2/7/13 TOC: Personal Writing WELL- 1+ page in depth personal narrative. Narrative writing about a...

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Transcript of 2/7/13 TOC: Personal Writing WELL- 1+ page in depth personal narrative. Narrative writing about a...

10/7/13 TOC: Personal Writing

2/7/13 TOC: Personal WritingWELL- 1+ page in depth personal narrative. Narrative writing about a past event

Narratives about something that happened or that you did that was disappointing unforgettable, surprising, interesting, unexpected, funny, unfair etc.2/26/14 TOC: Bullying W- The Golden Rule states: Treat others the way you want to be treated What does this mean to you? Explain your response

E- PPT Question~ Write down the questions and leave space.What is the difference between boy and girl bullies?How many times must a person harass a person for it to be considered bullying?What are the 2 types of bullying? Provide an explanation of each.What is cyber-bullying?What are the effects of bullying?What is a bystander?

E- Define the following words during the presentation: Prejudice AssaultDeliberate InjuryHate CrimeBullyingIndirect BullyingDirect BullyingCyber-Bully

There will be a short bully quiz on Friday 10/11BULLYING

5Ice breaking exercise How does this make you feel? Not too good does it. Victims of bullying feel this same pain your are feeling right now. They deal with this on a day to day basis. It causes pain in their hearts that sometimes they just cant withstand. Now, I am going to talk to you about bullying, the types of bullying, share a story of a student who was bullied, give you some strategies to deal with bullying. And before we all leave today we are all going to KNOW and FOLLOW the Golden Rule which is?.... Treat others the way you want to be treated. Bullying: The IssuesBoys More likely to admit bullying Bullied boys and girls When bullying girls, will often usedemeaning comments about .appearanceGirls Tend to bully other girls Use demeaning comments orinsults and name calling


7Anyone familiar with Forrest Gump. For you that dont know Forrest, he was disabled and he wasnt very smart. He was teased and bullied. (show clip from the Forrest Gump Movie (flashback to first day of school riding the bus, meeting Jenny for the first time, being chased by the bullies who were throwing rocks at him and chasing him on his bike). How does that make you feel? How do you think it makes Forrest feel? Good, bad, I know everyone in here does not like watching that type of behavior of those people bullying Forrest Gump. Because we all have GOOD HEARTS and were GOOD PEOPLE. Bullying DefinitionBehavior that is intentional, hurtful and repeated by one or more persons. Bullied students are teased, harassed, and assaulted verbally or physically.

8Read definition. Look at the picture of this little girl here. Do you see them in the background. What do you think the other girls are doing? (talking bad about her), (excluding her from their group), (teasing her). Do you think these things are bullying. How do you think this girl feels? She is going to go home from school and be thinking about how she is going to deal with this for the entire school year. Its not right. And there are students in this school that feel this same way. There are kids in this classroom that feel the same way. We need to stop and think about what were doing and treat other people the way you want to be treated. Two Types of BullyingDirect


DirectPhysical hitting, kicking, pushing, stealing, hiding or ruining someones things.Verbal name calling, teasing, insulting, threats.Making someone do something they dont want to do.

Pushing in the hallway, hiding someones food at the lunch table. Teasing someone about the way they look. Name calling. No one in here has the right to call anyone a name that is insulting or offensive. Like fat, ugly. IndirectRelationship Bullying gossiping, spreading rumors and lies about someone. Making someone feel left out or rejected.

11Which one of these types of bullying do you think boys are involved in? Which one do you think girls are involved in? Boys tend to be more physical and girls value relationships more than boys. At one school there were these girls who thought they were these divas or the Royal 5 and they had this signup sheet for girls who wanted to sit with them at lunch. What happen was girls would sign up and they would pass the sign up sheet around to see who was rejected or not. This is mean and unacceptable and do you think this is the way those girls would want to be treated?Cyber-bullyThe use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

Bullying can be...One person making fun of another.One person trying to beat up another.A group of people ganging up against others.

