• The green planet Earth supports life through a complex balance between the CO2 cycle and the water cycle. Together both control temperature and climate around the world. This balance has been seriously affected by CO2 emissions world wide. We are beginning to witness changes in weather patterns and not so apparently, a shift in the climate regions and seasons. Furthermore, there is an undeniable increase in extreme weather events around the world causing major world disasters. Hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, flash flooding in dry areas and long lasting droughts in areas where water was once abundant as evident by the increase in forest fires in the west and droughts in Midwest.

    wind power Vertical axis turbines

    Vertical wind turbines are more efficient than horizontal turbines and take less space. Vertical wind turbines also have a far lower noise level when compared to traditional wind turbines.

    Micro wind turbines

    Micro wind turbines are a much smaller version of the popular giant wind turbines. They are designed to be mounted on the average rooftop. It takes less time to get a return on investment on a wind turbine than solar power. However, turbines do require maintenance. A wind turbine could lower the cost of a solar power system by complimenting it, creating a "hybrid" renewable energy system.

    Renewable Energy Discover what it really means and how it's part of your life. Learn about the pros and cons.

    Simple solution A building performance envelope energy audit, evaluates your home and determines areas of energy waste while providing recommended solutions based on importance and impact. This results in a reduction of energy waste and therefore reduces the costs of investing in renewable energy.

  • Benefits You could literally run your home, heat it, cool it and heat the water by using solar energy. The price of sunshine is forecasted not to go up; ever! You could drastically reduce your energy bills and maintenance requirements. Help reduce carbon emissions, be modern, environmentally friendly, be a leader of innovation! Add value to your property from renewable upgrades. Gain independence from black outs. Internet, wireless phones, cable tv boxes/satellite/DVR still works when everyone else in neighborhood is calling the local utility. Your food has a lesser chance of spoiling. Refrigerators and air conditioners last longer. Renewable energy creates jobs.

    Renewable energy is energy that is abundant and easily harnessed. Oil, natural gas, propane, and even nuclear energy is not readily available.

    Solar power

    Solar power is also known as photovoltaics, is a way to produce electricity by utilizing the most abundant source of energy available; the sun.

    Solar water heating

    Solar water heating: is the heating of water utilizing a free, abundant and reliable energy source; the sun. It is being referred to as solar thermal in the industry.

    Solar heating

    It is the use of the sun to heat your home or living spaces. It can be used as radiant heating known to be the most efficient), or by heating a the air from central air.

    Solar air conditioning

    It is the application of the sun rays to heat the a/c fluid reducing your compressor operation by up to 80%. Everything else in a/c cools the same way.

    Why renewable energy? What's the big deal? Wether you own or rent, chances are 30-50% of the power you use is being wasted. (According to the US DEPT of ENERGY). If you are like me, more than half of your electric bill is not for the power but for transmission, maintenance and other fees. Electric or gas water heaters consume the largest amount of energy in the household followed only by air conditioning and heating. The largest energy consumers in the nation are households. Over 80% of energy is produced by COAL followed by oil, natural gas, hydroelectric dams and nuclear plants.