand unique performance than no other telescopicfarm loader on the market can provide.

■ An "intelligent" hydraulic system. MLT LSUs are equipped with a load-sen-sing hydraulic system consisting of avariable flow piston pump providingthe flow rate and pressure nee-ded for each movement (up to150 l/min-270 bars), and apressure compensatedvalve adapting flow todemand and thereforetotal movement: up to3 simultaneous, pro-portional movementsare possible, forincreased producti-vity!

With power

Flexibility and accuracy are not incompatible with power. Which is why we fitted our MLTs with a gear pump to give a hydraulic output of up to 105 litres per minute at 250 bars (depending on the model).

And because you sometimes use attachments that need substantial hydraulic power, wemake sure there is enough flow and pressure at the boom head to operate a floor sweeperfor example.

For your total safety and improved comfort, the pump is fitted with a load-sensing flow divider which gives priority to the steering and brakes.

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�� You have "fingertip control" of proportional functionssuch as extending/retracting the telescope via largeknurled rollers positioned for optimal control by thedriver's thumb.

�� You can change the direction of your Maniscopicwithout taking your hands off the steering wheel.

�� Select the right Powershift gear ratio with a simpleclick.

■ specially designed ergonomics with the "hand rest" (hand/forearm) concept which is much appreciated by farmersusing their Maniscopic for more than 1000 h/year and helps combat musculoskeletal problems ;

■ easy to use with the natural and intuitive position of its functions which is very useful for repetitive movements such asloading manure ;

■ flexibility and precision in using the multifunctional lever (no mechanical links, all movements carefully calculated) forless driver fatigue and stress (hand stiffness) when handling fodder ;

■ a system secured by neutralising boom functions (a switch on the instrument panel) and a secured neutral position. Thesedevices are essential when several farm employees, neighbours or trainees must use the MLT ;

■ a reliable system in its design (no wear parts) and tried and tested by all field tests and validations ;

■ even more productivity when JSM is combined with LSU technology to reduce cycle times on the manure handling site.





The JSM: controlling MLT power

A real extension of the driver's arm, the new JSM control lever (Manitou patent) groups boom and forward/reverse functions inthe Maniscopic.

The driver therefore has his left hand totally dedicated to steering while his right hand can control the boom andselect travelling mode. The JSM is a real multifunctional lever.



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Suitable hitch

You need to load a semi-trailer with fodder or a trailer with grain, and then you need totow it. Which is why we propose, in addition to a drawbar coupling with a pin, three othertypes of hitch.

The single or double acting rear hydraulic service, the hydraulically assisted trailer braking and the electric socket are of course available as optional extras.

You will also notice that we've left a space for your number plate and the option of lighting it.

No worries when driving or towing on the road.

Various attachments

The MLT concept has alwaysprovided a highly versatile machine

when equipped with a variety ofattachments ensuring maximum

utilisation on the farm.

This is why we offer you solutionsfor straw handling, silage making,

cleaning out farm buildings,handling palletised fertiliser, bulkhandling, trailer towing, manure

loading, etc...

Ladder hitch with fixed pin

Towing bar Hydraulic pickup hitch

Easier maintenance and controlled running costs

Very often, you will be doing much of the maintenance work yourself. However, your MLTneeds to be operational for as much of the time as possible.

This is why we have given you total access to the regular maintenance points – engineoil, air and fuel oil filters, engine oil drain plug and filler caps, battery etc. – all theseitems are immediately accessible when you open the engine cover with the help of thegas assisted strut. Access to the various greasing points (the main ones are groupedtogether) and to the hydraulic oil filter is also very easy.

Access to the hydraulic oil filter and lubrication points (the main ones being grouped) isalso very easy.

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