13Not only are these things wrong morally but they are also illegal. You can be arrested for touching, or hitting another person if that person says it was unwanted and he took offense to that hitting. Also, can be arrested for disorderly conduct. Bullying You Decide?Jennifer recently broke up with her boyfriend Andrew. Andrew is now dating Melissa. Jennifer convinces all of her friends not to speak or hang out with Melissa anymore. Is this bullying?14I have a couple of examples here that I want to read and I want to hear what you boys and girls think. (answer yes it is social alienation or indirect bullying which we talked about earlier. Bullying You DecideWhen John walks in the hallway to his class, Chris repeatedly knocks his books out of his hand everyday. Is this bullying?

15(answer Yes) What type of bullying is this? (Direct bullying physical)AloneHurtDepressedHow does it make you feel?AnxietyScaredLow Self-Esteem16We talked about the effects of bullying has on a person. These are just some of them but there are so many others that I cant list here because there is not enough room. Depressed. This is a big problem among children and teenagers who are victims of being bullied. Anyone know what depressed means? (let students answer). Ok, now I am going to talk to you about a girl who was the victim of being bullied and her story. Bystanders

Part of the problem not the solution

Be a HeroEncourage other bystanders to help stop the bullying incident by being assertive. Make friends with someone who continually gets picked on. Report it or send someone to a trusted adult. You are a key player in stopping bullying.Bystanders are part of the problem not the solution. Kristina A Calco

19Her name is Kristina. In middle school she was a 4.0 honor student who always strived for perfection in everything she did. She was extremely artistic and some of her work was chosen to be on the cover of the school yearbook. She also designed some of the school t-shirts. She was a shy girl so she joined yearbook staff and newspaper staff to help her overcome her fears. Even though she wasnt a good athlete she joined the swimming team, volleyball team and track team. Kristina supported her school in every way. She attended numerous sporting events like basketball and football. After graduating from 8th grade, she went to high school and tried out for the JV cheerleading team. This was written in her journal Me, Kristina, I made the cheerleading squad for high school! JV too! Im so proud of myself! But despite all her accomplishments there were some students who would still CHOOSE to drag her down. You see in Middle school she was tormented, teased, ridiculed, and called ugly. She never told a single adult about what happen. Her friends would have to console her and tell her she wasnt ugly and tell her she was beautiful. However, the bullying didnt end she was a sensitive girl who made feel to ugly on a daily basis by her own peers. By the time she was in 9th grade she actually believed she was ugly.

Bullying: The Effects Bullying can be attributed to: Fear Loss of self Anger Hurt School absences Dropping out of school Bully can impact the life of a victim long into their adulthood Research indicates that students that have experienced verbal threats and physical aggression carried out two-thirds of school shootings!Would you want to be responsible?


Does it have to be a part of growing up?NoEach and every person has the right to feel safe in school and in life.VideosSchool ShootingCyber bullyingBystanderDon't be a Bystander

Who is a Bully?

What type of people are not treating others like they want to be treated. L- Characteristics of a BullyExcited by their bullying behaviorEnjoy feelings of power and controlEnjoy causing painCan be a below average, average or above average studentLack compassion and empathy for their targetsCan be all shapes and sizes

Who is a Target?There are certain characteristics in students that bullys target. L- Reasons for getting bulliedDoesnt fit inPhysically weakMinorityPrejudice- negative opinion, usually again people of a different race, religion, or cultural differences.Facial appearanceClothingEmotionalOverweightGood grades

2/27/14 TOC: Dealing with Bullying.W- When someone is being bullied and you witness it, if you dont do something does that make you just as guilty as the bully? Explain

Where on campus does most of the bullying take place? Think of some solutions we as a campus can take to get rid of bullying from our school.EBullying: The Locations Students reveal thatbullying occurs On the bus In the hallway In the cafeteria In the bathrooms orlocker rooms On the playground oroutside the school.

How to Deal with Bullying!!

If you are being bullied you need to report it but when you are in the moment there are some things you can do. There are also some things you can do to try an avoid becoming a target. Ways to avoid future bullyingDont bring expensive things or money to schoolHang out with friendsAvoid unsupervised areasSit near the bus driver on the bus or walk with a t