2012 BMW 3 Series Coupe For Sale TN | BMW Dealer In Knoxville

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Transcript of 2012 BMW 3 Series Coupe For Sale TN | BMW Dealer In Knoxville

  1. 1. #.8 4FSJFT$PVQFGrayson BMWJ10671 Parkside Drive JY%SJWF J JY%SJWF 5IF6MUJNBUFKnoxville, TN 37923JT%SJWJOH.BDIJOFn(865) 622-8007http://www.graysonbmw.com 5)#.8 43*4$061 5)-64*7#/$).3, #.8GGJDJFOU%ZOBNJDT -FTTFNJTTJPOT.PSFESJWJOHQMFBTVSF
  3. 3. EditorialA BREED APART.Is it surprising that we sell a lot of manual transmissions to BMW Series Coupe drivers? For them, it isnt about Point A to Point B. Pavement is their playground. Its not uncommon for a Coupe driver to hop in and just drive.These enthusiast drivers keep our engineers up at night, creatinginnovations to satisfy virtually insatiable driving appetites. Its for thisbreed of driver that we created the is High Performance model,brandishing a -hp turbocharged engine with lb-ft of torque thatboosts to lb-ft of track-worthy acceleration. Of course its availablewith a -speed, sport automatic Double Clutch Transmission withsteering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. After all, to a Coupe driver,life is always a hands-on experience.There are also not one, but two dynamic TwinPower Turbo inline six . -liter engines with High Precision fuel injection. Both give Coupe drivers what they crave: more power with increased fuel ef ciency and virtually no fun-robbing turbo lag. And, of course, for all SeriesThe BMW Series Coupe TechnologyEquipment OverviewCoupe models, we offer an array of performance-enhancing technol- ogies to keep coupistas grinning from ear to ear.This spirit also infuses our styling for the Coupe: the long hood andWERE ALWAYS ENGINEERING MAKE IT AS INDIVIDUAL A PLACE TO CHART bold accents that ow into its low-slung roo ine. Brilliant lightingDRIVING AHEAD. INNOVATIONS.AS YOU ARE. YOUR DREAMS. designs front and rear. For the is and M Sport Package, wind-tunnel-tested front and rear air dams are sprouting up, too. As usual, Exterior BMW Ef cientDynamics BMW M Sport Package Build Your Own all this technology and style is integrated into what could very wellThe essence of athletic performance. Technology for greater exhilaration whilebe the sweetest handling sports coupe on the road. reducing fuel consumption and emissions. BMW is High Performance Technical data Experience tomorrow, todayIts one more of the Series Coupes many qualities that make a bigAdvanced design perfected in Virtual Engines Exterior colors BMW Services difference for drivers who are just a bit different from the rest.Reality, yet nalized by human hand.A pair of TwinPower Turbo engines and Exclusive offers for BMW customers. one naturally aspirated powerplant. Upholstery colors and materials InteriorTactile, spacious and comfortable Chassis and safety features Interior trimsbmwusa.comwith the ambiance of quality.Systems to enhance driving pleasure, as well as active and passive safety features. Recommended color combinations BMW ConnectedDrive Equipment features and options bmwusa.com/ seriescoupe Features that add convenience and Want the inside scoop on BMW? peace of mind while youre on the road. Original BMW AccessoriesYou can nd us on Facebook at World-class, yet personalizing. facebook.com/bmwusa. Pro le Join WTCC champion Andy Priaulx on a drive through The Green Hell. bmwusa.com/byo BMW i Coupe shown with the following equipment:Engine: -valve BMW TwinPower Turbo . -liter inline six-cylinder engine Nominal output: hp @ rpm Wheels: Star Spoke (Style ) light alloy Exterior color: Vermilion Red Metallic Upholstery: Black Dakota LeatherInterior trim: Aluminum For information on speci cations, please see pages -.04 05 Contents
  4. 4. YUFSJPS
  5. 5. Step closer to the BMW Series Coupe and youll discover that its wide signature kidney grille is surrounded with tantalizing styling cues and accents. Performance-bred front and rear air dams and side skirts express the muscular attributes of the M Sport Package and is High Performance Coupe. And heres a bright idea: LED exterior lighting that exudes the fun youre having behind the wheel. Yet even with these bold strokes, one glance and you know this is unmistakably a BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine. Approach. Anticipate. Open. Enjoy. Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical speci cations. Visit bmwusa.com, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on FeaturesSpecs. YOUR PULSE QUICKENS BEFORE YOU OPEN THE DOOR.08 09 Exterior
  7. 7. LIGHTING THE BETTERTO SEE AND BE SEEN. The lighting for the BMW Series Coupe makes a dramatic entrance and exit. At the front, circling the daylight-bright Xenon headlights are four Corona headlight-rings, powered by bright LED lights. Also used as Daytime Running Lights, the headlight-rings distinctive look announces your presence to other drivers. The far edge of each headlight xture is illuminated with a daring LED string array; above, a light trim bar givesthe Series Coupe a focused look. Moving to the rear, long-lastingLED tail- and brakelights are arrayed in horizontal tubes that illuminatesimultaneously, creating a unique, eye-catching design with depth anddimension. And inside the cabin, the drama of warm Ambiance interiorlighting, streaming down from under the ledge on the door and sidepanels, puts you and your passengers at ease. Its easy to see: your Series Coupe will own the night.Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features,packages and technical speci cations. Visit bmwusa.com, selectthe BMW model of your choice, and click on FeaturesSpecs.
  9. 9. ADVANCED DESIGN.YET ONE GLANCE SAYS BMW. Great design endures. Thats why BMWs produced , or even years ago still look current. This is not by chance. Our spirited designers ceaselessly innovate to advance the BMW look into one that is of its time yet timeless. The BMW Series Coupe is no exception. Its iconic wide BMW kidney grille is integrated into its athletic shape, with an eager stance and long, sleek hood. These work in perfect harmony with the sporty low roo ine, distinctive shoulder line, crisp hood creases and the tails elegant short overhang. Even the sleek side-view mirrors were created to blend effortlessly into this powerfully sculpted design. Its the latest expression of the classic BMW Series allure.16 17 Exterior
  10. 10. CLOSE THE DOOR.RELAX YOURE PROTECTED.Because luxury should includepeace of mind, every BMW bristleswith active and passive safetyfeatures. In addition to quick accel-eration, powerful fade-resistantbrakes and agile handling, theBMW Series Coupes activesafety features include daylight-quality Xenon Adaptive Headlightsthat automatically level and illu-minate around corners, andDynamic Stability Control (DSC)and Dynamic Traction Control(DTC), which help keep you coollyin command when wheelspinthreatens. Passive features, whichbecome very much active whenrequired, include advanced front-and side-impact airbags; a rein-forced door-anchoring systemthat, in a side impact, hooks areinforcing bar between the doorand the body to create a rigidpassenger cell; and an ultra-stiffbody made of advanced steel.Available BMW Assist, auto-matically calls for help immediatelyafter airbags deploy, locates yourvehicle if its stolen, and offers ahost of other reassuring features.Active or passive, BMW safetytechnologies are always working tocare for you and your passengers.Get the latest information on BMW standardand optional features, packages and technicalspeci cations. Visit bmwusa.com, select theBMW model of your choice, and click onFeaturesSpecs.
  11. 11. In addition, VR enables the early assessment of design alternatives.Each design can be visually represented, evaluated and compared.A -D model is generated based on the design. To do this, the computersubdivides the vehicle into tiny triangles, or polygons, placing over thedesign a