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    1. Employment Application Procedures Part 1

    2. Employment Application Form Part 2

    3. Position Description Part 3

    4. General Employment Information Part 4





    Part 1



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    Dear Applicant, Thank you for your interest in the Strategic Planner position with Council that was recently advertised. In order to assist in processing the applications a basic application form has been developed, (which all applicants are required to complete). This form does not have to be handwritten; an electronic equivalent following the same format will be accepted. In completing the application form, applicants are requested to follow the instructions as below. Part A. Personal Details Please complete all the details and provide a telephone number so that Council may contact you during working hours, should you be successful in gaining an interview.

    Part B. Key Selection Criteria - Essential Please complete this section. You are required to demonstrate how you meet each essential criteria as outlined in the position description on page 13. If the essential criteria can be demonstrated by providing written documentation such as tertiary qualifications or current position description, you should attach copies to the application. Where essential criteria cannot be demonstrated by written evidence, you are required to explain how you meet the criteria.

    Part C. Key Selection Criteria - Desirable In this section you are required to explain how your experience, knowledge, skills or qualification meet the desirable criteria on page 13. In this case, supporting documents, i.e. certificates, job description etc. may also be supplied if necessary. If the position description does not specify desirable criteria, then leave this section blank. If there is not sufficient room on the application form to complete Parts B and C, please attach additional pages. However Parts B and C must be completed on the application form. Merely writing “please see the attached resume” or similar will not be sufficient, failure to address the essential and desirable criteria will result in the application not being considered. Part D. EDUCATION Please complete all details and provide copies only of results achieved. Do not send originals. Part E. REFEREES Please provide current details, including correct telephone numbers and names of people (referees) who may be contacted in regard to your education, work performance and employment history (if any).

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    Part F. TRAINING / PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Please provide details, supported where appropriate with copies of certificates, of training and professional development courses completed.

    Applicants are encouraged to submit their resume with the application. Do not attach any original documents, as they will not be returned. Part G. INTERVIEWS Interviews will held in the near future at the Upper Lachlan Council Chambers, Crookwell and applicants successful in obtaining an interview will be contacted by telephone. Applicants unsuccessful in obtaining an interview will be advised in writing after an appointment has been made. Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to seek constructive comment and feedback on why their application was unsuccessful. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Upper Lachlan Council is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and promotes a smoke free work environment. FURTHER INFORMATION An information package, application form and further information are available by contacting me. Applications for the position close 4pm Thursday 1st March 2018.

    Yours faithfully

    Kevin Nopare Kara Kevin Kara Human Resource Coordinator [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]

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    Part 2

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    Surname: …………………………… Given Names: …………………………………

    Address: …………………………………………………………………………………


    Telephone: Work: …………………… Home: ……………………

    Facsimile: Work: …………………… Home: ……………………

    E-mail Address: …………………………………………………………………

    Drivers Licence Class: ……………………

    Envelope to be addressed to; General Manager

    Upper Lachlan Shire Council

    PO Box 42

    GUNNING NSW 2581

    And endorsed: Application Strategic Planner


    Please demonstrate how your experience, skills, knowledge and qualifications meet each of the Qualifications and Experience (Selection Criteria) as stated in the position description on page 15. You may support your application by attaching a Personal Resume that will expand upon this information.


    Please explain how your experience, skills, knowledge and qualifications meet each of the desirable criteria as stated in the Qualifications and Experience (Selection Criteria) in position description on page 15.

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    School/TAFE/University Standard /Course Yr Completed


    Referee Address Telephone


    Course Provider Yr. Completed

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    Part 3

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    UUppppeerr LLaacchhllaann SShhiirree CCoouunncciill Position Description PN ENV Position: STRATEGIC PLANNER Division: Environment and Planning Services Reports To: Manager Environment and Planning Incumbent: VACANT Salary Range: Grade: 15 Step: Minimum


    In accordance with Local Government State Award as amended from time to time, Industrial Agreements and Council’s Policies, Practices and Procedures as amended from time to time. Hours: 35 hours per week Travel: As required Flexible Hours: 9-day fortnight as per arrangement (8.00am to 4.30pm) Vehicle: As required


    To develop, implement and review Strategic Planning documents in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Local Government Act 1993.

    o To provide technical strategic planning advice to the public.

    o To provide strategic planning expertise to the organisation as required.

    o To monitor and implement strategic planning programs and projects.

    o To coordinate and manage consultants and their associated projects.


