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PC|LYPROPYLENE DIPPING BASKETS Imperial Industries Inc. High-impact round polypropylene dipping bas- kets in sizes 8 in. x 8 in., 10 in. x 10 in., and 12 in. x 12 in. with either 3/32-in. or 3/16-in. perfo- rations and 1/~-in. diameter stainless or .¾-in. po]ypropylene handles are available from stock. Custom-size round, square, or rectangular bas- kets can be manufactured in various perforations to suit your application. Provide us with size required, perforations, load size, and solutions in which the basket will be used and we will quick- ly provide our proposal.

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CUSTOM-BUILT RACKS PKG Equipment Inc. PKG Equipment custom designs and fabricates in- house to your specifica- tions new and rebuilt racks and fixtures. We will take your rack require- ments and recommend innovative designs for optimum racking produc- tivity. The racks and fix- tures may be used in auto- matic or hand-line operations for a variety of applications such as plat- ing, printed circuit boards, anodizing, cleaning, elec- tropolishing, and more.

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PAINT RACKS, HOOKS, AND ACCESSORIES Product Plus Corp./Magic Rack For 25 years, Magic Rack has designed custom- engineered paint racks, hooks, and accessories that ensure defect-free parts finishing and make optimum use of rack space for maximum parts density and improved productivity. Magic Rack's unique patented technology protects electrical connecting points from paint buildup to reduce mMntenance and replacement costs. Magic Rack provides custom parts finishing solutions that respond to the size, shape, and weight of a variety of parts. Magic Rack's custom hooks are designed to control parts, maintain ground, drain liquids, and eliminate blemishes. Magic Rack also offers a full line of standard, in-stock hooks as well as the original Magic Rack I and Magic Rack II parts fin- ishing systems.

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