1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder (manual) Coachwork · PDF file1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS...

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Transcript of 1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder (manual) Coachwork · PDF file1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS...

  • Probably the best in existence- one of 11 European SS versions

    1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder (manual)Coachwork by C a r r o z z e r i a G h i aPrivate Portfolio No. 055

    A strong contender for the most handsome car of the 1960s title, Maseratis Ghibli debuted at the Turin MotorShow in November 1966. Styled at Ghia by the young Giorgietto Giugiaro and named after a Sahara Desertwind, the Ghibli rivalled the Ferrari Daytona for straight-line performance its top speed was close to 170mph(275km/h) while beating it for price and arguably looks. More than fifteen feet long and nearly six feetwide, the Ghibli occupied an inordinate amount of space for a mere two-seater, but perhaps the most startlingaspect of its appearance was the height, orrather the lack of it.

    The Ghibli used a tubular steel chassis with alive rear axle, leaf springs and a singlelocating arm. The power unit was Maseratisvenerable four-cam, 90 degree V8, an enginederived from that of the 450S sports car andfirst seen in road-going guise in the 5000GT.This was used in 4.7-litre form up to 1970when it was superseded by the 4.9-litre SSversion. Power rose to 335 bhp andperformance was stunning, with 100mph(160km/h) attainable in under 16 seconds.

    Chassis no.AM 115/S49 1259

    Engine no.1259

    Price on request

    One of just 11 European specification 4.9SS Spyders built (manual/ automatic

    combined) Ultimate factory specification with manual gearbox, hard top, Borrani

    wire wheels, fitted luggage and all other options Total ground up rebuild

    completed in 2006 and fully documented history from new



  • Even more sensational was the handsome Ghibli Spyder, launched in 1969 and the direct rival of the FerrariDaytona Spyder. Giugiaros styling for an open-top version was arguably even more successful than the coup

    and is regarded as a classic of sports car design.

    Ghibli production ended in 1973 after 1,149coups and just 125 Spyder models had beenbuilt. Of the latter, 79 were fitted with the smaller4.7 litre engine (23 with automatic gearbox, 56with manual transmission) and 46 received thelarger 4.9 litre unit (of which 9 automatics and37 manuals). Like the open Daytona, the GhibliSpyder sold well in the USA, with 75 carsdestined for that market: 40 were the 4.7 litreversion and 35 the 4.9 SS. These build figureswere provided to us during a recent visit to thefactory archives and are not speculation.Therefore, just 11 Ghibli SS Spyders were built toEuropean specification, automatic and manualversions included.

    For the record, a total of 35 Ghibli Spyderbuyers specified the optional hard top and 20chose fitted luggage

    We believe that this is probably the finestMaserati Ghibli Spyder in existence; as itsprevious owners we are certainly biased, buthaving known the car for many years, andhaving tracked it down, sold it three times,researched its history, overseen its restorationand enjoyed driving it, we make that statementwith a thorough knowledge of the car and itsmarket.

    1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder (manual)Private Portfolio No. 055


  • Given the amount of detail in our possession, herewith a synopsis of the cars specification and history:

    Specif icat ion

    Version: Europe

    Destination: Citroen Cars, Slough, UK

    Original exterior color: Verde Gemma 106 G 53

    Original interior color: Senape PAC 1775

    Original Equipment: Air conditioning, power steering, hard top, fitted luggage, Becker radio with electric antenna, stereo with twin speakers, seat belts, overtaking lights in front grille, wire wheels, dashboard and transmission tunnel in Connolly leather, EE plates, European specification

    Plates: EE (export)

    Continuous assembly: #1259

    Engine: #1259


    February 1st 1971 Order no. MAS/1/71 placed with Mario Tozzi-Condivi of MTC Cars Ltd, 173 Westbourne Grove, London by William Benjamin of Villa Guide, Antibes, Franceand WA Benjamin Inc, Two Park Avenue, New York 10016. Mr. Benjamin (40 years old) owned a medical publishing group. Base price US$13,750 plus extrastotaling US$16,590, delivery in Modena for 1st ten days of May, 1971

    February 2nd 1971 Mr. Baraldi at Maserati factory acknowledges order for Ghibli Convertiblewithall extras and asks UK agent MTC if client will take one of cars offered in previous telex

    February 5th 1971 Factory confirm new order to UK representative Mr. McDonald at Citroen Cars,Slough, with delivery in 90 days

    1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder (manual)Private Portfolio No. 055


    1971 - Factory invoice

  • April 22nd 1971 Factory telex to Citroen Slough confirming price for Ghibli 5000 Convertible with European specifications at $17,792 for which net cost to Citroen Cars Ltdwill be $13,351 and regretting cannot accept lower price

    May 10th 1971 Factory invoices Citroen Cars Ltd for new Maserati Gran Touring car type Ghibli4900cc Spyder at price of US$13,440.00

