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  1. 1. Personal Injury Lawyer Niagara Falls - KPC Personal Injury Lawyer (800) 234-6145
  2. 2. qrctutcs 3': ?lw. fi3 cABOUT KPC LAW KPC Lam ta co.t_1srm_l to be one of the most recontmended personal mruzt law rnts : n the provrnce Ontano Elm - r: -.~u~. t-2.-J ut tn-.1ltu: l of -! u'. lJt~ ll) -, 0tllpttlI! l'. U:l for tn}ut_-' '. -.lllll and thetr fanulles and ccvntmue to make 3dtt: ere:1:e bx ser. mg our communzrIf wou wrzre tmuxed tn Onutzo.-ou desert:compensatmn Cont: u:t us toda-' for 3 obhgauon consultauon.and get the peace of ntmd that comes from kttowrrtg that '0LlI rtghts are protected h' the best legal mmds tn(JYIIJHDThe expert legal team of KP( Law h: t< the experrence the experttse and the rewurces needed to recover substantui compeusanon v. :: settlement nrgottattons or bv mlnrrg the case to trtal :1" necessnn Our personal tnturv lawvers all have trtal expertence and tune fought for the l. ghlS of lnjUI' vtcttms tn courtrooms at eveh level of court tn theprovtnceThe support staff standtng behtnd our expert lmxwers can assist mu tn over 20 dtfferent languages and are dedxcated to ensurmg that our chem:needs are attended to warn 2 hrghest level of customer S? f'1C?Our *2-l-hour lawdictates that even call.fax.or and am other communication is returned within 3-3 hours/ . , .lax at 5134.2. -ape:F. fHlIIMf! TR3i-id!ti:zwrzxmz warm 3-;puma
  3. 3. NIAGARA FALLS PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER-X lPl I J'.F-llt :1.j.1r: t l*. ll: - pet ~on.1l trttttn I.1V. r-r:conttntte tn ~'er'e the COHln1llf| lT_' and J'; u? .~: td: tazrtouttts ul"cotttpett: at: ott for HS cizetttsUur , ': :tg: tr: t F.perzonai t. -'ttur*_. ' Zsxxjsers have helped m: m_v -lCIt! Tl of motor vehrcte Jccrdents,pubhc tr. tzt~; m:: .~tt-. ort . n. :deYt l! l0lUt~t'l- .1-mm-rtr p: '(lr"~-! t. IIl JCAId? nl% Etp and fall aeetdertrs pK0dutl ltrthtltry and Ilt. lld! .t| l< r; ttt~-trt:hrntrt ttnurtr xptrtal curd zrttuttea 01lll0p; |dlL ! fl| U!lt"~ and ln]Hl(' resttlttngz tn chrome parn andp can qu: ckI_ become ovenrheixnutg for nctttns and then famtlxesCat : tcc: dent vrctzms 1::Ontzmo are emztlcd to tnedtcal tehabtlstatton benets tncome replacement benets attendant care and n(I1~t. l1nt benet . -d. d:tmn.1';coverage ntay Jlso enntle .1 Vtctmt to cmegmng and housekeeptng benets.'h1]t tmuttes that are deemed catastxophzc allow for much higher coverage Even though tt seems that car accident ncttnts tn Ontnno have sufctent covetage 3': ulabIe to them,tnsumnce compames oen attempt to lxmtt or denythese benets to the vtctinmsMotonsts who ate not at fault for the acctdent.addtttonal compensatton max" be avatlable through a Ton clatm The heads of damages that a uctxm ma:be entttied to axe pan and sutfenn_2. costs of future medzcal care.loss oftncome and competmve advantage,and out-of-pocket expenses. m;mxm wt::