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Contento The Gameo Objectiveso Topics Coveredo Featureso Eligibilityo Setting up the Gameo Playing the Game

oAcceptable Consecutive 5 Formation

oGame Rules and Conditions


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The GamePlayers must get a connected series of five of the same colored chip either - Up- down or - diagonally on the playing surface by answering the question cards correctly.

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The GameEach correct answer entitles the player to place the coloured chip on the playing surface.

E.g. answer “bond issue” question correctly.

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Aim is to attain a consecutive 5!

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Objectives Enhance learning of Corporate Finance and Advisory Gain knowledge and a better understanding on

Corporate Finance and Advisory topics Facilitate learning, understanding and remembering

of CFAS concepts Brain stimulating, allowing players to pit their

strategies against one another

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Topics covered-Venture Capital Financing and Private Equity Funding-Corporate Securities--Debt Instruments-Initial Public Offering-Guideline and Criteria for Listing-Rights Issue-Share Placement-Debt Securities and Hybrid Instrument

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Features Game is simple and easy to play Players are able to devise strategies to prevent the

other players from winning Involve knowledge of Corporate Finance and

Advisory Services and some element of luck Explanations for the questions are given on the

answer cards

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Game Guide provided to help players

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Pictures on cards gives a clue on the topic that you will have to answer

Cards/board/box are all attractive

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Eligibility 3 -4 Players/ Teams Required Meant for players aged 15 and above Open to players with basic knowledge or even no

knowledge of Corporate Finance and Advisory Services

*** Not more than 4 teams or players are allowed!

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How to set up the game?1. Place and connect the two pieces of game boards

on a flat and rough surface 2. Ensure that there are enough room around the

game board for placement of the draw deck of cards, marker chips and discards for each player

3. Team players must divide evenly into three/four teams

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4. Choose a dealer5. Dealer shuffle the cards and deal out five question

cards to each player6. Ensure that all players choose a colour chip to

represent them.7. Start the GAME!

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How to Play the Game1. Game begins with the player to the left of the

dealer moving in clockwise direction.

2. Each player selects a card of their choice from their hand and answer the question

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3. Question cards are colour-coded and players are to refer to the answer card of that particular colour code

4. Players who answer the question correctly will place the question and answer card face up on a discard pile and then places one of their marker chips on the matching picture on the game board

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5. Players who answer the question wrongly will place the question and answer card on the discard pile and will be unable to place their marker chips on the game board

6. Game will resume with the next player on his/her left

7. Play continues in a clockwise direction until one player or team scores ONE CONSECUTIVE 5

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Acceptable Consecutive 5 Formation


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Loss of Card Next player makes a move AND takes his/her card Lose the right to take a card Finish the game with fewer cards than the other


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No Table Talk No coaching or helping teammates If caught, every member of that team must

forfeit one card of their choice

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Rules1. Players are expected to have integrity and any form of

cheating is not allowed2. Players are not allowed to peek at the answers3. Players are not supposed to exchange their question cards

with one another4. Players are not supposed to provide help or provide hints

to other players5. Players may refer to the game guide if they are unaware

of the terms on the questions

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Rules6. At all times, each player are only allowed to have

5 cards on hand7. At all times, there should only be 3 or 4 different

team/players playing the game

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Contents in the box

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Example of questionsss…