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particles are captured by the flowing flood sheet for subsequent separation therefrom and reuse.

Basecoat U.S. Patent 5,560,976. Oct. 1, 1996 L.D. Leech, assignor to Whifford Corp., West Chester, Pa.

A nonstick coating composition formed on a substrate, comprising a high tempera- ture polymer resin of sufficient binding capacity to adhere to the substrate and a filamentary powder dispersed throughout said polymer resin to form an adhesive mixture, said mixture being applied to the substrate resulting in a basecoat having an internal spongelike structure and a rough top surface including a plurality of fila- ments projecting up from the polymer res- in; and a fluoropolymer coating anchored in the top surface of the basecoat to form a nonstick coating on the substrate.

Silver Spot/Palladium Plate Lead Frame Finish U.S. Patent 5,567,320. Oct. 1, 1996 DC. Abbott and R.M. Fritzsche, assignors to Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas

A lead frame for a semiconductor device including a device mounting pad and lead frame leads, comprising a layer of first metal selected from the group consisting of palladium and palladium-nickel plated on the lead frame; a spot plating of silver on selected portions of the lead frame leads; and a plating of copper between the first metal plated on the lead frame and the spot plating of silver.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer U.S. Patent 5,562,442. Oct. 6, 1996 E Wilhelm, assignor to Eisenmann Corp., Crystal Lake, 111.

A method for treating polluted industrial gases comprising a regenerative thermal oxidizer.

Pulsed-Force Chemical Mechanical Polishing U.S. Patent 5562,530. Oct. 8, 7998 S. Runnels and L.M. Eyman, assignors fo Sematech Inc., Austin, Texas

A method of polishing a surface by ex- erting a pulsed-force directed substantially normal to the surface in combination with

an abrasive motion directed across the sur- face to erode material from the surface.

Abrasive Blasting Apparatus U.S. Patent 5,562,531. Oct. 8, 1996 E. Yamaharu, Osaka, Japan

An abrasive blasting apparatus compris- ing a blast chamber with blast nozzle means arranged in the blast chamber for blasting abrasive particles in a high-speed air flow toward a workpiece.

Abrasive Articles U.S. Patent 5,562,745. Oct. 8, 1996 J.J. Gagliardi et al., assignors to 3M Co., St. Paul, Minn.

An abrasive article comprising a plural- ity of abrasive particles, a binder to which the abrasive particles are adhered, and a combination of potassium tetrafluoroborate and a halogenated polymer.

Electroless Plating Bath U.S. Patent 5,562,760. Oct. 8, 1996 G.1. Ballard and J.G. Gaudiello, assignors to IBM Corp., Armonk, N. Y

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