    Comply with Council’s Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures at all times.

    Present a positive image of Council at all times.

    Ensure an efficient, courteous and professional service to customers at all times.

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    Participate in the evaluation and review of all work practices and processes relevant to the role to ensure that they are effective and efficient and propose improvements where appropriate.

    Ensure all work is performed in accordance with requirements of Health and Safety policies, procedures and legislation.

    Report all incidents, hazards and risks to the immediate supervisor.

    Actively participate as a member of the relevant Council section and division.

    Promote and maintain harmonious relationships in the workplace.

    Ensure timely and accurate record keeping in accordance with Council’s requirements.

    Undertake both internal and external training identified as relevant to the role.

    Consider the protection of the environment in all Council activities and decision making.

    3. REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS This position reports directly to the:

    • Manager Environment and Planning 4. KEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

    To prepare and assess all Planning Proposals for the Upper Lachlan Local Environmental Plan.

    To implement and review the comprehensive Upper Lachlan Development Control Plan.

    Develop, implement and monitor programs and projects relating to strategic planning.

    Supervise consultants undertaking strategic planning projects as required including the preparation and review of the Upper Lachlan Section 94 and 94A Plans.

    Provide timely, high standard, accurate, professional and effective verbal and written advice, including Council reports, assessments of submissions, strategy and policy preparation that demonstrates awareness of Council and political constraints/impacts and community sensitivities to the issues involved.

    Liaise and consult with the community, Government agencies and other groups, together with other officers of Council, on all aspects of Council’s strategic planning.

    Contribute to the development, implementation and review of policy and procedures which protect and safeguard Council staff, community members and the environment.

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    Maintain an up to date knowledge of relevant legislation and implement changes as required.

    Provide support and assistance to Development Assessment Team

    Prepare submissions on changes to legislation and policies for the Department.

    5. PERSON SPECIFICATION Personal Attributes

    • A team orientated person with analytical skills who is self-motivated and driven by achievement and action.

    • The ability to communicate and negotiate effectively with all levels in the organisation and the general public on all matters relevant to the position.

    • The ability to work as a member of a team of professionals.

    Technical Knowledge and Skills

    • A thorough working knowledge of Council’s operations, policies, procedures and guidelines.

    • A sound knowledge and understanding of the legislative processes applicable to Local Government.

    • Sound knowledge of best practice and emerging practices in strategic and environmental planning.

    • A working knowledge of the provisions of the Local Government Act, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, Protection of the Environment Operations Act, and other relevant Acts and Regulations.

    • The ability to utilise Council’s computer software packages.

    • A solid command of English, grammar and spelling.

    Education and Qualifications

    • Degree qualifications in urban and regional planning, town planning, economics or a related field.

    • A minimum 2 years relevant work experience in local government planning. Licences

    • A current class “C” driver’s licence

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    • Tertiary Degree qualifications in urban and regional planning or a related discipline.

    • Demonstrated working knowledge of NSW Environmental Planning legislation and other relevant Acts.

    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to prepare complex correspondence, reports and or applications.

    • Demonstrated experience in preparing, reviewing and implementing local environmental plans, development control plans and section 94 plans.

    • Demonstrated experience in the preparation and assessment of planning proposal.

    • Demonstrated ability to manage projects and tasks, meet strict deadlines and deliver identified outcomes.

    • Demonstrated experience in undertaking community consultation activities.

    • Minimum 2 years work experience in local government strategic planning.

    • Demonstrated proficient computer literacy.

    • A strong commitment to quality customer service.

    • A current class “C” driver’s licence.


    • Knowledge of Geographic Information systems (GIS e.g. Exponare, Mapinfo) and property systems (e.g. Authority).

    • Local government development control planning experience.

    • Demonstrated experience in Heritage assessments and funding programs.

    • Electronic record keeping systems (e.g. HPE Content Manager).

