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  • We at Immaculate Conception are a group of people bound together by our belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior. When we were baptized, we were called to share in His work. Therefore we pledge ourselves to build a community where

    all are welcomed, loved, needed and appreciated. Armed with the faith in the Immaculate Conception of Mary, we will celebrate the gift of life together in word and sacrament.

    December 23 & 24, 2017 4th Sunday of Advent


    God of every nation and people, from the very beginning of God of every nation and people, from the very beginning of God of every nation and people, from the very beginning of God of every nation and people, from the very beginning of creation you have made manifest your love: when our need for creation you have made manifest your love: when our need for creation you have made manifest your love: when our need for creation you have made manifest your love: when our need for a Savior was great you sent your Son to be born of the Virgin a Savior was great you sent your Son to be born of the Virgin a Savior was great you sent your Son to be born of the Virgin a Savior was great you sent your Son to be born of the Virgin Mary. To our lives he brings joy and peace, justice, mercy, and Mary. To our lives he brings joy and peace, justice, mercy, and Mary. To our lives he brings joy and peace, justice, mercy, and Mary. To our lives he brings joy and peace, justice, mercy, and



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    Mass Schedule SATURDAY 12/23/17

    4:00 pm For Parishioners SUNDAY 12/24/17

    10:15 am † Lusuriello & Mulvey Family by Tom & Janice Mulvey 4:00 pm † Ted Urda by Parish Family

    MONDAY 12/25/17 The Nativity of the Lord

    10:15 am † John S. Trepa by Trepa Family TUESDAY 12/26/17

    8:30 am Communion Service THURSDAY 12/28/17

    8:30 am Communion Service SATURDAY 12/30/17

    4:00 pm † Stella Trepa by Trepa Family SUNDAY 12/31/17

    10:15 am † Ted Urda by Gary & Kathy Ives MONDAY 1/1/18

    Solemnity Mary, the Holy Mother of God 12:00 Noon For Parishioners

    ICC WEEK AT A GLANCE SUNDAY 12/24 3:30 Carols with the Choir 4 pm Family Mass followed by Christmas Pageant and Reception MONDAY 12/25 The Nativity of the Lord, Parish Office closed Holy Day of Obligation 10:15 am Christmas Mass TUESDAY 12/26 Office Closed 8 am Rosary WEDNESDAY 12/27 Office Closed NO Mass THURSDAY 12/28 Office Closed 8 am Rosary FRIDAY 12/29 Office Closed SATURDAY 12/30 3:30 pm Confession SUNDAY 12/31 MONDAY 1/1/2018 Office Closed 12:00 Noon Mass

    Sacrificial Giving and Expenses for the month of November 2017November 2017November 2017November 2017 Total Income: $ 9,179.85 Total Expense: $ 7,500.60 Income includes: Collections Expense includes: funerals, utilities, supplies Remember St. Paul’s advice: “God loves a cheerful giver”. (2 Cor 9:7).

    Each Sunday during Advent we will light a candle on the Advent Wreath during Mass. The ribbons and candles are the color of rose and violet. Violet is the color of royalty and was used to welcome the coming of a king. We use it during Advent to symbolize both the impending birth of the Messiah and also foreshadow his death. The color of Rose is used on the third Sunday of Advent to reflect our joy that the cele-bration of Jesus birth is almost here.

    The Parish Office will be closed for the holidays/vacation the following dates: December 25-29; January 1.

    Christmas Cookies—Please bring your cookies/treats to social hall be-fore the Annual Christmas Eve Family Reception following 4:00 pm Mass on Sunday, December 24.


    This Week Next Week Saturday 4:00 pm Saturday 4:00 pm December 23, 2017 December 30, 2017 E. M.’s: S. Carlin S. Northrup D. Barden J. Trepa Lector: C. Moxley C. Gibbons Servers: Adult Volunteer Adult Volunteer Sunday 10:15 am Sunday 10:15 am December 24, 2017 December 31, 2017 E. M.’s: L. Detweiler B. Doughty C. Gibbons B. Norton E. Browning Z. Urda Lector: B. Norton D. Heisler Servers: K. Browning N. Erickson J. Browning A. Erickson A. Browning T. Morrison Counters: E. Browning D. Brown B. Norton J. Norton

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    Time for a Change It's time to replace the folding chairs in our social hall. If you are interested in being on the planning committee for this project, please call the church office and let us know. We will be gathering to investigate the many options and prices, and then presenting the plan to the parish family. If you would like to make a special donation to help us kick start this project, we would welcome any amount.

    An Eight-Part Bible Study Featuring Jeff Cavins “Wisdom is seeing with God’s eyes.” Pope Francis, Scripture and the Tradition of the Catholic Church

    provide an abundance of wisdom, though it can often be challenging to apply it to our lives. In this study, Jeff Cavins and Thomas Smith examine biblical wisdom as it relates to daily life. Drawing on the wisdom literature of the Bible—Proverbs, Wisdom, Sirach, and Ecclesiastes—Wisdom will teach you how to actively seek out sound guidance and increase your sense of peace in navigating life. With this program, you will learn how to gather, gain, and grow in wisdom, and you will experience the joy it brings to your life. This winter Adult bible Study will begin Sunday, January 7 at 9 am and Thursday, January 11 at 10 am. Registration is by sign up in the vestibule.

