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  • 1. OutRight, 2011 data

2. The worst Christmas gifts According to GalaxyResearch, theworstChristmas gifts arebooks, dressing gowns, lingerie, photo frame, socks and bath gels 3. Christmas/Holiday Party Hosts Spend More Despite Inviting Fewer Guests(Interclick) 4. Shoppers are expected toput about$41.2 billion throughretail tillsfrom now untilDecember 25(Roy Morgan Research) 5. Parental spending atChristmas: $450 per child !!!!(Christian Science Monitor report) 6. Adults 35-55 Spend Moston Holiday Parties(Interclick) 7. Beer Sales Correlate with Cookout Holidays(Nielsen Wire) 8. 1 in 4MobileOwnersSayDevicesareIntegral toHoliday Shopping (MarketingCharts)(MarketingCharts) 9. How much are we spending? 10. How much are youplanning on spendingon gifts this year? 11. Because its allabout presentation