    6. AWARD BASED SKILL DESCRIPTORS Authority and Accountability

    • Functions authorised by General Manager’s delegation, appropriate to the Environment and Planning Department.

    • The position responds to the Director and Manager of Environment and Planning, and the General Manager.

    • The position is required to meet legislated requirements for reporting in the position’s areas of responsibility.

    • Responsible for administrative functions within the position’s areas of responsibility.

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    • Where required, prepare reports and recommendations to the Council, in consultation with the Manager and Director of Environment and Planning, and the General Manager.

    • Required to understand and meet a broad range of legislative requirements including Environmental, WHS and EEO.

    Judgment and Problem Solving

    • Process information according to relevant legislation, Council policies and adopted procedural requirements.

    • Identify weaknesses in procedures and implement solutions.

    • Interpretation of Acts, Regulations, policies and procedures relevant to the position.

    • The ability to anticipate and evaluate situations and to solve problems relevant to the positions.

    • The ability to assess political situations and respect the political role of the Elected Members.

    Specialist Knowledge and Skills

    • A thorough working knowledge of Council’s operations, policies, procedures and guidelines.

    • A sound knowledge and understanding of the legislative processes applicable to Local Government.

    • Sound knowledge of best practice and emerging practices in strategic and environmental planning.

    • A working knowledge of the provisions of the Local Government Act, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, Protection of the Environment Operations Act, and other relevant Acts and Regulations.

    • The ability to utilise Council’s computer software packages.

    • Awareness of social and community planning requirements.

    • Awareness and understanding of WHS legislation as it applies to Local Government.

    • Knowledge of Local Government procedures.

    Management Skills

    • Awareness of and ability to implement good management practice for all areas of responsibility.

    • Undertake necessary systems refinements as identified.

    • Preparation of reports, plans and the like in consultation with the Manager and Director of Environment and Planning and the General Manager.

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    Interpersonal skills

    • Able to maintain ongoing effective communications with customers.

    • Ability to effectively liaise with other Council staff members.

    • Public speaking skills.

    • Ability to relate to officers from government departments and other external contacts, including consultants.

    • Ability to effectively communicate with elected members of Council.


    • A pre-employment medical examination must be satisfactorily undertaken, at Council’s expense, prior to the successful candidate commencing their employment.

    • Council provides a smoke free work place.

    • Council is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

    • Wages and salaries will be deposited directly into the successful candidate’s nominated financial institution account(s).

    • Council’s adopted Code of Conduct applies to all Councillors and staff.

    • Council varies existing policies and adopts new policies from time to time that may impact on staff.


    • Tasks involve flexion/bending at the knees and ankle, possibly at the waist in order to work at low levels.

    • Tasks involve use of hands/arms - e.g. stacking, reaching, typing, sorting, and inspecting

    • Tasks involve forward or backward bending or twisting at the waist.

    • Tasks involve standing in an upright position without moving about.

    • Tasks involve walking on uneven surfaces.

    • Tasks involve walking up and / or down slopes.

    • Tasks involve gripping, holding, clasping with fingers or hands.

    • Tasks involve use of eyes (sight) an as integral part of task performance - i.e. looking at screen/keyboard in computer operation, working in dark environment, etc.

    • Customer services, complaint handling, dealing with telephone, face to face enquiries.

    • Tasks involve working in remote locations with limited communications available.

    • Tasks involve working on slippery or uneven surfaces.

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    • Tasks involve working with obstacles within the area – bad housekeeping.

    • Tasks involve manual handling.

    • Tasks involving working with waste refuse.

    • Tasks involve the use of the smell senses as an integral part of the task performance - e.g. working with chemicals.


    • To assist Council supervisors and managers in identifying hazards at the workplace.

    • To participate in the assessment of the risks associated with the identified hazards.

    • Be aware of and follow the Council’s adopted risk management procedures when undertaking tasks and projects.

    • Follow the reasonable directions of supervisors and managers

    • Not to interfere with or misuse any device or equipment that has been provided as part of a risk control measure.

