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Transcript of 2016 Top Ranked Personal Injury Attorneys - · PDF file all the attorneys that made our...

  • 2016 Top Ranked

    Personal Injury Attorneys

    Congratulations to the 2016 Recipients to the

    National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys


    WASHINGTON, DC – The National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys (NAOPIA) recently published

    its list of nationally ranked personal injury attorneys. The NAOPIA recognizes the Top personal injury

    attorneys in each state with the intent of helping consumers select well-qualified professionals when legal

    representation is needed.

    “We are proud of the objectivity and meticulousness of our selection process,” said Pamela Farmer,

    Executive Director of the National Academy. “We know the NAOPIA is providing the public with a much

    needed independent resource to help ensure just representation for individuals needing a good personal

    injury attorney.”

    Candidates must be licensed, in good standing with their local bar association and nominated by either a

    licensed practicing attorney or one of our in-house staff researchers. In addition, each attorney must have

    achieved meaningful professional recognition and earned the respect of their clients and peers. In the final

    stage of the NAOPIA’s 4 step selection process, the Board of Governors reviews the finalists and selects the

    official Award Recipients from each state. The rankings are independent and free from commercial


    “We were thrilled with the number of quality nominations received from each state, and are very proud of

    all the attorneys that made our list,” said Farmer.

    Founded in 2013, the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys equips highly-qualified personal

    injury attorneys with the most current continuing education opportunities and provides the public with the

    most accurate, up-to-date listings of qualified attorneys in their states. For more information about NAOPIA,

    contact Pamela Farmer, Executive Director of National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys, Inc., 855-

    384-6285, or visit the National Academy’s website, www.naopia.com/

    This year’s Top 10 under 40 Personal Injury Attorneys are:


