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Inside ReportJuly/Aug/Sept 2009




by Anthony Lester, EditorThe Editors Perspective


The Editors Perspective

The Editors Perspective

ccording to the most recent polls, over the past 50 Intelligent Design also suggests that before Adam years, Americans have been pretty consistent in and Eve sinned, death was a natural part of life and their belief of the six-day Creation as found in the was not a curse as a result of the rebellion against God. book of Genesis. A little less than 50 percent still believe the This contradicts not only the Creation account and its Bibles account happened exactly as written. Others believe very good characteristics, it undermines the fourth that undirected microevolution is the cause of all life on commandment the seventh-day Sabbath. How God earth. Yet an increasing number of people, including many created, in an instant by His word, is a stamp of His power Christians, now believe in theistic evolution also known and authority. as Intelligent Design. Perhaps most important, Intelligent Design undermines With all the evidence mounting against it, the theory the need for salvation through Christs atoning death and of evolution (or Darwinism) is coming under increasing resurrection. If Genesis isnt true, then the entire theology of scrutiny and doubt. Indeed, despite the Bible cant be trusted. pressure and persecution from their Evolutionists warn that Intelligent Thy word is peers, more scientists are rising up to Design is merely a gateway for true from the boldly suggest that the complexity of creationists to get their agenda into even the simplest cell points to some public schools. But thats not true. beginning. Psalm 119:160 kind of intelligent designer. Rather, Intelligent Design is a form of Even though that seems like a good creeping compromise a gateway thing, and in some ways it is, the theory for Christians to deny Gods Word of Intelligent Design still falls woefully and arrogantly drift toward total short of truth, because it still puts forth compromise in their lifestyles and that it took millions of years of death religious practice. and trial and error for a man to evolve A clear and complete understanding from an ape-like ancestor. Moreover, those who support the of God and our place in the great controversy begins with theory usually have an unwillingness to name the designer, Genesis. Remember, if you believe in Jesus, God in human with some even going so far to suggest that aliens could have flesh, then like Him you should believe that Adam and Eve, been responsible. Noahs Flood, and Sodom and Gomorrah were real events Therefore, Intelligent Design is still a de facto rejection that speak to our faith experience in ways that no simpleof Gods written Word. minded myth can. Why? The Bible says that in the beginning God created You can and should trust Gods Word. As youll the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1). Moses was bold see in this magazine, science and logic give us plenty of about who did the creating and exactly how it happened. It reasons to accept the Creation account and, therefore, all takes a lot of biblical gymnastics to come to the conclusion that God says, asks, and commands of His people. that a plain reading of Scripture that God took six Not only is Genesis the true key to our past, it is a vital periods of 24 hours to create the earth and all that is on key to discovering true salvation. Thats a great foundation it is not how the first chapter of Genesis should be to have. Dont neglect it. understood. Keep the faith. The Editors Perspective The Editors Perspective

The Editors PerspectiveInside Report


3Q 2009

Contents6Cosmic ConflictAmazing Facts incredible new DVD about the origin of evil is the perfect sharing tool in these last days!F E AT U R E

InsIde RepoRt

Even as mounting scientific evidence points to the truth of Genesis, proponents of evolution are doing everything they can to keep hold of their dying theory. Learn to resist any unnecessary compromise in this eye-opening, educational defense of Gods Word by Pastor Doug Batchelor.

8The Bible and Evolution

12Bible Answers

Does God say in Genesis 9:3 that mankind is free to eat any kind of animal?

22Amazing Facts Evangelists

Our energetic team of traveling evangelists are always ready to share the gospel. Meet this dynamic bunch and discover how they can help your church grow!

25Evangelist Update

A recent Amazing Facts Bible prophecy seminar has a powerful connection to the gospel outreach in China!

14English Evangelism EmphasisPastor Doug is gearing up for an incredible gospel outreach spanning the globe this fall. Get the latest on this important ministry!

30Health Bite

Most families these days are dealing with a tighter budget, but thats no excuse for a bad diet! Get practical tips for shopping and dining healthfully on a budget.


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Inside Report


3Q 2009

Bible UniverseThank you for the online Bible course. Im happy for the leading of the Holy Spirit and for your dedication to the Lord. I feel a greater thirst for studying His Word, and I display my graduation certificate with spiritual pride! I look forward to any other teachings you have to offer. May God bless all who labor in His vineyard at BibleUniverse! Email

I thank God for this small opportunity to witness to my co-workers and pray that God continues to use your ministry to reach souls for His kingdom. Mississippi

Blessed Beyond WordsI have been blessed beyond words by Amazing Facts. I have been studying about the Sabbath truth since 2000, and the truth was driven home by listening to and reading Amazing Facts educational material. I love you people with my whole heart, and the work that you are doing has been the biggest blessing of my life. Keep the fire burning, and may the Almighty God bless you abundantly. Canada



Every morning when I get to work, I log on to and read the daily devotional. This particular morning, one of my co-workers walked into my office and asked me if she could use my computer. I told her that I was just finishing my morning devotional and that she was most welcome to use it. Instantly, she forgot about what she needed the computer for and wanted to see the site that I was on. She grabbed her planner and immediately wrote down the name of the website. I also took her to Amazing Facts official site and showed her Pastor Doug and the lists of other websites you have. I could tell that her interest was heightened even more by what she saw. She said that she would definitely be visiting these sites daily. Inside Report

The Lord has blessed me to play in the National Football League for a few years now. I am on a platform that I hope will enable God to use me to touch souls and plant seeds into the hearts of our youth across the globe. My wife and I listen to you and have been watching this website for over a year now. We watch Doug Batchelor every Sabbath and sometimes more often. This site has helped so much in our understanding as a young Christian couple. I think anyone who wants to know the truth should come to this site. What youre doing is great for our world, and I hope you guys never go off the air! Keep it coming, Doug. Jesus is coming soon! New York

Health Magazine KudosCongratulations on the Amazing Health: 8 Bible Secrets for a Longer and Stronger Life! It is attractive and nicely done. I teach health promotion to nursing students and this magazine is something I would like for them to have. Email

I am so excited about the health magazine, which will show the world that taking care of your health is not all physical but also spiritual and it will show it coming from the Word of God. Praise the Lord! You are stepping up to what God has called us to do. Email

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