    • Report as soon as practical and without delay to supervisors any matter that relates to hazard identification or risk assessment that effects the Council’s capacity to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

    • Report as soon as practical and without undue delay any adopted matter that indicates that the risk management procedures are inadequate to control a risk.

    • Report as soon as practical and without undue delay to supervisors any incidents or near misses that relate to work health and safety.

    • In the event of a non-disturbance accident not to disturb or interfere with the accident scene other than to; rescue a person from the scene of the incident; or, take such steps as are necessary to prevent further harm to employees; or, render the scene of the accident safe for the purpose of inspection and if required WorkCover investigation.

    • If requested respond and render assistance to any person who is working at a Council workplace who is suffering injury or illness.

    • Council recognises the important contribution that employees make to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Individual employees are required to:

    Cooperate with Council as far as necessary to assist Council to comply with the statutory obligations under the WH&S Act 2011 and the WH&S Regulations.

    • Report immediately any unsafe work practices to their supervisors.

    • Report immediately any unsafe workplace condition that could place employees and other persons at risk.

    • At all times follow the adopted risk management procedures.

    • Wear suitable/correct Personal Protection Equipment for tasks undertaken.

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    • Attend all meetings/tool box talks where applicable.

    • Implement correct Safe Work Method Statements SWMS for tasks being undertaken at all times.

    • Where required maintain a written record of any/all the above.

    ANNUAL REVIEW Each position holder shall be reviewed annually, to assess performance, training needs and to identify significant changes (if any) in the position description. SALARY PROGRESSION CRITERIA – POSITION: STRATEGIC PLANNER MINIMUM ENTRY LEVEL FOR THE POSITION The position holder will be required to possess essential skills that are necessary to undertake the basic requirements of the position. The assessment of these skills will be on the basis of the application submitted in respect of the position and the known experience and qualifications of the applicant. Such information will be assessed against the defined tasks and parameters for the position. STEP 1 Skills will be required to undertake all essential requirements of the position and the acquisition/application of local and Council specific knowledge and operating procedures. The emphasis at this level will be placed on the demonstrated application of the skills and knowledge required of the position in terms of the specific work environment, policies/procedures/practices, etc. Assessment of these skills will be based on the experience/qualifications of the position holder and their ability to apply skills defined in the position parameters. The employee will be assessed against the following criteria:

    • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders on routine strategic planning matters.

    • Demonstrated ability to manage time effectively and contribute to team goals.

    • Demonstrated well developed report writing skills.

    • Demonstrated ability to write a project brief for a strategic planning project/land use strategy.

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    STEP 2 Will require the achievement of Step 1 and competency assessment in all of the following core level competencies:

    • Demonstrated ability to design and co-ordinate a stakeholder engagement workshop / event.

    • Proficiency in problem solving and decision-making.

    • Demonstrated ability to manage competing priorities.

    • Demonstrated project management skills involving strategic planning project.

    • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders on more complex planning matters.

    STEP 3 Requires the achievement of all skills of Step 2, and achieve all competency assessment in all of the following functional competencies.

    • Review Planning Instruments in accordance with Planning Legislation.

    • Application of State Records, Local Government, Privacy and Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 requirements.

    • Implementation of innovative and improved processes for the benefit of the Organisation.

    • Solutions to problems are resolved with limited assistance and without negative impact on the organisation.

    • Provide quality and timely advice to management.

    • Design and implement projects.

    STEP 4 Following achievement of skills in Step 3 the position holder will be able to be assessed on the following organisational competencies: -

    • Meets all the requirements of the position description;

    • Maintains effective work practices;

    • Contributes effectively to the team environment;

    • Quality and quantity of work regularly meets requirements

    • Demonstrated high level project management skills.

    • Demonstrated ability to design, undertake and / or manage a strategic planning project / land use study.

    • Demonstrated well-developed analytical skills and ability to make well-informed recommendations on complex planning matters.

