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Lets cook!!! The 2nd Primary School of Acharnes

is cooking for you,

dear our etwinning europal friends

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F A S O L A D A(beans soup)

A national traditional Greek food

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Now we will tell you the ingredients for preparing our bean soup!

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INGREDIENTS• 500 grams beans • 1 bunch celery • 1 large onion• 1 clove garlic• 5-6 carrots

• tomatoes on the grater • olive oil

• pepper, salt

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Method of preparation

• Put the beans in the pot with two cups of water and boil until it drinks all the water.

• After put the beans in the pressure cooker with a lot of water, the chopped onion,the garlic, the carrots cut them into slices and chopped celery. Cook for 40-45 minutes.

• Open the pressure cooker and add the tomatoes, the salt, the pepper and one glass of olive oil. Boil briefly (10 minutes), open the lid to tie the broth ... and good appetite!

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Page 8: Lets cook!!!

We hope you will like our bean soup, if you cook it and…

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…we expect your own national recipes to cook them!