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Transcript of 500 Startups - Behavioral Engineering Class 2015

  • Behavioral Engineering

    Were all trained monkeys

  • S h i r a A b e l CEO, Hunter & Bard

    Strategic Marketing & Branding Taught Marketing for Startups

    at Tel Aviv/ Jaffa Academic College

    Mentor at: Google Campus, Microsoft, Founder Institute, Seedcamp, Trento, & more

    MBA, Kellogg School of Management


  • @shiraabel


    The deck will be here

  • A true unfair advantage is something that cannot be easily copied or bought. - Jason Cohen


  • Agenda Why It Works Action Triggers It Works Even When We Know Form Follows Function Small Things Matter Real Life Examples


  • A Quick Point



    The basics the chemicals in our body are biologically programmed to react to certain things in a specific way

  • Endorphins Runners high Masks physical pain The root of endurance The reason laughing feels good Games

  • Dopamine The good feeling of progress and

    accomplishment Crossing things off lists Need to be able to see your goal (e.g. Corporate

    Vision) The reason why we become hooked on

    notifications from our phone Triggered through variable unexpected rewards Highly addictive

  • Serotonin Leadership, pride, status Branding Leader boards Social proof Raises confidence of the winner and the

    supporters Mefargen hebrew word Trust + security = confidence = innovation Corporate Culture

  • Oxytocin Love, friendship, mommy-hood Hugging, shaking hands the touch matters Giving time & energy to help for free (money

    doesnt count more on that later) Witnessing acts of human generosity releases

    oxytocin Brand Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Cortisol Stress hormone Impairs cognitive performance Toxic situations destroy our ability to

    create Paranoid (layoffs does this) High stress environments Inhibits Oxytocin


    You cant force anyone to do something they dont want to, but if they do want to this will help you get them there

  • T-Shirt Economy Reputation based

    Incentives are about doing something for the love of it NOT financial reward

    Easier to get someone to do something for free than for less money (e.g. lawyers would rather do pro bono than get paid less per hour for the same work)

    Changes the way we perceive the work we do When we already have our basic needs met, were more

    likely to do something for our own joy This is where the evangelists should be thats why

    not paying them is a good thing


  • Financial Economy People judge if something is worth their time Become less enthusiastic if the work is not paid

    according to expectations Make sure incentives are aligned with goals Proven to be a bad way to build incentives to get

    people to work harder Studies have shown that for cognitive work, a larger reward

    results in worse results Loss aversion, however, brings better results

    This will affect the affiliates the most


  • First Choice Brand Effect

    when the favorite brand was included the choice was made instantly this occurs only for the respondents number one brand

    *Decoded, by Phil Barden

  • Simplicity changes behavior. - B.J. Fogg


  • @shiraabel

  • Reward Status Achievement Self Expression Competition Altruism




    Virtual Goods


    Gifting & Charity


    Building the marketing into the product. Think about what you want people to do, now reverse engineer it.

  • Watch the Funnel Acquisition

    Learns About Product Conversion

    Signs Up Retention

    Uses Product

    WOM (Sharing)



  • Engineering Social Proof @shiraabel

  • Engineering Social Proof

    Ask for reviews in update notes


  • Engineering the Path to OK The user must do a set

    of actions, before permission is requested.


  • Engineering the Path to OK

    User-triggered requests showed the highest

    conversion rates


  • Engineering the Path to OK

    Marking optional fields only encourages

    voluntary over-disclosure



    Even when we know were being manipulated, were susceptible to certain things.

  • Priming @shiraabel




  • Anchoring @shiraabel

  • Framing How you say and do things matters.


  • Loss Aversion Fear of missing out


  • Inclusion e.g. Easter Egg

  • Achievement

  • Foot in the Door Ask for a small sign in the window, first

  • Mere Exposure Ear worms work

  • Social Identity Theory Us vs. Them

  • Confirmation Bias


  • Analysis Paralysis Dont make me think

  • SMALL THINGS MATTER Get down to the details

  • @shiraabel

    How You Say Things Matters Researchers found that placing the following statement at the end of an ad caused their trust scores to jump as much as 33 percent!

    You can trust us to do the job for you.

  • Emotions Vs. Logic When numbers are even, e.g. $100

    we rely on our feelings When numbers are exact, e.g. $17.86

    we rely on our logic It affects negotiation as well


  • Engineering Viral @shiraabel

  • Get Emotional 1. Fear Insurance 2. Guilt Mothers Day 3. Trust Financial

    institutions 4. Value Matching

    prices 5. Belonging Part of our


    6. Competition Doing better than the Joness

    7. Instant Gratification I want it now

    8. Leadership Early adopter & evangelist

    9. Trendsetting What are the leaders doing?

    10. Time Save time


  • Cognitive Resources Behavior depends on time of day were more likely to have

    no patience at the end of the day, when were hungry or tired Place if were being interrupted every 30 seconds, our

    cognitive resources will be spent decision making goes down How much weve had to concentrate again, using up

    cognitive resources We cant decipher truth from fiction when were cognitively spent Our mood can change simply by putting a pencil between our teeth

    and forcing ourselves to smile

    Point being When is your customer using your product? Whats their cognitive level?


  • International Markets Americans spell correctly. However, the British

    disagree. There are more Americans than British J (localize your English even when its for Australians)

    Spelling and grammar count mistakes lower trust levels in all languages and cultures

    Find someone from the culture youre aiming to sell to, who knows marketing to do your marketing. OR go there & live for a bit. Understanding culture is critical.


  • Jack Dorsey: The Power of User Narratives http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acMXhhdWylQ


  • UserOnboard.com Web

  • UXArchive.com Mobile

  • Know Your Market @shiraabel

  • Rapportive

    Find the email of the person you want to connect to by checking names through the Rapportive plugin.


  • Boomerang in Gmail @shiraabel

    This helps you remember to send that follow up email.

  • Sidekick by Hubspot @shiraabel

    Find out when the email you sent was opened by the recipient.

  • LinkedIn

    Choose who you want to connect to: What groups is the person in? If you know the title but not the whole name do a search in Google of the partial name and title & youll get the whole name.


  • Who Are You Looking For @shiraabel

  • Google Search @shiraabel

  • First & Last Name Found! @shiraabel

  • REAL LIFE EXAMPLES This stuff is everywhere

  • REVIEWS THAT ROCK Cause sometimes people are funny

  • THE Best Review Of All Time The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve T


  • Close Running BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen


  • Connect! @shiraabel h*p://www.linkedin.com/in/shiraabel h*p://www.facebook.com/shiraabel h*ps://plus.google.com/u/0/+ShiraAbel/posts h*p://www.instagram.com/shiraabel h*p://www.pinterest.com/shira_abel

  • Hat tip:

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