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  • Varying Points of ViewsA variety of different world religious perspectives about the Christian concept of equally yokedRLGNS 101 : World Religions

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  • paradigm..The paradigm of the 144,000 is one of exclusively Equallyoked Couples within in a worldwide Society.Pagan Spiritualist

  • born of GodIt (the equallyoked coupleship) is born of God for the preservation of doing what it right a social mores morally valuing the equallyoked while abiding in emotional stability is prosperity for the family amongst Christians all over the world. It is written, If you know that he is righteous, you know that everyone who does what is right has been born of him I John 2:29


  • SymbolicTraditional beliefs about the equally yoked couple is a doctrinal pillar in the Christian church and is symbolic of Gods first love - the equallyoked couple in Eden.

    Early American Folk Beliefs

  • LoveChristians believe God is Love - Love ..knoweth all things, because equallyoked couples are connected emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually they can communicate well in a balanced Christian community climate.


  • is truthThe Spirit of equallyokedtarianism is truth and is divinely purported to humankinds only in cooperation with God the Creator.


  • the anti-ChristIn Christianity, the anti-christ is seen in those who are unequallyoked while simultaneously the growth and development of equallyoked marriages, families, and children still flourishes.

    In Christianity-any unequallyoked coupleship is a blatant lie perpetuated by national secularism.

    All true Christians believe that.. ..unequallyoked is sinful and therefore of the devil in hell.


  • a pillar in the temple

    Christian believe much the same way as other religions in the world. If Thou art equally yoked and belief that is the best way for a marriage and family to live, in Christian life, it is considered as a pillar in the temple of God.


  • a more perfect unionGods creation of the equallyoked couple in the beginning of time is a symbol of high moral values and mans creative adaptive and positive change for a better Christian society with respect for marriage and everyone in the family as a more perfect union.


  • as a recordThe Spirit of God is seen in each equallyoked couple and their family members, if open and available to all levels of feedback emotionally and morally as it is at once realized and is therefore viewed in true Christianity as a record secured for eternal life.


  • very valuedIt is the Love of God perfected in the nuclear family that is of an equallyoked marriage - one that is practicing a very valued social mores in Christiandom.


  • a doctrine..a doctrine that teaches couples how to choose a perfect relationship before God and man is a couple who are equallyoked.


  • an unctionThe equally yoke couple is an unction of the Holy One as a fore taste of the New Jerusalem to be established here on the New Earth.


  • testifiedEquallyoked relationship testifies of Gods love a gift to all of Christianity.


  • a correct way of lifeAn equallyoked couple living as such in an equallyokedtarian lifestyle has been described as: a valid way to live, a healthier lifestyle, a correct way of life in Christian life - even forever and for ever.


  • of heaventhe Christian equallyoked couple cooperation with the God an expression of Heaven on here on earth.


  • in agreementThe love of God is made manifest in the equallyoked couple and in full agreement with the Christian segment of religion.


  • sanctifiedfighting demons...(of the unequallyoked) overcometh unto victory in the spirit here on earth. ..thus, the equallyoked couple is sanctified by God.

    Falun Gong

  • Book of LifeHerein is love the equallyoked couple is them that doeth good as Christians and are of God so therefore their Edenic relationship will be written in the Book of Life.


  • deed and in truth..An equallyoked coupleship is saying to all that the church that holds the doctrine of love is heeding the scripture, My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. I John 3:18.

    American Sect and Cult

  • perfectedequallyoked couples are works perfected before God in a community of Christians.


  • hastensequallyoking hastens the coming of Jesus Christ for Christians so, when every man and woman on earth is manisfested in equallyoking ..then shall be Jesus Christ Coming.


  • ..time honored..Christianity is know for its high values and interdependence with law abidingness/ prosperity, moral choice, creativity and the integrity of an equallyoked couple that is time honored

    ..that testifies of a true Christian nation.


  • ..Thy kingdom come....If the Christian just repents from unequallyoked tendancies that are acted out because of chemical imbalances and more influenced by illegal drugs, then, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done by the equallyoked couples of earth.

    Old Norse:Asatru

  • ..a world marvelTo the clinical psychosocial scientist actually discovering that - two equallyoked couples - as two identical twins who are indeed married to two identical twins is a world phenomenal marvel.

    Folk Atheism

  • of Life..He and She who have ears let them hear that to the equallyoked it is they who will receive the Christians crown of Life

    Bah' Faith

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