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Transcript of 2019 £ Sterling Butterfly Pupae Catalogue the Butterfly Keeper January 2019 2019 Butterfly...

  • 2019 Sterling Butterfly Pupae Catalogue

  • To the Butterfly Keeper January 2019

    2019 Butterfly Pupae Supplies

    Thank you for downloading our 2019 Sterling pupae price list and order forms. Last year we imported nearly 300 species from about twenty different suppliers around the world, this year we have two further suppliers gearing up to supply us. Look out for these when we advertise them on our website. There will be some unique species from the north of South America and a totally new supplier from South East Asia. We take the quality of our pupae very seriously and we visited our African suppliers this winter. We can confirm that the quality of their pupae continues to be excellent.

    We can guarantee that all of our pupae conform to all international standards and comply with all current import and export legislation.

    Despite pressure from all quarters to raise prices we have managed to keep the vast majority of our prices the same as last year with only minor variations up or down here and there. We do retain the

    right however to review our prices should a major fluctuation in international currencies occur in this uncertain world. Rest assured we will resist such a move if at all possible.

    As last year when we have a particularly good result from our suppliers with any one species, we will

    offer them on our sales list at a discounted price.

    As ever there are several ways to order. You can simply fill out the enclosed forms and post, fax or email them to us. If you prefer to order off our weekly availability list, then we can email it to you if you give us your email address. Or you can find it at www.butterflyfarm.co.uk/faxspecies.html We post the new list around 2pm UK time every Friday afternoon. Please be aware that our pupae sell out very quickly so if you leave your order until the following week, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfil your specific order. We can normally provide a mix if you are not too fussy. Please note that due to the way that the bank holidays fall this year we will not be able to ship during Christmas or New year Weeks. Week 52 2019 and week 1 2020. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any clarification or help with your orders.

    May we wish you all a Happy New Year and every success for a butterfly filled 2019. Yours sincerely, Richard Lamb & Sarka Bohac

  • Philippine Species

    Species Price Papilionidae Atrophaenura semperii 2.70 Chilasa clytia 1.00 Graphium agamemnon 1.00 Graphium doson 1.00 Pachliopta antiphus 1.00 Pachliopta kotzebuea 1.00 Papilio demoleus 0.90 Papilio hipponous 1.00 Papilio lowi 1.20 Papilio palinurus 1.30 Papilio polytes 0.90 Papilio rumanzovia 1.30 Pieridae Hebomoia glaucippe 1.00 Nymphalidae Cethosia biblis 0.90 Doleschelia bisaltide 0.90 Hypolimnas bolina 0.90 Parthenos sylvia sylvia 0.90 Danaidae Danaus chrysippus 0.80 Idea leuconoe 1.00 Ideopsis manillana 0.90

    Philippine Mix Mix of the above species.

    Minimum order 50 pupae per shipment.

    0.90 per pupae

  • Malaysian/Thailand Species

    Species Price Papilionidae Papilio helenus 1.90 Papilio mahadeva 1.90 Papilio memnon 1.90 Papilio nephelus 1.90 Papilio paris 2.50 Pachliopta aristolochia 1.60 Pieridae Appias libythea 1.40 Catopsilia pomona 1.50 Delias descombi 1.60 Delias hyperete 1.60 Pareronia valeria 1.40 Nymphalidae Ariadne ariadne 1.40 Athyma nefte 1.60 Athyma perius 1.60 Cethosia cyane 1.50 Dolpha evelina 1.90 Euthalia dunya 1.90 Euthalia monina 1.90 Junonia almana 1.50 Junonia atlites 1.40 Junonia iphita 1.40 Junonia lemonias 1.40 Kallima inachus 2.50 Lexias dirtea 1.90 Neptis hylas 1.40 Parthenos s. violaceae 1.60 Polyura athamas 1.60 Tanacia julii 1.80 Vindula dejone 1.60 Yoma sabina 1.60 Satyridae Elymnias hypermnestra 1.60 Mycalesis intermedia 1.40 Danaidae Danaus genutia 1.50 Ideopsis similis 1.50 Euploea camaralzeman 2.20 Euploea core 1.60 Tirumala septentrionis 1.50 Geometeridae Dysphania species 1.60

    Malay/Thai Mix Mix of the above species.

    Minimum order 50 pupae per shipment.

    1.60 per pupae

  • African Species

    Species Price Papilionidae Graphium angolanus 2.20 Graphium antheus 2.20 Graphium colonna 2.20 Graphium porthaon 2.20 Papilio constantinus 2.40 Papilio dardanus 2.40 Papilio demodocus 2.40 Papilio nireus 2.40 Papilio ophidocephalus 2.70 Nymphalidae Charaxes acuminatus 2.40 Charaxes brutus 2.40 Charaxes candiope 2.40 Charaxes castor 2.40 Charaxes cithaeron 2.40 Charaxes etesipe 2.40 Charaxes lasti 2.40 Charaxes pollox 2.40 Charaxes protoclea 2.40 Charaxes varanes 2.40 Charaxes violetta 2.40 Euphaedra neophron 2.40 Euxanthe tiberius 2.50 Euxanthe wakefieldi 2.50 Hypolimnas antevorta 2.70 Hypolimnas anthedon 2.20 Hypolimnas misippus 2.20 Hypolimnas monterionis 2.70 Hypolimnas usambara 2.70 Junonia oenone 2.20 Precis octavia 2.20 Salamis anacardi 2.20 Salamis parhassus 2.65 Danaidae Amauris ochlea 2.40 Tirumala petiverana 2.20

    African Mix Mix of the above species.

