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Transcript of DCC - Willrich Precision · PDF fileXCite - DCC CMM The XCite is a cost effective, air bearing...

  • The economical DCC CMM


  • XCite - DCC CMMThe XCite is a cost effective, air bearing DCC CMM, manufactured from granite with intrinsic accuracy. The measuring strokes cover 70% of CMM parts manufactured.

    Manufactured from truly metrological material to precise tolerances the XCite - DCC is assembled by experienced craftsmen and measures to microns.

    An Xspect Solutions CMM is built to microns, and measures to microns for Life - Guaranteed.

    With accuracy at its heart and straight to the point, the XCite - DCC is an accurate CMM straight and true.

    Measuring System Renishaw Scales

    Resolution 0.4 microns

    Probe System Renishaw

    Z-axis Counterbalanced

    Max. Balance Weight 8.5kg

    Air Consumption 6-8 kgf/cm2

    Bearings Air bearings on all axes

    Model X Y Z Accuracy

    XC 5.6.4 500 600 400 2.4 + L/300

  • RTP 20RTP20 offers low-cost motorized head functionality with integral TP20 touch-trigger probe, providing improved productivity, increased reach and flexibility.

    PH 20PH20 offers high speed head touches and infinitely positioned A and B angles to give the best throughput and most flexible probing.

    Probe Systems

    Robustness and Durability

    Investment protection through robust and modular engineering

    n XCite - DCC is manufactured from granite and free of internal tensions and extremely wear resistant.n The guide way of the Y-axis is fitted with bellow type covers to protect against contamination from dust and dirt.n Space saving compact design for greater flexbility.n Data compatibility with all other WENZEL systems.n Seamless import and export of data into modern computer-aided systems like CAD, CAM, or CAQ.

    Ergonomics and Usability

    Just measure

    n The easy to use WENZEL measurement software generates fast accurate measurement results.n Supplied with Renishaw controllers and a choice of RTP 20 or PH 20 probe heads.n User training enables a fast and efficient application.


    Reduced downtime due to high serviceability

    n Long and costly maintenance intervals can be avoided by easy accessibility to maintenance components.n WENZEL Online Service (WOS) allows quick online diagnosis for help.n High availability of spare parts worldwide.

  • Supplying the Best Value in CMM Gear Inspection 3D Imaging

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    Model 5.6.4







    1200 kg









    GEORGETypewritten textAuthorized Representative: Willrich Precision Ph: 866-945-5742email: sales@willrich.com