12 Amazing Facts About Cosmetics

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12 Amazing Facts About Cosmetics

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Go through this presentation and get to know about 12 amazing facts about the cosmetics we use today!

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  • 12 Amazing Facts About Cosmetics
  • Egyptian people used to take good care of their bodies, that time make up and oils were considered consecrated. Face mascara, lip gloss and sunscreen oil were invented in 20th century. Pinching the cheeks was the earliest method to get rosy cheeks before blush was invented.
  • LOREAL is the largest cosmetic company in the world. It started in 1909, now a quarter of its owned by Nestle. Portable lipsticks were introduced in 1915. Early 20th century was considered the revolutionary period because of new inventions in cosmetic industry
  • Copper and lead ore were used to create first cosmetic. In the earliest time makeup was used only by nobilities to show their social ranks. Nail colors were invented in ancient China.
  • In 1938, waterproof mascara was introduced publically. Centuries ago, Greek women used red iron for making their lips look attractive. More than 50,000 cosmetic surgeries were performed in UK last year.
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