    Here is an update to Rita Kroon’s address: 11500 Fallbrook Dr. Room 507, Houston, TX 77064. She would love to hear from her parish family & friends.

    December 24, 2017

    Circle of Friends is a special ministry for the senior members of our parish offers two events; Simply Social and Cards and Conversation. Please spread the word about these two opportunities for catching up with friends.

    A Bequest in Your Will, no matter what the amount, can help the parish continue its mission of spreading the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Church He founded & serving God’s people. Everyone should have a will no matter what your financial circumstances, to assure that your possessions will be distributed as you desire. When making your bequest, please use the full legal name and address: Church of the Immaculate Conception 1180 State Highway 206, Greene, NY 13778

    Do you have an elderly family member or neigh-bor who isn't able to get to Mass? Our Eucharistic Minister Team has a weekly schedule of bringing communion to those who can't get to Mass. They read the scripture, pray and offer Holy Commun-ion. Please call the church office if you have any questions.

    Volunteer Opportunities Greene Food Pantry - We collect non-perishable foods for our local food pantry. May & November we cover the hours at the Pantry. Meals On Wheels Our volunteers make the deliveries for August & February: Mon, Wed, Fri, 11:15am. Call the Parish Office to join our team! Bottle & Can Drive - drop off your refundable items n the bin next to the Rectory garage. St. Pauly Textile collection shed in our parking lot. Donate your unwanted clothes & fabric items & ICC receives 4 cents per pound collected.

    If you are so kind to clear and/or salt the sidewalks, please note it on the Snow Removal Log conveniently located on the bulletin board in the hall vestibule, right next to the closet door where shovels, brooms & salt are kept.

    For nearly a half century, the Catholic Church in the United States has celebrated National Migration Week, which is an opportunity to reflect on the circumstances confronting migrants, including immigrants, refugees, children and victims and survivors of human trafficking. The theme for National Migration Week 2018 draws attention to the fact that each of our families have a migration story, some recent and others in the distant past. Regardless of where we are and where we came from, we remain part of the human family and are called to live in solidarity with one another. Bishop Cunningham will begin National Migration Week here in our Diocese by celebrating the 9:45 a.m. Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Concep-tion on January 7, 2018. All are welcome and in a special way those who are migrants and refugees. Please come and join your brothers and sisters at this special celebration.

  • Root Funeral Home Greene’s Oldest Funeral Home

    Member New York State Funeral Director Assoc.

    Serving Greene, Oxford and the surrounding communities.

    Charles C. Dietrich 607-656-4212

    23 North Chenango Street Greene, New York 13778

    St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Oxford, New York

    A beautiful, peaceful resting place Plot $700

    1 casket & 1 urn or 2 urns 607-843-8785

    Continuing Our Tradition of Service Since 1914

    Bartles Pharmacy

    10 Lafayette Park. Oxford, NY 13830


    After hours - Brian Bartle 607-843-8254

    •Construction •Lawn Mowing/Brush Hogging •Home Improvement •Excavating

    607-226-4119 607-316-2969 Gerry Reiss Mike Reiss Oxford, New York

    Molly S. Nolan Licensed R.E. Salesperson

    607-725-6308 Cell


    21 North Chenango St., Greene, NY 13778 607-656-7714

    [email protected]

    Blood Drive at Immaculate Conception 2018 Schedule:


    Your Ad Here! $100.00 small; $200.00 medi-um; $300.00 large; for one year. The ad is shared with St. Jo-seph’s bulletin. Call 656-9546

    Parish Registration FormParish Registration FormParish Registration FormParish Registration Form Name: Address: City: State: Zip Code: Phone: e-mail:

    I am new to the parish and wish to register. I am previously registered . I want offering envelopes.

    I am interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith. How did hear about our parish?

    Mail to: Immaculate Conception Church, 1180 State Hwy. 206, Greene, NY 13778 or place in collection basket


    Robert M. Larkin, Of Counsel P. O. Box 570 * 36 Genesee St.

    Greene, New York 13778

    607607607607----656656656656----4515451545154515 For an appointment call 1-800-733-2767

  • In the Old Testament, we learn that Jesse was the father of the great King David. Jesus was from the house of David. In Church art a design developed showing the relationship of Jesus with Jesse. This design showed a branched tree that had pictures of other Old and New Testament figures who were ancestors of Jesus. At the top of the tree were figures of Mary and Jesus. This custom has been used for years to help Christians prepare for Christmas. Our Jesse Tree shows the genealogy of Jesus from creation of the world to John the Baptist. During these last seven days of Advent, the Roman Catholic Church intensifies the preparation for Christmas with the use of the "O" Antiphons. Dating back to the 8th century, these Antiphons use ancient biblical Imagery taken from the Old Testament Messianic period and are used to proclaim the coming of Christ as fulfillment of the Old Testament hopes. Our remaining symbols on our Jesse Tree are from these "O" Antiphons.

