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  • 1. Sitcom - Conventions Gary Tank Commander Blackadder Gavin + Stacey Basil Brush By Amar Shukla + Lewis Harrington.

2. What is a sitcom?

  • Sitcom means SITuation COMedy.
  • This is because they have the same characters in different episodes, which have different situations to make the characters react in funny ways.
  • In most good sitcoms the main characters stay the same, even when in one episode, something might happens which will change them, but they will always manage to get back to their original (bad) situation.

3. Conventions

  • In most sitcoms there is a title sequence with lively/upbeat music. After/during the title sequence it will often have credits, or at least Written by
  • Sometimes, there is an introduction to the storyline of the particular episode before the title sequence.
  • There is usually only one or two sets in a sitcom, for example a house, or a restaurant.
  • There is not usually a live audience, but in some there is.

4. Examples which follow these conventions:

  • The IT crowd:
  • The Office: 5. Analysis ofNot Going Out

  • Titles: Lively music, flashy/showbiz.
  • Written By:
  • Only two sets:

House Bar