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Diapositiva 1 DIGITAL MUSEUM RREV A COMENIUS PROJECT Faenza pottery The town of Faenza is worldwide the symbol of pottery and the term faience is still used in some

This presentation was presented in the Seminar of Information and Library Work at Suranaree University of Technology on October 7, 2010. Its explained that how we can

1. Museum EntranceRoom OneRoom TwoRoomThreeWelcome to theMuseum of the 1950s American Suburbia$5entryBackWallArtifact 2. Suburbia/Difference between rural,suburban and urban

Digital + museum = ? Digital Heritage Module MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies University of Manchester 5 May 2017 John Stack Digital Director Science Museum Group

1 Museum Websites and Museum Visitors: Digital Museum Resources and their Use Paul F. Marty College of Information Florida State University 240 Louis Shores Building Tallahassee,

Digital Field Museum and MUSIT Espen Uleberg Museum of Cultural History University of Oslo The Archaeological museum districts in Norway DAIKs EDB-Comittee1988 The Documentation

1.Historical Society Bryan Gray and Sarah Intellagirl Robbins Media Sauce November 5, 2007 Digital2. Preserving Culture Through Media 3. 15,000 - 10,000 BC 4. 3000

1. Historical Belton QuickTime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.Erica LaHouseEDUC 3330 Social Studies StrategiesSpring 2013 2. North Belton CemeteryFacts:

Stratgie digitale au muse: besoin, tendances, dfis Digital strategy in museums: need, trends, challenges Conxa Rod @innova2 Museu Nacional dArt de Catalunya, Barcelona

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1. 06 October 2014Archive ChecklistMuseums & ArchivesDOM E-5064 Digital Strategies for MUSEUMS & Cultural Heritage 2. Participatory(co-curation)http://www.historypin.comDOM

1. 13 October 2014 Collections Strategy Museums & Archives DOM E-5064 Digital Strategies for MUSEUMS & Cultural Heritage 2. COLLECTIONS WEB X Y DOM E-5064 Digital

1. 29 September 2014 Comparative Interfaces Museums & Archives DOM E-5064 Digital Strategies for MUSEUMS & Cultural Heritage 2. DOM E-5064 Digital

In 2011, inspired by the Commissions mission, I founded the Al-Masmak Digital Museum, the first non-profit Saudi online museum that collects Saudi arts and an- tiques.

Integrated Digital Museum Framework Joshua, Jen-Shin, Hong Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering Outline Experiences on digital museum development Issues

1. BECOMING A21st CENTURYMUSEUM 2. There are 17,500 museums in the U.S.ARTScienceHistoricalzooNatural historybotanical 3. THE ARTS AND CULTURE MARKET IS A$166.2 BILLIONBUSINESS

1. Digital technology and collections:promoting access and engagementFiona Marshall 2. Object information/images for public use Crowd-sourcing / co-creation Mobiles,