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2. Career Development Workshops Get Ready Get SetGO Know yourself and what you Present yourself with style Make your move want Discover Your Career The Wow Factor: Resumes Job Search Strategies thatPassion & Cover Letters that stand Maximize Resultsout Pinpointing Resources for Interview Techniques that Leveraging Social Media forCareer Planning Land the Job Your Job Search Grad School Application LinkedIn: Developing CareerEssentials Connections & Effective Profiles Keep It Pro: Business Make it a Breeze:Etiquette & DressTransitioning from School to Work Dont Slurp the Soup! Tipsfor Dining Etiquette Success Showing Achievements:Crafting an EngagingPortfolio 3. Agenda1. Introduction2. MEGA National Occupational Classification (NOC) Working In Canada (LMI)3. MACRO Career Cruising4. MICRO Almanacs & Directories5. Summary 4. IntroductionIn groups of 2-3, take turns answering: What did you want to be as a kid? Has that changed? Why or why not? 5. IntroductionActivity Debrief: What attracted you to that profession? If your career choice has changed, how come? 6. IntroductionDiscover resources to learn about: Career options Expanding/contracting fields Skills & qualifications Occupational outlooks Wages & salary Work availability (i.e. local, Work conditions provincial, national) 7. MEGA: National Occupational Classification (NOC)Used to learn & understand Canadian occupations: Duties Aptitudes Skills Education requirements Interests Work settings 8. MEGA: National Occupational Classification (NOC)Step 1 Go to: Search for occupations in Canada: On the left: Search the NOCStep 2 Choose: Index of titles Select: Alphabetical search Employability Skills Identification: Review NOC info for your chosen profileStep 3 Identify main skills required for position Use description as a guide to build your resume and cover letter 9. MEGA: Working In Canada (LMI)What is Labour Market Information (LMI)? 10. MEGA: Working In Canada (LMI)Step 1 Go to: Explore Careers by: OccupationStep 2 Wages & Outlooks Education Program Skills & KnowledgeAdditional Tips: Review list of local employers to get an idea ofcompanies you might be able to work forExplore Careers By Occupation Job Market Report Where to Look for Job Opportunities Local Employers 11. MACRO: Career CruisingActivityComplete the Career Cruising work sheet for anoccupation that you are interested in Username: ryersoncruise Password: 00ru01f 12. MICRO: Almanacs & DirectoriesFind out who is doing the type of work you like, and/orif there are opportunities available:ExamplesThe Canada Student Employment Guide The Canadian Hidden Job Market DirectoryScotts DirectoriesThe Blue Book Canadas Top 100 Employers Canadian Almanac & Directory 13. MICRO: Online ResourcesFind out who is doing the type of work you like, and/orif there are opportunities available: 14. MICRO: 15. SummaryDepending on where you are in your careerplanning, there are valuable resources to augmentthe information and knowledge you already have! 16. Connect With Us!Contact POD Phone: (416) 979 5177Email: [email protected]/RyersonCareerHours: Mon. Thur. 8:30 am 6:30 pm Fri. 8:30 am 4:30