    Story #17Story #17Story #17Story #17– "O" Lord of Israel: "O" Lord of Israel: "O" Lord of Israel: "O" Lord of Israel: Exodus 20:1 "God spoke, and these were his words: 'I am the Lord your God..."



    Adam & Eve Fall of Man

    Noah Abraham

    Story #16Story #16Story #16Story #16– "O" Wisdom"O" Wisdom"O" Wisdom"O" Wisdom: Sirach 24:2 "O Wisdom of our God Most High, guiding creation with power and love: come to teach us the path of knowledge!"

    Story #18Story #18Story #18Story #18– ""O" Root of Jesse: ""O" Root of Jesse: ""O" Root of Jesse: ""O" Root of Jesse: Isaiah 11:1-3

    "The royal line of David is like a tree that has been cut down; but just as new branches sprout from a stump, so a new

    kind will arise from among David's descendants."

    Story #20Story #20Story #20Story #20– "O" Radiant "O" Radiant "O" Radiant "O" Radiant Dawn: Dawn: Dawn: Dawn: Psalm 19:1-7 "How clearly the sky reveals God's glory..."

    Story #19Story #19Story #19Story #19– "O" Key of David"O" Key of David"O" Key of David"O" Key of David: Isaiah 22:22

    "I will give him complete authority under the king, the descendant

    of David. He will have the keys of office; what he

    opens, no one will shut..." Joseph


    Samuel Moses







    O Root of Jesse

    O Lord of Israel

    O Key of David

    O Radiant Dawn

    O Wisdom

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    Religious Instruction for Children/Youth grades K-8 at ICC Classes will resume in January

    Middle School and High School News- Contact Jess Trepa at 766-8033 or Christ Wentlent at 343-0500.

    Confirmation News! Classes will resume in January.

    Sunday Nursery Jean Stevens & Patty Wagner- caregivers. Families can take advantage of this service for part of Mass or the entire Mass, whatever suits their needs. This is one of the many ways we are trying to show young families they are welcome at ICC! Please note: we will be providing the nursery during the 3:30 pm Christmas Eve Carols & Mass. “How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers.” St. Teresa of Kolkata

    Confirmation student Conner Grant will be raising funds for his Eagle Scout Pro-ject. Please save your bottles and cans over the holiday for his bottle drive to be

    held after Christmas.

    Are you being called to serve in ministry? The Formation for Ministry program prepares adult Catholics to serve as lay ecclesial minis-ters in their parishes. The program includes coursework, training, field work, and spiritual for-mation. Our next five-week session begins in Janu-ary. If you feel God is calling you to serve, please contact the Diocesan Office of Formation for Minis-try at 315-470-1491 or [email protected] for more information about our program. Courses can also be taken for adult faith formation

    Christmas Mass for the ill & homebound will air on the following channels at the following times:

    WKTV NEWS Channel 2: Dec. 25, 6:00 am WBNG 12 News: Dec. 25, 6:00 am News Channel 9 Dec. 25, 6:00 am Spectrum channel 98: Dec. 25, 9:00 am, 1:00 & 8:00 pm The Mass will also be available on the Syracuse Catholic TV YouTube channel

    Dear friends, One year at Christmas time, when I was very little, I wrote my letter to Santa and asked for a little red bike with training wheels. The only person I told was my grandmother that I called Bunny. On Christmas morning, there in front of the tree was a shiny red bike with training wheels. This solidified my belief in Santa, because I knew Bunny could keep a secret! That is such a fond memory for me, and I'd love to hear a favorite Christmas memory of yours, of Christmas gifts, family meals, even traditions in your family at this time of year. The other day I passed a sign that said, "God's gift to you at Christmas, is Je-sus." As an adult having been there and done that, that message stuck with me. Skeptic college students may ask, "How is Jesus a gift?" Some of us have completed Bible Studies, we've listened to many in-teresting homilies and even had great conversations with those older church members that have devel-oped a tremendous faith and love for Jesus. We have learned that Jesus is a gift in many ways. We know that receiving Jesus in the Eucharist is a gift, but there are other gifts as well. The New Testament is full of the life lessons Jesus taught us. Lessons to help us get through tough times, lessons on how to enjoy life, lessons on how to treat family and friends with compassion, lessons on how to handle conflict, etc. These are gifts as well aren't they? "Things" gather dust on the shelf, get lost or broken, or they become obsolete with the next invention, but the gift of Jesus will be with us always. Father Paul said, "At the end of the day when we look back over the Bible of our life, it is the gift of Jesus that is the most spe-cial." How fortunate we are to have such an inspiring and spiritual priest! Thank you to the eight Confirmation students and their teacher Chris that decorated the church for Christmas this year. Also thank you to the many adults who assisted. The morning family activity of making gingerbread houses was successful and we thank Lorraine Detweiler, Nancy Amell, Kelly Browning and Trina Leonard for making it come off so well. It is a pleasure to journey life with this parish family, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Peace!~Mary Wentlent