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Transcript of · Web viewHamilton DriveTividale Hamilton RoadSmethwick Hamilton RoadTipton Hamilton...

Sandwell MBC Section 36 Register


Abberley RoadOldbury

Abberley StreetSmethwick

Abbey CloseWest Bromwich

Abbey CrescentOldbury

Abbey RoadSmethwick

Abbotsford AvenueGreat Barr

Acacia AvenueWalsall

Acacia CloseTividale

Acorn CloseWest Bromwich

Ada RoadSmethwick

Adams CloseSmethwick

Adams StreetWest Bromwich

Addenbrook WayTipton

Addenbrooke RoadSmethwick

Addington WayOldbury

Addison CloseWednesbury

Addison RoadWednesbury

Addison StreetWednesbury

Addison TerraceWednesbury

Adelaide AvenueWest Bromwich

Adkins LaneSmethwick

Admirals WayRowley Regis

Akrill CloseWest Bromwich

Albert RoadOldbury

Albert StreetOldbury

Albert StreetTipton

Albert StreetWednesbury

Albert StreetWest Bromwich

Albert Street EastOldbury

Albion Field DriveWest Bromwich

Albion RoadGreets Green

Albion RoadWest Bromwich

Albion RoundaboutWest Bromwich

Albion StreetOldbury

Albion StreetTipton

Albright RoadOldbury

Alder CrescentWalsall

Alder RoadWednesbury

Aldridge CloseOldbury

Aldridge RoadOldbury

Alexander RoadSmethwick

Alexandra CrescentWest Bromwich

Alexandra RoadTipton

Alexandra WayTividale

Alfred StreetSmethwick

Alfred StreetWest Bromwich

Alison CloseTipton

All Angels WalkOldbury

All Saints WayWest Bromwich

Allbut StreetCradley Heath

Allcock StreetTipton

Allen DriveWest Bromwich

Allen RoadTipton

Allen RoadWednesbury

Allen StreetWest Bromwich

Allendale GroveGreat Barr

Allerton LaneWest Bromwich

Allsops CloseRowley Regis

Alma AvenueTipton

Alma StreetSmethwick

Alma StreetWednesbury

Almond AvenueWalsall

Alston RoadOldbury

Alton GroveWest Bromwich

Alwin RoadRowley Regis

Ambell CloseRowley Regis

Amberley GreenGreat Barr

Ambury WayGreat Barr

Amity CloseSmethwick

Amphlett CroftTipton

Anchor DriveTipton

Anderson CrescentGreat Barr

Anderson RoadSmethwick

Anderson RoadTipton

Andrew RoadTipton

Andrew RoadWest Bromwich

Angela AvenueRowley Regis

Angelica CloseWalsall

Angus CloseWest Bromwich

Anita AvenueTipton

Anne CloseWest Bromwich

Anne GroveTipton

Anne RoadSmethwick

Anson RoadWest Bromwich

Anvil DriveOldbury

Anvil WalkWest Bromwich

Apollo RoadOldbury

Apollo WaySmethwick

Appleton AvenueGreat Barr

Apsley CloseOldbury

Apsley RoadOldbury

Archer CloseOldbury

Archer CloseWednesbury

Archer WayRowley Regis

Ardav RoadWest Bromwich

Arden GroveOldbury

Arden RoadSmethwick

Arkle CroftRowley Regis

Arlen DriveGreat Barr

Arley CloseOldbury

Arlington RoadWest Bromwich

Arnhem WayTipton

Arran CloseGreat Barr

Arthur Harris CloseSmethwick

Arthur RoadTipton

Arthur StreetWest Bromwich

Arundel AvenueWednesbury

Arundel DriveTividale

Asbury RoadWednesbury

Ascot CloseOldbury

Ascot WalkOldbury

Ash DriveWest Bromwich

Ash RoadTipton

Ash RoadWednesbury

Ash StreetCradley Heath

Ash TerraceTividale


Ashes RoadOldbury

Ashleigh RoadTividale

Ashley RoadSmethwick

Ashmole RoadWest Bromwich

Ashtree RoadCradley Heath

Ashtree RoadTividale

Ashwood CloseOldbury

Aspen CourtSmethwick

Asquith DriveTividale

Astbury AvenueSmethwick

Aster WayWalsall

Astley CloseTipton

Aston RoadTividale

Aston StreetTipton

Atlantic WayWednesbury

Atlas GroveWest Bromwich

Attingham DriveGreat Barr

Attlee CloseTividale

Attwell RoadTipton

Auckland RoadSmethwick

Ault StreetWest Bromwich

Ave Maria CloseCradley Heath

Avenue RoadRowley Regis

Avern CloseTipton

Avery Myers CloseOldbury

Avery RoadSmethwick

Aviary CourtWest Bromwich

Avon GroveWalsall

Awefields CrescentSmethwick

Axletree WayWednesbury

Aziz Isaac CloseOldbury

Bache StreetWest Bromwich

Badsey RoadOldbury

Bagnall StreetGolds Hill

Bagnall StreetHarvills Hawthorn

Bagnall StreetOcker Hill

Bagnall StreetWest Bromwich

Bagnalls WharfWednesbury

Bailey StreetWest Bromwich

Baker House GroveGreat Barr

Baker StreetTipton

Baker StreetWest Bromwich

