036 - Winter 1996 - Kaplan is a freelance writer in Houston. Richard l.ongstrcth is a professor in...

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Transcript of 036 - Winter 1996 - Kaplan is a freelance writer in Houston. Richard l.ongstrcth is a professor in...




    Metro ISTEA


    River Oaks Center The Village


    Shrine of the Black Madonna

    f i

  • (iucst Tditor Barry Moore

    I .lii.iri.il Committee ('.bjirnun

    Rives I avlor

    Jay Baker Nonya Grcnadcr

    Gahririla Gutierrez Karl Kilun

    Charles D. Maynard, Jr. Barry Moun-

    tain Walton Stcbcr William I . Stern

    Drexcl Turner Brute C. Webb

    Joe Douglas Wehb

    Managing ] Jih.t Barrie Scardtno

    Graphic Design Miinii Design Crottp

    PflOtOgr.ipllV I'.n.l Hater

    Advertising l vim Kelly

    Kite Design Alliance Board of Directors

    President I ouii I I . Skidmore, fr.

    President! Icct (iwcndolyu I I . GoHc

    Vice President Marilyn Archer

    Treasurer David It . Walkmt

    Secretary K.ithy Heard

    Jory Alexander Natal ye I . Appcl

    Keiji Asakura [av Baker

    Daniel W. Bank head Mmiiel le Bocsel

    |aniet M Biirnetl Paul D. Chapman

    Hud) ('"" Nahila Crnnfcl William Curtis

    Prank F. Douglas Tares el D.tlulah Leslie K Elfcinj

    Edwin A. Kubaiiks (. . in I . Ferguson David 1 . George lenuiler Harding

    Kathy I leard Robert j . Heincman

    Carlos Jimertci t aiherinc M. Iiihnviii

    Susan Booth Kceton William D. Kendall

    I art l.crup Kalacl I oliguria

    Rick Lowe i harles D. Mavnard, Jr.

    1'h.id Mmyard Robert Morns ludy R I'esek

    ( liarlotte A. Isorhwcll Danny Marc Samuels

    Wil l iam I". Stern Hive' , I .is. L* ii

    Phoebe Tudor Drexcl 1 timer

    lames Vick Karen D. Walker

    Bruce C Wehb |.ie t>mii;l.is V\ L-hh

    I.. Burke Windham 111 Paul Winkler

    hxecutive Director Linda L. Sylvan

    Program Director Molly d imming

    Office Assistant Mary Swttt

    Rice 11esign Alliance (Corporate Members

    A s\ I Product! Co. Int. Anchorage Kotuidation of Its.is Baker cs Bolts W. S. Bellows Construction

    Corporation ftcrgcr Ironworks, Inc. Brochsteius Inc. tcrd partners Clarke Condon Associates Cokinos Bosien 8t Young i- pai| Computer Corporation Constructors & Associates, Int. A. t ra in Construction

    Company, Inc. i native Flooring Resource! L. Barrv Davidson ArthiteCO

    (VIA, Inc. The Decorative Center of I [oustofl Gamma Const ruction Company Gensler (iilhanc Building Company llaynes Whaley Associates, I I K . Ilellmiith. Ohata and

    Kassahaum, Inc. I lines Interests I muted

    I'attuvtship i ImisiiHi t haptrr-Associated

    (icraeral < ontractotsol Amenta Houston lighting 8c Powa < o. Jackson fit Ryan Architects Kendall/I L .nun Associates The Knoll Croup I esley >\ Associates, Inc. Lockwnod, Andrews is.* Newnail l Marek Brothers Systems. Inc. Harris Mastetaon III Matrix/Structural Engineers, Inc. Sk< ut Inc. Ski Hig.ild-Stcclc I andscapc

    ArcfahectJ Sc t dnmcton Minor Design Cnnip, Inc. w .illir I'. Moore and Associates,

    Int. Morgan Personette Properties MorganrJ Texas b e Mi>ti.trts N: Associates Moss Landscaping, Inc. Pan Kncrgy Corp, PGAJ ["he Powell (roup Ridgwas's Karen Rose Lnginccring &

    Surveying I urns.i Si tide Sarofim William f. Stern 8c Associates.

    Architects I .ill Arthilctls lelli-psiTi Corporation [hiimsrn Company, Inc. ID/International Threshold Interests

    TreehearJs on Market Square Truffles cv Tlourishes (. ateruig Phoebe and Bobby I udor Vanguard P.nvirontiiL'ius, Int. Karen D. Walker Wall Company E'rinting Watkms Carter Hamilton Weingarten Realty Management Wells Design. Inc. Mrs. Wesley West loin Wilson and Assosialcs

    Architect) Windham Builders

    Notes on Contributors

    Shalla Dewan is i freelance writer living in Houston.

    George Creams* served six ve.irs on the I loustnn City Council ami eight years as city controller. Ik-has taught at Kite University and is presently a mediator and financial and management consultant.

    Vincent I1. Hauser AIA is the editor of JI'.T.M Architect.

    David Kaplan is a freelance writer in Houston.

    Richard l.ongstrcth is a professor in the American Studies Program ai Ccorgc Washington University.

    Barry Moore FA1A, an adiunct prolessor and direc-tor of the Center for Historic Architecture at the University of 1 loustc.n < ollrgr of Architecture, is president and managing partner ot SJKB/I loliston.

    Jeffrey Karl Ochsner LAIA. professor and chairman. Department of Artltitectirrc at the University nf Washington, Seattle, formerly practiced in Houston and taught at the Rice School of Architecture.

    Barrie Scardino is managing editor ol < ata

    Ann Walton Sicber is a writer and editor m I loUSIOO.

    I Phoebe Tudor, a preservation consultant, is secretary of the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance and was toenail oi ns |s")r. Good Brick Awards.

    Drexcl Turner, a city planner and architectural , urator, is a visiting critic in the College of Architecture, Univcrtit) ol Houston

    Bruce C. Webb is dean and prolessor ot arclucciurc in the College ol Architecture, University of Houston.

    Cite The Architecture and Design Review ol Houston

    A Publication ol the Rice Design Alliance

    36: Winter 1996

    t opynghi 10 1996 by the Rice Design Alliance. Reproduction of all or part of editorial con-tent without permission is strictly prohibited. The opinions expressed in ('Me do not neces-sarily represent the views of the board of directors of the Rice Design Alliance. Publication of tins issue ot Cite is supported m p i n by a grant from the ( its, ol I Louston through the Cultural Arts Council.

    Cite (ISSNi 8755-04 L5)i published three times a year by I he Rice Design Alliance and is indexed in the Avery bides la Vtihitcctural Periodicals. 1 he Rite Design Alliance, established in I 4" ! , is a ngn-proiu educational organization dedicated to the advancement uf architecture and drsign.

    WcbCite Visit RDAand fate on the internet: hitp://oceinf.rKi.'.edii/nruicat/RnA

    s> Cite it printed on recycled r paper.

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    ( HI vr: New palm trees being installed .tlnnn Wisi (.r.iy iti tin1 River O.ik* Shopping Center, November 1996.