    STEPHANIE EMENS BALZLI, Birmingham, Alabama

    ALYSSA NOLES DANIELS, Birmingham, Alabama

    JOE A. KING JR, Huntsville, Alabama

    JOHN H. MCELHENY, Birmingham, Alabama

    RONALD H STRAWBRIDGE JR., Vernon, Alabama

    T. JASON HADLEY, Bay Minette, Alabama


  • Alaska

    JEFFREY J. BARBER, Anchorage, Alaska

    BENJAMIN CRITTENDEN, Anchorage, Alaska

    JESSICA DILLON, Anchorage, Alaska


    COLLEEN A. LIBBEY, Anchorage, Alaska

    PARRISA J. HARRIS, Kenai, Alaska

    WHITNEY A. POWER, Anchorage, Alaska


    BEAU M. CITRON, Phoenix, Arizona


    CHAD SCHATZ, Phoenix, Arizona

    FREDDY A. SAAVEDRA, Phoenix, Arizona

    JULES AUGUST GRANDJEAN II, Scottsdale, Arizona

    MICHAEL L. LINTON, Tucson, Arizona

    MATTHEW LISZEWSKI, Mesa, Arizona

    SHAWN HAVEN DOVE, Mesa, Arizona


    CEPHUS RICHARD III, Rogers, Arkansas

    CHRISTOPHER S. WOODARD, Cave Springs, Arkansas

    EMILY KOSTELNIK, Little Rock, Arkansas

    M. JERED MEDLOCK, Fort Smith, Arkansas

    MATTIE A. TAYLOR, Little Rock, Arkansas

    WHITNEY B. MURPH, Little Rock, Arkansas


    Northern California

    ANDJE M. MEDINA, San Francisco, California

    BENJAMIN TRYK, Fresno, California

    JUSTIN BOSL, Oakland, California

    CHRISTOPHER C. WATTERS, Fresno, California

    ALEXANDRA A. HAMILTON, San Francisco, California

    FRITZGERALD A. JAVELLANA, Chico, California

    ALLISTER R. LIAO, South San Francisco, California

    PAUL MATIASIC, San Francisco, California

  • California

    Southern California

    AARON T. HICKS, Riverside, California

    ANTHONY J. PEREZ, Laguna Hills, California

    MATTHEW D. EASTON, Costa Mesa, California

    MICHAEL A. PENN, Santa Ana, California


    Los Angeles

    ANDREW ZEYTUNTSYAN, North Hollywood, California

    CARRINGTON J. SNYDER, Westlake Village, California

    ERIC BONHOLTZER, Pasadena, California

    JOANNA W. LICALSI, Santa Monica, California

    MICHAEL GHOZLAND, Los Angeles, California

    ROBERT T. SIMON, Hermosa Beach, California

    TYLER BARNETT, Marina Del Rey, California

    YOSI YAHOUDAI, Los Angeles, California

    ZEV WEINSTEIN, Santa Monica, California


    CHRISTOPHER H. RICHTER, Grand Junction, Colorado

    DAVID MCDIVITT, Colorado Springs, Colorado

    JASON TYLER LANDRESS, Parker, Colorado

    JASON W. JORDAN, Greenwood Village, Colorado

    NICHOLAS W. MAYLE, Grand Junction, Colorado

    PATRICK J. DIBENEDETTO, Fort Collins, Colorado



    GABRIEL N. SCHWARTZ, Denver, Colorado

    JASON L. WALKER, Denver, Colorado

    JORDANA GRIFF GINGRASS, Denver, Colorado

    RICHARD GAMA, Denver, Colorado

    W. JOSEPH LAPHAM II, Denver, Colorado


    ISAIAS TOMAS DIAZ, Waterbury, Connecticut

    JOHN H. HAGEL JR, New Britain, Connecticut

    JONATHAN T. LANE, New London, Connecticut

    JOSEPH M. SOLIMENE, North Haven, Connecticut

    PETER GEORGE KARAYIANNIS, Bridgeport, Connecticut

    CESAR L. SOUSA, Naugatuck, Connecticut

    LEAH F. WALSH, Danbury, Connecticut

  • Delaware

    CHASE T. BROCKSTEDT, Lewes, Delaware

    ROBERT C. COLLINS, II, Dover, Delaware

    PATRICK C. GALLAGHER, Dover, Delaware

    DANIEL C. HERR, Wilmington, Delaware


    NICHOLAS M. KRAYER, Wilmington, Delaware

    SAMUEL D. PRATCHER, III, Wilmington, Delaware

    R. MARK TANEYHILL, Wilmington, Delaware

    TIFFANY MARIE SHRENK, Wilmington, Delaware

    Florida – North

    DAVID ALPIZAR, Palm Bay, Florida

    DAVID M. BULLUCK, Temple, Terrace, Florida

    DERRICK R. CONNELL, Melbourne, Florida

    KELLY MURPHY, Pensacola, Florida

    J. BRENT SMITH, Maitland, Florida

    STACY A. KEMP, Trinity, Florida

    Florida – South

    BRETT M. ROSEN, Miami, Florida

    CHRISTIAN A. MYER, St. Petersburg, Florida

    ETHAN KOMINSKY, Boynton, Beach, Florida

    JAMIE L. ALLEN, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    MATTHEW K. SCHWENCKE, West Palm Beach, Florida

    STEPHEN M. FERNANDEZ, Sarasota, Florida

    STEVEN FRANKL, Boynton Beach, Florida

    DONALD WARD III West, Palm Beach, Florida


    ANTHONY C. KALKA, Atlanta, Georgia

    JESSE C. KENT, Lawrenceville, Georgia

    JOSEPH P. DURHAM JR., Albany, Georgia

    M. GINO BROGDON JR., Atlanta, Georgia

    MARK J. ISSA, Atlanta, Georgia

    MICHAEL E. GUMPRECHT, Kennesaw, Georgia

    RYALS D. STONE, Atlanta, Georgia

    SUTTON T. SLOVER, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Hawaii

    BETHANY C.K. ACE, Honolulu, Hawaii

    R. AARON CREPS, Honolulu, Hawaii

    JEFFREY ERICH FOSTER, Kealakekua, Hawaii

    JUSTIN ABRELL, Kapolei, Hawaii

    MARCUS L. LANDSBERG IV, Honolulu, Hawaii

    MARK DAVID RECK, Wailuku, Hawaii

    NATHAN POHAKEA ROEHRIG, Honolulu, Hawaii

    BRIAN T. TOMA, Honolulu, Hawaii


    J.D. OBORN, Pocatello, Idaho

    JASON S. THOMPSON, Boise, Idaho

    LOREN K. MESSERLY, Boise, Idaho

    KYLE O'NEAL SCHOU, Boise, Idaho

    W. BEN SLAUGHTER III, Boise, Idaho

    JOY M. BINGHAM VEGA, Boise, Idaho


    CHRISTOPHER C. CORTESE, Chicago, Illinois

    ELIZABETH C. RYAN, Chicago, Illinois

    JAMES L. BIZZIERI, Chicago, Illinois

    LYNDSAY A. MARKLEY, Chicago, Illinois

    RAJESH KANURU, Chicago, Illinois

    RAYMOND C. STEADMON, Chicago, Illinois

    MICHAEL T. WIERZBICKI, Chicago, Illinois


    ANDREW B. JONES, South Bend, Indiana

    CALEB S. JOHNSON, St. John, Indiana

    KELLIE C. CLARK, Indianapolis, Indiana

    MONICA GILMORE, Vincennes, Indiana

    JASON A. SHARTZER, Indianapolis, Indiana

    BRYAN TISCH, Indianapolis, Indiana


    ANDREW H. DOANE, Des Moines, Iowa

    BRIAN O. MARTY, West Des Moines, Iowa

    EASHAAN VAJPEYI, Waterloo, Iowa

    MICHAEL E. MOTTO, Davenport, Iowa

    MICHAEL T. NORRIS, West Des Moines, Iowa

    CORY RYAN THEIN, Dubuque, Iowa

  • Kansas

    JASON C. CHAMBERS, Prairie Village, Kansas

    JONATHAN E. VOEGELI, Wichita, Kansas

    JONATHAN W. MCCONNELL, Wichita, Kansas

    MICHAEL J. PATTON, Topeka, Kansas

    MICHAEL T. CRABB, Overland Park, Kansas

    RICHARD W. JAMES, Wichita, Kansas

    TIMOTHY R. SIPE, Topeka, Kansas


    AARON KEMPER, Louisville, Kentucky

    AMEER E. MABJISH, ESQ, Covington, Kentucky

    CHARLES D. JOHNSON, Hazard, Kentucky

    DUSTIN R. WILLIAMS, Pikeville, Kentucky

    JAMES CLAYTON HALL, Lexington, Kentucky

    JARED J. SMITH, Louisville, Kentucky

    JASON ELLIS, Louisville, Kentucky

    JUSTIN BROWN MAY, Louisville, Kentucky

    KYLE R. SALYER, Paintsville, Kentucky

    NICHOLAS D. SUMME, Covington, Kentucky