    May 12th 1971 Factory issues Certificate of Origin

    May 18th 1971 Collected from factory with temporary plates EE7260 by William Benjamin

    June 1971 Mr. Benjamin writes to factory complaining of various faults on his three week old, $17,000 Maserati with copy to his lawyer

    July 1971 Factory driver collects car from Antibes and returns to Modena

    Sept. 1971 Returned to Mr. Benjamin after work completed and invoice issued to owner forjobs not under guarantee

    May 29th 1972 Factory internal memo to Mr. Baraldi points out that EE plates expired on May 10th 1972 and asks to contact Mr. Benjamin

    c.1978 Car purchased from Porsche dealer in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, by dealer Sander Van Der Velden, Tilburg, who sends it to Italy for cosmetic restoration, including repainting from green to burgundy and partial retrim

    Later Wins prize at Zandvoort Concours dElegance

    Nov. 27th 1981 Included on list of stolen cars sent by AL Vanini, Milano, to Maserati factory on behalf of Interpol, requesting owners names

    Dec. 15th 1981 Maserati factory replies to Vanini that it can only supply information to Modenapolice in person of Maresciallo di Franco

    1983 Sold to FW Overlander, West Germany

    c.1986 Sold to Wolfgang von Schmieder, Blonay and later Cologny, Switzerland, mileage c.80,000km

    June 6th 1987 Mileage now 80,168km

    1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder (manual)Private Portfolio No. 055


    Certificate of Origin

  • March 2nd 1988 Mileage now 81,492km

    Sept 3rd 1990 Mileage now 82,934km

    Late 1990s Driven on Raid Basel- Paris by von Schmieder

    Sept. 2001 Shown by von Schmieder at the Louis Vuitton Classic, Parc de Bagatelle, Paris

    March 11th 2001 Offered at Bonhams Geneva auction of The S (von Schmieder) Collection, Lot115, est. SFR.130,000-160,000, not sold

    March 2001 Sold post-auction to private buyer, Geneva, Switzerland. Stored in Bern, Switzerland, and not driven

    Mid-2003 Sold to Ian F Wade, Hong Kong, but still stored in Bern, Switzerland

    Mid-2006 Sold by Wade to Kidston SA, Geneva, Switzerland

    Sept. 2006- April 2007 Completely restored in Italy by Carrozzeria Autosport (bodywork and project management), Pietro Cremonini (paintwork), Fratelli Luppi (upholstery), WilliamGatti (electrics) and Officina Candini (mechanics) to original factory specificationincluding colours

    April 2007 Shown at Concorso di Eleganza Villa dEste, Italy

    May 2007 Swiss road registered GE 18967 (Geneva)

    May 2007 Driven by Simon Kidston/ Dougal Fisken on Ecosse Tour, Scotland

    June 2007 Returned to Italy for further work and fine tuning

    June 2007 Tested in Italy by Ruoteclassiche magazine for comparison feature article vs Ferrari 365GTS/4 Daytona Spyder (silver)

    July 2007 Tested in Switzerland by Octane magazine for comparison cover feature vs Ferrari 365GTS/4 Daytona Spyder (red)

    August 2007 Sold by Kidston to Swiss buyer, now with 2,500km covered, and re-registered

    January 2008 Offered for private treaty sale by Kidston SA, Geneva, now with 6,500km covered

    1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder (manual)Private Portfolio No. 055


    Above: As tested by Octane magazine vs. Ferrari Daytona Spyder, Swiss Alps, July 2007.

  • So why is this Ghibli SS Spyder so special? Well, first of all, rarity: almost the same number of Ghibli Spyderswere built as Daytona Spyders, aimed at a similar clientele and with similar price tags and performance on offer,but only 11 Ghibli SS Spyders were built to European specification, without the ugly add-ons required by USsafety and emissions authorities, of which perhaps half were the desirable manual version such as the caroffered here. Secondly, the specification: this Spyder was ordered with all possible options, including hard top,fitted luggage, air conditioning, power steering, Borrani wire wheels and Becker stereo system, not to mentionMr. Benjamins special request overtaking lights and extra leather in the cabin. Also little known to most experts,late Ghibli Spyders such as this car have a more attractive central dash layout, with chrome bezels surroundingrocker switches rather than plainer lever controls. Thirdly, the car is very well documented, thanks to diligentresearch over the years and factory assistance. Even the original certificate of origin is with the car, together withcopies of all order and purchase documentation which makes for a fascinating read if youre keen (and if yourenot, this isnt the car for you). Finally, the depth and quality of the restoration by the best craftsmen in thebusiness. Each has major international concours credits to his name (Villa dEste and Pebble Beach), and theywere given a free hand on this car.

    The extent of the restoration is too detailed to listhere, but thi