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    Assessment for this Step will be undertaken by the Director of Environment and Planning and will be based on the consistent achievement of all tasks in the position description (at the applicable band/level). For this step not to be granted the Director must be able to show in what areas the requirements have not been consistently met. MAXIMUM STEP FOR THE POSITION To achieve this level the position holder must consistently show that they apply skills, competencies or expertise additional to that required for the position i.e. the employee provides superior knowledge and skill to the position. This step will be achieved by the attainment of agreed training/qualifications, efficiency and productivity, innovative project and continuous work improvement over an extended period of time. This step will be subject of determination by the respective Director and will be subject of definition on the achievement of Step 4 by the position holder.

    CERTIFICATION AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF CONTENT ABOVE (This is both a certification and acknowledgment of the position as described by the

    position holder and the position holders’ supervisor.)

    ____________________ ____________________ (Signature of Supervisor) (Signature of Position Holder)

    Date:……………………….. Date:……………………..

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    Part 4

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    1. PRE-EMPLOYMENT MEDICAL EXAMINATION As part of Council’s employment policy, all new employees are required to satisfactorily complete a medical examination undertaken by a practicing medical officer of the employee’s choice and at Councils expense. The results of the medical examination shall be kept confidential. The purpose of the medical examination is not to determine the success or otherwise of the applicants employment, and is in the interest of the prevention of industrial injury and to identify any existing injury or incapacity. 2. HOURS OF WORK The majority of Council’s salaried staff is employed on a 9-day fortnight of 70 hours per pay period. Council’s wages staff works a 9-day fortnight of 76 hours per pay period. 3. PAY ARRANGEMENTS. Employees are paid on a fortnightly basis with the pay being deposited directly into an account nominated by the employee. 4. UNION MEMBERSHIP Membership of a relevant union or professional association is optional. Membership subscriptions for professional associations can be deducted from the employee’s salary. 5. PICNIC DAY A picnic day is generally held in November each year. It is an Award provision and a paid day for employees who are financial member of a union. Attendance at the picnic is encouraged and usually consists of some form of organised sporting activity for which a small charge is normally levied to pay for food and activities. 6. LEAVE PROVISIONS All leave provisions are in accordance with the current Local Government (State) Award and all relevant federal legislation. Leave provisions include Sick Leave, Carer’s Leave, Annual Leave, Long Service Leave, Parental Leave (General), Requests for Flexible Working Arrangements, Paid Parental Leave, Concurrent Parental Leave, Adoption Leave, Other Paid Leave, Bereavement Leave and Leave Without Pay 7. INTERVIEW EXPENSES Council will pay reasonable travelling and out of pocket expenses to applicants attending an interview for the position. Should an applicant be offered the position and the applicant declines it, the applicant will not be paid travelling or out of pocket expenses. 8. REMOVALIST EXPENSES Council does not normally pay removalist expenses unless they are negotiated with the applicant or are an Award condition. 9. TELEPHONE Should Council require the position holder to be contactable for out of hour’s emergencies and Council business, Council will provide a mobile phone under the current Council usage plan. In such cases Council may require the afterhours contact number to be listed in Council’s section of the telephone directory.

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    10. VEHICLE LEASE BACK Council has a lease back policy for private use of vehicles outside normal working hours for nominated positions. Lease back of the vehicle is by concurrence of the respective Division Director. 11. SUPERANNUATION Superannuation is available to employees through their current or any approved fund of the employee’s choice. Council also pays occupational superannuation on the employee’s behalf. 12. SOCIAL CLUB A Social Club is available for employees. A small fortnightly contribution via the payroll is made which generally covers the cost of a Christmas function or similar function for employees and their partners. 13. WORKING ENVIRONMENT Council promotes a smoke free working environment for the general health of employees, and is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. 14. COUNCIL STRUCTURE Council is comprised of 9 elected Councillors and Ordinary Council meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, commencing at 9.00am. The General Manager, Directors and some specialist staff are required to attend Council meetings 15. MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE Council’s management structure consists of the General Manager and a Director responsible for each of the three divisions. The management structure and key staff are as below. Executive General Manager Works and Operations Department Director of Works and Operations Manager of Works Manager of Operations Finance & Administration Department Director of Finance & Administration Services Manager of Finance & Administration Manager of Library Services Manager of Tourism Human Resource Coordinator Planning and Environment Department Director of Planning & Environmental Services Manager of Planning & Environmental Services Manager of Noxious Weeds