    Minimum order 50 pupae per shipment.

    2.30 per pupae

  • Neotropical Species

    Species Price Papilionidae Battus belus 2.10 Battus polydamas 2.00 Eurytides branchus 2.50 Eurytides epidaus 2.50 Eurytides thymbraeus 2.30 Papilio anchisiades 1.90 Papilio androgeus 2.70 Papilio astyalas 2.50 Papilio cresphontes 2.20 Papilio erostratus 2.20 Papilio garamas 3.00 Papilio pilumnus 3.00 Papilio thoas 2.20 Papilio torquatus 2.20 Parides arcas 2.10 Parides iphidamas 2.10 Pieridae Anteos chlorinde 2.00 Phoebis philea 2.10 Phoebis sennae 2.10 Lycaenidae Eumaeus minyas 1.90 Heliconidae Agraulis vanillae 1.90 Dione juno 1.90 Dryadula phaetusa 2.00 Dryas Julia 1.90 Eueides isabellae 1.90 Heliconius antiochus 2.30 Heliconius athis 2.50 Heliconius charitonius 2.20 Heliconius cydno 2.50 Heliconius doris 2.20 Heliconius erato 2.20 Heliconius hecale 2.30 Heliconius hortense 2.30 Heliconius ismenius 2.30 Heliconius melpomene 2.20 Heliconius numata 2.50 Heliconius sara 2.10 Philaethria dido 2.30

  • Neotropical Species

    Species Price Nymphalidae Anaea eurypyle 2.30 Anaea forreri 2.30 Anaea nobilis 2.50 Anartia amathea 1.90 Archaeoprepona demophoon 2.30 Biblis hyperia 2.10 Catonephele numilia 1.90 Chlosyne gaudealis 1.90 Colobura dirce 1.90 Consul electra 2.50 Consul fabius 2.10 Eryphanis Polyxena 2.30 Hamadryas amphinome 2.10 Hamadryas februa 1.90 Hamadryas feronia 1.90 Hamadryas laodamia 2.20 Hypna clytemnestra 2.10 Memphis species 1.90 Myscelia cyaniris 1.90 Myscelia ethusa 1.90 Nessaea aglaura 2.10 Prepona omphale 2.30 Siproeta epaphus 2.20 Siproeta stelene 2.10 Brassolidae Caligo atreus 3.30 Caligo eurolochus 2.20 Caligo memnon 2.10 Opsiphanes tamarindi 2.00 Morphidae Morpho achilles 3.30 Morpho peleides 2.75 Morpho peleides 50+ 2.55 Morpho polyphemus 3.40 Ithomidae Greta oto 1.90 Mechanitis polymnia 1.90 Methona confusa 2.75 Tithorea harmonia 2.10 Tithorea tarracina 2.10 Danaidae Danaus plexippus 1.90 Lycorea cleobaea 2.30

    Neotropical Mix Mix of the above species.

    Minimum order 50 pupae per shipment.

    2.05 per pupae

  • Saturnids Species Price Argema mimosae 3.10 Attacus atlas 2.50 Bunaea alcinoe 2.90 Epiphora mythimnia 2.90 Gonembrasia zambesina 2.90 Gynanisa maja 2.90 Melanocera menippe 2.90 Rothschildia species 2.00 Samia cynthia 1.50

    Minimum order 50 pupae per shipment

    2.25 per pupae

    El Salvador Mix A mix from the ever popular El Salvador. Including some

    of the largest and brightest Swallowtails as well as the beautiful White Morpho.

  • Old World Mix

    This economy mix provides a good selection of butterflies from Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Tanzania and Kenya.

    Minimum order 50 pupae per shipment.

    2.00 per pupae

    Deluxe World Mix

    This mix covers the full range of species we breed and sell. It includes some of the choicest species available in the world.

    Minimum order 50 pupae per shipment. 2.20 per pupae

  • A mix containing several of most popular Heliconius species. The mix includes

    the ever popular H. Melpomene hybrids.

    Heliconius Mix

    Minimum order 50 pupae per shipment.

    2.30 per pupae

    Swallowtail Mix A glorious mix of butterflies from the spectacular

    Papilionidae family.

    Minimum order 50 pupae per shipment.

    1.90 per pupae

  • Mixed Pupae Order Form Account No

    Philippine Mix

    Malay/Thai Mix

    Africa Mix