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KeyRocket is a smart software trainer that gives users exactly the keyboard shortcuts they need while they're working.

It’s available for Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer, and saves users 2-5 days per year by forming more effective working habits.

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KeyRocket boosts productivity by 2-5 days annually!

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It suggests relevant keyboard shortcuts with subtle notifications.

Over time, you form better habits and reducewasteful mouse clicks.

KeyRocket recognizes your habits.

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Sample use case

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The user starts by right-clicking the desktop to create folders.

After several repetitions, KeyRocket notices the pattern and suggests a shortcut.

Upon first use, KeyRocket congratulates the user and the shortcut meter shows their progress.

As the user continues to use the shortcut, the meter tracks their progress, until...

...the new habit is formed!





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Forming better habits is hard. We can help!

Benefits of keyboard shortcuts

• Streamline workflows

• Save time and energy

• Eliminate repetitive clicking

• Boost mood and morale

• Markedly increase productivity

• Maximize training results

Current learning methods

• Research online

• Get lost in the help menu

• Ask a colleague over and over

• Print lists, buy keyboard covers

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Barriers to success

• Habits take time and repetition

• Referencing lists is frustrating

• Lists are intimidating or irrelevant

• Progress is easily lost

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Concrete benefits of KeyRocket deployment

Annual productivity increase of 2-5 days per user

•KeyRocket saves office workers at least 5 minutes per day, more for data workers

•KeyRocket replaces slow mouse clicks with keyboard shortcuts

Higher employee satisfaction and morale

•Steady, measurable improvement and increased competence boosts employee satisfaction

•Clicking feels repetitive and menial, shortcuts are smooth and efficient

Reduced software training budget

•Replace or supplement traditional coaching with real-time, relevant feedback for each user

•KeyRocket is a valuable part of any software training program, helping maximize results

Integration with existing systems

•KeyRocket integrates with many employee competency & skills management systems

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Your privacy is very important to us.KeyRocket learns from your behavior without examining your work.

We only collect the information we need to improve your experience

•No content identifiers are ever sent to KeyRocket, or anywhere else

•We look at how you work, never what you’re working on or when you work on it

If you prefer, your data can stay completely internal

•You can trust us. A local copy of all collected data (exactly as it’s sent to KeyRocket) is

always available for your IT staff to verify for data protection purposes

•We also offer the ability to keep absolutely all information inside your company network

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We’re proud to have many satisfied corporate clients…

…and thousands of happy individual users!

‘Amazing! With KeyRocket the whole company became more efficient.’Michael Brehm, CEO

‘It’s a lot simpler to download than other programs. You don’t even realize it’s working in the background, then this nice little box pops up.’James M.Crum, Vice President

‘Since I started using KeyRocket, I’ve became much faster with all Office products, saving a lot of time.’Clemens Riedl, CEO

‘KeyRocket saved me 30 minutes in an Excel exam.’Martin Hohendorf, Germany

‘KeyRocket can train you to work faster naturally.’Melanie Pinola, USA

‘KeyRocket is super cool and I realized that there were so many shortcuts that I was not aware of.’ Michele Qu, Canada

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Made in Berlin

Highest German quality

All development is done in-house at the Veodin

headquarters in Berlin, Germany, with a strong

focus on robust, scalable, high-performance

software built by experienced developers.

Founded in 2011

The founders have over 30 years of combined

industry experience, covering a wide range of

disciplines including software development,

finance, consulting, and investment banking.

Grow with us!

KeyRocket has already grown to 15 employees,

and shows no signs of slowing!

Fueled by a shared love of efficiency, we work

tirelessly to help you become more productive!

About KeyRocket

Veodin Software GmbHRudolf-Schwarz-Strasse 3010407 Berlin

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Pricing€99/user buys 2-5 extra days of output

Low cost, huge benefits

•Licensing costs start at €99 per user, bringing average gains of 2-5 days per year!

•Volume discounts available upon request

•Continuous improvement and development by our team of experts

Minimal setup effort

•Easy remote deployment by your IT department

•Intuitive software - no need for costly consultants or training programs

Unlimited support

•Free, unlimited tech support from our knowledgeable team

9 / 10