Baldwin CloseTividale

Baldwin StreetSmethwick

Balfour DriveTividale


Ballot StreetSmethwick

Balmoral WayRowley Regis

Bank StreetWest Bromwich

Bankfield RoadTipton

BanksideGreat Barr

Bannister RoadWednesbury

Bannister StreetCradley Heath

Barberry CourtSmethwick

Barclay RoadSmethwick

Barker StreetOldbury

Barley FieldsTividale

Barlow CloseOldbury

Barlow DriveWest Bromwich

Barlow RoadWednesbury

Barn CloseCradley Heath

Barncroft RoadTividale

Barncroft StreetWest Bromwich

Barnett StreetTipton

Barnett StreetTividale

Barney CloseTipton

Barnfield RoadTipton

Barnford CrescentOldbury

Barnfordhill CloseOldbury

Barnsley RoadBirmingham

Barnstaple RoadSmethwick

Barrack StreetWest Bromwich

Barrhill CloseGreat Barr

Barrington CloseWalsall

Barrs CrescentCradley Heath

Barrs RoadCradley Heath

Barrs StreetOldbury

Barston RoadOldbury

Bartleet RoadSmethwick

Bartlett CloseTipton

Barton StreetWest Bromwich

Basons LaneOldbury

Bassano RoadRowley Regis

Bassett RoadWednesbury

Bath RoadTipton

Batmans Hill RoadBilston

Batmans Hill RoadTipton

Bayleys LaneTipton

Beacon CloseGreat Barr

Beacon CloseSmethwick

Beaconsfield StreetWest Bromwich

Beaconview RoadWest Bromwich

Beakes RoadSmethwick

Bean DriveTipton

Bearmore RoadCradley Heath

Bearwood RoadSmethwick

Beatrice WalkTividale

Beaumont CloseTipton

Beaumont RoadWednesbury

Beauty BankCradley Heath

Beck CloseSmethwick

Beddoe CloseTipton

Bedford RoadWest Bromwich

Bedford StreetTipton

Bedworth CroftTipton

Beebee RoadWednesbury

Beech CrescentTipton

Beech CrescentWednesbury

Beech RoadTividale

Beech RoadWednesbury

Beech WaySmethwick

Beechcroft RoadCradley Heath

Beeches RoadOldbury

Beeches RoadRowley Regis

Beeches RoadWest Bromwich

Beeches Road PassageWest Bromwich

Beechfield RoadSmethwick

Beechwood RoadGreat Barr

Beechwood RoadSmethwick

Beechwood RoadWest Bromwich

Beehive WalkTipton

Beet StreetRowley Regis

Bell EndRowley Regis

Bell FoldOldbury

Bell StreetTipton

Bell StreetWest Bromwich

Belle Vue RoadRowley Regis

Bellflower DriveWalsall

Bells Moor RoadWest Bromwich

Belmont CloseTipton

Belmont RoadSmethwick

Ben Willetts WalkRowley Regis

Beresford CrescentWest Bromwich

Beresford RoadOldbury

Berkshire CloseWest Bromwich

Berkshire CrescentWednesbury

Bermuda MansionsWalsall

Bernard RoadOldbury

Bernard RoadTipton

Bernard StreetWest Bromwich

Berry CrescentWalsall

Berry DriveSmethwick

Bertram CloseTipton

Bertram RoadSmethwick

Best StreetCradley Heath

Betony CloseWalsall

Bevan RoadTipton

Bevan WaySmethwick

Beverley RoadWest Bromwich

Beverston RoadTipton

Bexley GroveWest Bromwich

Biddlestone GroveWalsall

Bideford RoadSmethwick

Bilhay LaneWest Bromwich

Bilhay StreetWest Bromwich

Bilport LaneWednesbury

Bilston RoadTipton

Bilston RoadWednesbury

Binfield StreetTipton

Birch CrescentTividale

Birch GroveOldbury

Birch LaneOldbury

Birch RoadOldbury

Birch StreetOldbury

Birch StreetTipton

Birch WalkOldbury

Birchfield GardensWalsall

Birchfield LaneOldbury

Birchfield WayWalsall

Birchley Park AvenueOldbury

Bird EndWest Bromwich

Birkdale DriveTividale

Birmingham New RoadTipton

Birmingham RoadGreat Barr

Birmingham RoadOldbury

Birmingham RoadRowley Regis

Birmingham RoadWest Bromwich

Birmingham StreetOldbury

Bishop RoadWednesbury

Bishops CloseSmethwick

Bishops WalkCradley Heath

Bishopton RoadSmethwick

Bissell DriveWednesbury

Black Country New RoadTipton

Black Country New Road From Navigation Roundabout To Swan RoundaboutWest Bromwich

Black Country New Road From Patent Shaft Roundabout To Steel RoundaboutWednesbury

Black Country New Road From Steel Roundabout To Parkway RoundaboutWednesbury

Black Country New Road From Swan Roundabout To Albion RoundaboutWest Bromwich

Black Country New Road From Woden Road West To Patent Shaft RoundaboutWednesbury

Black LakeWest Bromwich

Blackberry LaneRowley Regis

Blacksmith WayWest Bromwich

Blackthorne RoadSmethwick

Blades RoadWest Bromwi